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Social Distancing Screens

87 Products Available

87 Products Available

Sneeze Screens

Social distancing screens are a flexible and affordable way of introducing social distancing measures within the workplace so that employees can continue with their day to day work in a safe environment once lockdown has been lifted, and the UK economy restarts. 

Coronavirus has changed the way we work for the foreseeable future. Offices and businesses will need to adapt to the new normal; by considering how they will change their workspace to allow for these important safety measures.

Whilst office screens have always been an economical way of transforming office spaces there is now much more to consider; including surface materials and heights between workstations. 

Transparent Perspex® screens are ideal for dividing open plan offices into segregated spaces for a smaller group of people. Communication is still an important factor for any business, and whilst see-through acrylic screens provide a physical protection barrier between employees, they still allow visibility and the opportunity for effective communication. 

COVID-19 and future pandemics mean that aesthetics, colour and budget are no longer at the forefront of buyers' minds when considering their social distancing screens. Now, more than ever it's about hygienic Covid barriers for dividing people to safely continue working.

Perspex® screens and clear glass acrylic dividers benefit from wipeable, easy to clean surfaces allowing each screen to be sanitised and kept clean for virus control and prevention of infection.  

They are available in a wide range of styles including freestanding screens, desk mounted partitions, frameless dividers, counter top desk guards, office pods, mobile dividing screens on wheels and many more. 

Clear sneeze guards provide the same functionality as traditional fabric screens but with the additional benefits of offering protection to staff, allowing light and visibility into workstations and enabling communication in the workplace.

Combined with a sensible and effective layout of an office, glazed screens help to integrate social distancing and enable your business to function with a reduced risk of spread of infection. In addition, they can help to ease the worries of staff creating a happier and more productive workplace. 

All of our social distancing screens are manufactured in the UK and are made using high-quality materials and will provide continued functionality throughout the current pandemic and post COVID-19. 

Quick and easy to deploy, our Perspex®, clear protection screens are moveable solutions that can be adapted and moved to different locations in and around the workplace as and when the need arises. 

For help and advice on partitioning your office or further details of our products, please contact us or chat with us: 01733 511030

View our complete range of office partitions.

Benefits of Social Distancing Screens:

  • Hygienic Sneeze Screens
  • Wipable, Easy to Clean Screens
  • Perspex®, Glass & Acrylic Barriers
  • Creates Safer, Hygienic Workstations
  • Removable Screens - Easy To Deploy
  • Effective Virus Control Screens
  • Affordable And Flexible Solutions

Ideal For:

  • Call Centres & Offices
  • Public Buildings
  • Reception & Waiting Rooms
  • Training & Breakout Rooms
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Universities & Libraries
  • Retail & Shopping Centres

Frequently Asked Questions

A sneeze guard, often called a 'sneeze screen' or 'cough guard', is a screen manufactured from either Perspex, acrylic plastic material or glass and is designed to protect people, food items and perishables from the airborne transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other pathogens.

Barrier screens are essential for locations where social distancing is just not possible, such as at till payment points, checkouts or reception areas. For a business to be COVID-safe they are recommended to form a barrier between employees and customers. The World Health Organisation advises to: "Use physical barriers to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus, such as glass or plastic windows."

COVID-19 is spread via micro droplets in the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. In conjunction with regular hand washing, use of alcohol based hand sanitiser and the avoidance of touching your face; sneeze guard screens are an effective solution to minimise the risk of catching Coronavirus. Sneeze screens are installed in most public places, such as: supermarkets, restaurants, offices, shops, schools, salons etc. to reduce the risk of infection.

Yes, we have a large range of Perspex / acrylic glass screens for use as desk screens, Sneeze Guards, free standing protection screens, hanging screens and mobile barriers. In response to COVID-19 we have added many new solutions to our existing range of plastic screens to help our customers prepare their offices and businesses for re-opening.

Perspex screens can create safe working environments and may help reduce the spread of viruses in busy offices and businesses. Perspex, glass or acrylic safety screens allow staff and customers to see each other, allow light through, whilst creating a physical barrier. Freestanding glass screens can partition off areas of your premises to create effective social distancing whilst allowing visibility. Screens are moveable and are available with either stabilising feet or castor wheels.

Perspex® Screens are protective Covid screens made from a transparent plastic glass used to form a shield between people to minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

Perspex® Screens are used as Social Distancing Screens in shops, restaurants, offices, reception areas and all businesses where there is requirement to safely separate people and ensure minimum social distancing of 2m or 1m+ with a mask is in place, to mitigate virus infection.

Perspex® Screens can be supplied as either freestanding screens, counter or tabletop mounted, portable (supplied with wheels), ceiling hanging or as desk screens in a variety of styles, heights, widths and sizes or made to order cut-to-size bespoke sizing.

XL Displays has the largest range of Perspex® Screens, Acrylic Screens, Sneeze Screens and Sneeze Guards in the UK and can offer a solution for virtually any requirement. Browse our range or get in touch.

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We sell a large range of Social Distancing Screens from counter top ‘sneeze screens’, free-standing screens with feet or wheels or complete office desk screen set-ups. There is a solution available for all businesses, shop, office or retail environments.

There is not one option that is ‘best’; it depends on the application and requirement. Our CLARITY sneeze guards are best suited to counters and till areas as they require no installation, protect staff and customers and can be optioned with service hatches to allow transactions and card payments to take place. View: Sneeze Guards

For offices, Perspex® Screens for desks are essential if you have staff in the office and want to partition workspaces and provide a COVID-secure workplace. We sell many Perspex® desk screens options, all include clamps to secure to the desk and are available in multiple sizes to fit most desks. This screen is our best selling social distancing desk screen: Perspex® Desk Screen

For cubicle desk screens, our ACHOO® range of workstation dividers provide a modular solution that can be added to over time. They simply slot together and are freestanding on the desks so no installation, clamping or drilling is required. They are a premium range of desk screens that compliment modern office decor, are high quality and are popular with companies big and small. We offer a free office planning and design service if required.

The ACHOO® range is exclusive to XL Displays and is our best quality, best value social distancing screens. All the screens in the range are freestanding, are designed and built in the UK from laser cut Perspex® and aluminium. View: ACHOO® Screens

Some of our range of social distancing screens can be optioned with toughened safety glass as well as Perspex®. This is a popular option for regular cleaning and can be more cost effective than Perspex® or Acrylic screens. You can view the freestanding Perspex® or glass screen here: Freestanding Screens

I hope that answers your question? There is no single option that is the ‘best social distancing screen’ but XL Displays provide the biggest range of Perspex® Screens in the UK and we believe we offer the best quality and best value screens available to help you and your business mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the office and workplace. Thank you for your question and if you require any further information, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Perspex® and clear acrylic sheets do look like glass and for Social Distancing Screens, Sneeze Screens and office screens, Perspex® has some advantages over float glass in terms of use as a glazing material for protective screens.

Perspex® sheets are optically clearer than plate glass, allowing over 90% of light through, compared to approximately transparency of 87% for glass. The thicker the acrylic compared to a comparative thickness of glass, the clearer it will be vs. glass screens.

The downside is that Perspex® Screens and acrylic may look too much like plastic due to enhanced transparency and clarity. This is not an issue for COVID screens but for applications where the ‘glass look’ is essential it may be unwanted. Thicker glass will have that desirable green edge tint and the slight drop of clarity that glass gives will be preferred in certain applications.

We offer clear Perspex® and toughened safety glass as options on many of our sneeze screens, to give you the choice.

Perspex® Screens are used to create a barrier or shield between people to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and improve social distancing.

Clear Perspex® Screens are ideal for use as Covid screens, desk screens, workstation screens, sneeze guards, pub screens and bar screen, hospitality, salon screens, retail counter screens, checkouts and as freestanding office screens and partitions.

Perspex® screens and plastic protective screens can be used outside. They are well suited to outdoor use as they have excellent weather resistance, do not corrode, resist watermarking and can be left outside for long periods of time. The only downside is that Perspex® and acrylic screens can be affected by UV light if subject to prolonged exposure in direct sunlight and may yellow over a long period of time (several years). This is similar to car headlights on older vehicles. UV damage can be polished out by sanding and polishing if required.

Perspex® screens can be cut to size, although the majority of our protective screens are designed and manufactured to size. Most of our screens are available in multiple sizes to suit most requirements. For bespoke sizing and cutting to size, please contact us or call 01733 511030 with your enquiry.

We have put convenient links on our home page: You can find our extensive range of Sneeze Screens and guards via the sub category: "Social Distancing Screens"

If you require any further information or would like help choosing the right solution, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Nothing can be guaranteed to be 100% effective but plastic safety screens used for the protection of staff and employees in public venues are an effective way of creating a physical barrier and reducing the risk and spread of airborne infections.

COVID-19 is spread via micro droplets in the air from infected people and distancing screens stop the likelihood of the virus covering your hands or face due to them being a physical barrier. All screens should be wiped down and sanitised regularly to minimize contact infection.

There is still much that scientists do not know about SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2), commonly know as Coronavirus / COVID-19 but what is known is that infected patients can be infected and carry the virus but show no symptoms or signs of illness. This is known as Asymptomatic. It is believed that the virus is at its most contagious at this stage.

Social Distancing Screens can play an important part in the fight against infection if installed correctly and used in conjunction with thorough hygiene procedures and distancing measures.

Social distancing is not allowing yourself to come into close contact with other people that you do not live with, or are not in your ‘social bubble’. You must be isolated from others to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Social distancing measures are currently in place in most countries throughout the world and is a recommendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO). At time of writing, it is a mandatory requirement for citizens of the UK. Current UK Government guidelines state a minimum 2 metre distance between people who are not isolating together. Social distance measures must be in place for all shops, offices, businesses and public venues in order for them to re-open and be COVID safe. Queue barriers, floor stickers, hand sanitisers and social distancing screens are essential solutions for any business to protect their customers and staff.

We have designed and manufactured solutions specifically for the rollout of the UK Governments Vaccine program. Bespoke Vaccination Booths and medical screens for the protection of NHS staff and patients can be found here:

Vaccination Booth:

COVID Vaccination Pods:

Mobile Vaccination Screens:

Need more information? Call us on 01733 511030 or: contact us

Perspex / acrylic can be more susceptible to scratching than traditional glass so we advise you clean your Sneeze Screens carefully with dedicated cloths. Use soft microfiber towels or dedicated glass cleaning cloths. Remove all brand labels from the cloths as these can cause scratching and marring. We recommend using two cloths; one to apply the cleaning product and the other cloth to buff to a smear free finish. Spray the cleaning solution into the first microfiber towel and wipe the surface. As the cleaner dries, take the second dry towel and lightly buff the surface to remove any streaks and smears.

There are a multitude of glass cleaners on the market but due to the main purpose of sneeze guards, it is important to choose one that has an anti-microbial chemistry. Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is the best for plastic and glass as it kills germs and viruses (it is the main ingredient in hand sanitising gels). Choose an IPA with a high purity rating. Over 70% is ideal.

If you wipe your sneeze screens properly, they will maintain their clarity and give you a long service life.

We have a range of removable floor stickers that are are ideal for social distancing guidance, queue management or to direct customers through your premises. Pre printed designs are easy to select and a large selection of designs are available in multiple colours. Custom design is available on request.

Our floor graphics are rated ‘R10’ anti-slip, suitable for light commercial use such as shops, salons, receptions, offices, factories and most businesses. 

Floor stickers can be bought in packs of 2 or greater at 300mm diameter / length and come ready to stick down in circular, square and rectangular shapes.

Floor stickers are printed on monomeric vinyl with a textured, anti slip surface. The adhesives used are strong enough to last months in walkway areas but can be removed safely when needed.

View our range of Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Graphics

Reception areas vary greatly in size and function, however, our customers tend to choose either the countertop Sneeze Screens / guards with a hole cut-out for pass through and contactless payments or the ceiling hanging, suspended acrylic screens. By hanging multiple screens at varying heights you can cover multi height, tiered reception areas and curved reception desks effectively.

Yes, there are sneeze screens that we hold in stock for next day delivery. We have a select range of Sneeze Guards and protective screens that can be dispatched same day, if ordered by 2pm.

Look for the red '24 Hour Dispatch' icon on the products. We currently have 4 products in stock. They are located at the top of the Social Distancing Screens page

Need our range of Perspex® Screens quickly? Call us today on 01733 511030 or contact us so we are able to assist you in finding a solution

You will first need to assess how many employees you require in the office and whether or not some staff can work from home. By staggering staff returning from Furlough Leave you can control the number of people in a room. The most effective way of controlling the spread of COVID-19 is to reduce the amount of people in a single location to reduce the risk of infection and reduce the risk of a second wave of coronavirus.

In order for businesses and offices to re-open you will need to have social distancing measures in place. Safe distance between desks and office equipment can be achieved with our range of social distancing screens. Perspex desk dividers and freestanding office partitions are the most popular solutions and are available in a number of styles, sizes and designs to suit all budgets.

For help and advice on choosing the right office screens, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

They are all manufactured plastic substrates that come in either clear (transparent) or in multiple colours. Perspex® and Plexiglas® are registered trademarks for their respective brand products of acrylic (PMMA) sheeting. Acrylic has an impact resistance 17 times greater than glass. There are some differences between the brands but generally plastic glass sheets are comparable. Acrylic sheets are generally more expensive than traditional glass.

XL Displays use a number of UK suppliers for our social distancing screens and office partitions. Our suppliers source their raw material acrylic sheeting from various brands and distributors. We only trade with reputable manufacturers to ensure quality standards are met. Acrylic used in our screen products is sourced from either the UK or Europe.

That depends on the nature of your business and if you have visitors to your premises. In general, for the majority of businesses, it will be required that you have some form of social distancing screens and safety procedure in place if you wish to open and be COVID-safe in order to adhere to Government guidelines. As the regulations change frequently and new sectors are re-opening, we are unable to give you a definitive answer. For the latest guidelines please refer to the official Government website or your industry sector Trade Association for the latest updates.

If you require screens to help you reopen your business safely, please call us on 01733 511030 or contact us.

Not at this time. There are a number of established sellers who distributed PPE long before COVID-19. As we are not a manufacturer of medical supplies and PPE, we do not feel we can add any value to this segment as our customers could likely purchase cheaper elsewhere. We would strongly recommend you research all businesses thoroughly before ordering, as many websites (some may be unscrupulous) have been launched recently to capitalise on the demand for PPE. It may be prudent to buy from established companies, even if you have to pay a bit more.

Our social distancing screens are made to order and are covered by our Terms & Conditions

Established in 2010, XL Displays Ltd is a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company employing over 50 staff. Quality products and customer service are at the heart of what we do and we would love to prove it to you. You can read over 14,300 customer reviews on Trustpilot

If you need help or assistance to confirm sizing, specification or delivery or any other information prior to ordering, please call 01733 511030 or contact us