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We have the UK's most complete range of office partition screens. With prices starting from £61 with 24-hour dispatch, you can buy office partitioning solutions that suit your needs and budget. We stock straight office screens, wave top office dividers, curved screensglazed vision glass office screensacoustic screening and desk dividers in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. With 100s of screen products in stock on a next working day UK dispatch, why wait?

Our full office screens all come with linking strips and stabilising feet free of charge so they can be linked to others in the range and create a configuration to suit your business workplace.

Office screens can be used as partitions, privacy screens, room dividers or to create breakaway areas and meeting pods. Partitioning is ideal for use in offices, libraries, schools and call centres.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have launched many solutions to help businesses and offices stay safe and become COVID Safe and increase social distancing. Buy Perspex Screens online to get your office compliant.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Do you require something a bit different or to a bespoke size? Please call our sales team on 01733 511030 who will be more than happy to help or Contact Us.

Office Screens

We offer six ranges of office dividers and desk dividers, all with their own features and benefits.

Our Speedy® range is our best value range and is available for guaranteed delivery to your door within 6-9 working days. Our Standard range of dividers comes in 8 colours, 4 heights and 5 widths - including desk screen partitions.

We offer two ranges of acoustic screens which are built to reduce noise pollution. Screens are available as freestanding office screens or desktop dividers. Our Premium Acoustic range is our best quality range and is the most efficient workplace noise control system available off the shelf to buy from any partition manufacturer.

For a different kind of look for your office, we have our Spectrum Office Screens range – smart, stylish and modern fabric or acrylic desk screens in vibrant colours which will transform your workplace.

Office Dividers

Office dividers are modular partitioning systems that allow you to screen off spaces in your office working space to give your employees privacy and reduce sound. Dividers are useful for dividing your open plan office into departments or smaller groups of workers. These more private areas allow staff to concentrate, away from the office’s distractions and external noise.

Create flexible work areas cheaply and design efficient and productive work environments for your office. Dividing an office allows your organisation to adapt, grow and respond to the changing economic challenges as the screens are demountable - they can be moved and re-configured at any time.

With XL Displays office partitions and office dividers starting at just £61, we have office solutions to suit all budgets!

All these products have a five-year guarantee and are manufactured to order within the UK.

Please call our sales team on 01733 511030 or contact us to find out more.

Best Sellers In Office Partition Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at this time. All our office screens are made to order specifically for your order and are new. We do not sell second hand, used or returned office products. We warrant our office products up to five years and are only able to do this with high quality materials and construction methods done under a strict quality control manufacturing process.

Acoustic screens and partitions are freestanding, wall mounted or desk mounted fabric covered workstation dividers. Often used in open plan offices, they absorb noise from busy offices caused by telephone use, meetings and employee conversations and can aid productivity.

Acoustic office screens act as a barrier by helping to prevent noise from passing through one area to another. Manufactured with additional sound absorbing foam and baffle material, they absorb decibels of sound to remove environmental noise. Sound absorbing screens are often modular and demountable and can be easily re-positioned to provide a sound blocking solution that can be re-configured as your work space requirements change.

e can deliver anywhere in the UK either by courier or dedicated vehicle. European and worldwide delivery is available by custom delivery. If you would like some advice regarding delivery availability and cost prior to ordering, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Desk screens, also known as desk partitions or desktop screens, are dividers that securely attach to office desks that increase privacy and reduce sound between employees. Desk screens are useful for group desk set-ups and modular employee workstations. Call centres and offices benefit from the added privacy a desk partition allows as they reduce isolation that often comes with a claustrophobic cubicle set up.

Desk Screens divide desks and segregate employees and can also be removed quickly should your office layout or desk situation change. Desk partitions are a flexible way to design your office layout and will also reduce the noise from conversations, meeting and telephone calls between employees; providing a private and more productive working environment.

Sound absorbing walls and acoustic partitions do work. The effectiveness and the amount of sound they can reduce is dependent on the size of the office, the number of people talking or on the phone at one time versus the amount and height of the acoustic screens and the number of panels used.

Sound absorbing screens and paneling should be placed where sound waves would bounce back. The panels and screening will absorb a percentage of the sound waves and sound reverberation will be reduced.

Sound absorbing panels improve the sound quality within your room by absorbing sound in your office where noise can be a problem. The level of sound absorption is dependent on the size of the panels and the thickness of sound absorbing materials used. It is not just the thickness of the foam and fabric on the panels that can make a difference; the total amount of panels and screens will make the largest difference in effectively reducing reverberating sound. A combination of desk partitions, freestanding acoustic screens, paneling and ceiling mounted baffles will have the greatest effect. For advice and solutions on reducing your workplace noise, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Office screens and partitions are manufactured with an internal wooden core. Chipboard, MFC or MDF are used, which is wood formed from wood chips, bonded into a particleboard, impregnated with paper and sometimes a resin. This wood is easy to cut and shape and is how most office furniture is constructed.

The wooden screen core is cut to a specific size of height and width, depending on your requirements, on a wall mounted panel saw. Any CNC work is then done, for edging, grooves or recesses needed for the particular style of partition. Once the screen is manufactured the core goes to upholstery for a durable, fire retardant furniture fabric to be upholstered onto the screen. Some screen fabric requires gluing, especially if it is curved, or it is stapled to the wooden core. Stapling fabric to a core, or ‘carcass’ is the same construction method used in chair and sofa upholstery. At this point of construction, wipeable laminates, anti-microbial surface preperations or pinnable material can be applied.

Once cutting and fabric upholstery have been completed, partitions are then edged or framed with either a PVC or aluminium edging strips or framework to aid aesthetical appearance, rigidity or for linking capabilities. If the screens are to be linked, an additional linking strip is included so you can join multiple screens together to allow you the functionality of partitioning large areas or segregating offices with increased stability and safety.

Stabilising feet, castor wheels, linking sections or desk clamps are made from pressed steel that is powder coated for durability. At this stage these are added to your screen order which is then all carefully packed in protective polythene and protective cardboard. Foam corners are added to the corners of the screen to protect it during transit.

Due to their construction materials, office screens can be classed as eco-friendly and suitable for environmental recycling. The centre cores of an office screen are made from wood so can be easily recycled. Screen and board fabric is polyester weave material that can be recycled. We use a water-based glue for some of our range to adhere the fabric to the screen. As the furniture glue is water based, not solvent, it can be recycled with the screen if necessary.

Screen stabilising feet and clamps are steel, which is pressed and welded. Screen edging, linking strips and embellishments are polyurethane plastic. Polyurethane plastic can be recycled in two ways; mechanical recycling (the material is reused in its polymer form) and chemical recycling that takes the material back to its chemical constituents.

XL Displays office screens are manufactured from over 95% recyclable materials. For correct recycling and to respect the environment, please ensure you break down the screens components into wood, plastics and metals for easier and more efficient sorting at your recycling centre.

Coronavirus has changed how we work and in the longer term, offices and work areas will now have to consider how to integrate social distancing into the work place when employees return from lockdown.

It is not feasible for everyone to work from home and many professions and jobs cannot be done remotely. As a business owner, director or manager, a smarter approach to office layouts and employee safety becomes a priority, post coronavirus. How do you keep your staff safe and mitigate the risk of infection? How do you ensure social distancing in the work place? If re-infection occurs, how can you segregate those employees and continue to work safely?

Office Dividers have, for a long time, been an economical way to partition an office or area into separate sections. The type of partition screens chosen were often down to function, aesthetics, colour and budget. With COVID-19 and potentially further pandemics in the future, surface materials become a consideration. Glass pods and transparent office screens are suitable as they can be wiped clean, so are hygienic and resistant to harbouring infections but they also allow light in, allowing employees to see through and are not as claustrophobic as previous opaque cubicles or booths.

Clear materials used for office dividers like acrylic, perspex and plexiglass not only allow light in but can reduce the potential for infection if kept clean and sanitised. They are easier to clean than demountable fabric screens. Available in a number of styles: desk dividers, freestanding partitions, office pods and meeting booths, these clear screens still have the function of a traditional office screen but have the added versatility of potentially protecting staff if cleaned and maintained regularly. Our partitions and screens are manufactured with aluminium or pvc edgings making them non-porous and easier to maintain.

Combine these newer, modern partitioning alternatives with a sensible office layout plan that ensures social distancing, may help your business or organisation better control the virus and bacteria and facilitate a safer and more productive workplace.

Yes, we have a large range of Perspex / Acrylic Office Screens for desk mounting or as free standing barriers. In response to COVID-19 and the Government recommended office social distancing guidelines, we have added many new solutions to our existing range of glazed screens.

Perspex screens for office desks are currently in high demand due to their hygienic, wipeable surface which allows quick cleaning and sanitation. Supplied with multiple clamp options to attach to desks and workstations, our perspex desk dividers are manufactured in standard desk widths of 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm and 1800mm wide up to a height of 700mm. These create safe working environments and can held control virus infection in busy offices. Perspex, glass or acrylic allow staff to see each other, allow light into their work area and feel less isolated, whilst creating a physical barrier. Framed desk screens are also available with the option to specify Toughened Safety Glass. Safety glass have many advantages over plastic screens - glass is easier to keep clean, is far more resistant to scratches and marring and in many cases is cheaper.

Free standing perspex screens can partition large areas of your office or warehouse to create effective social distancing whilst allowing visibility of staff productivity and adherence to safety guidelines. Screens are moveable and are available with either stabilising feet or with castors. Glass screens on wheels are the ultimate portable barrier solution and can be quickly deployed or moved around as business changes.

View our range: Office Social Distancing Screens

Our partitions and screens are new and made to order specifically for you. We don't currently offer our office partitions for hire or lease. With budget prices, our screens are exceptional value for money. Buying new is often cheaper than hiring - the initial cost is slightly higher but you own them as an asset. As screens are demountable; partitions can be easily removed from one office and readily reassembled or repositioned into another location, giving you a long service life and flexible longevity. When the time comes, you can offer your screens up for sale on eBay or one of the second hand office furniture sites. Office screens have historically held their value secondhand, with minimum depreciation. The concept of easily segregating an office into cubicles or workspace areas does not go out of date and will always be needed in the economy. The style and construction of screens is relatively timeless; construction, fabric, colours and styles have been consistent over decades so will not go out of fashion.

Depending on the size and shape of your office, partitioning can be installed in a variety of different configurations. There are many styles of partitioning, from fixed walls or stud walls (semi-permanent), glass partitioning, booths or meeting pods and demountable partitions. Demountable partitions are the most popular as they can be easily moved from one office space to another and this type of screening is often cheaper and easier to install.

From corner office setups to modular systems, good workplace design is all about making the most of the space you have available and achieving your work environment goals with a partitioning system that is right for you. To maximise your available floor space and accommodate enough desks, chairs and workstations you need to know your floor space, room layout (are there any roof support beams, wall structures etc. that will need to be accommodated) and budget.

What is the objective for your office design? Is it to maximise the number of employees in an area, create booths or pods for private working, create a call centre or is it for ambience and sound deadening? To control sound in a busy office you will need elements of acoustic control, such as acoustic screens, office desk screens and acoustic wall paneling, such as baffle boards.

A new objective for office layouts after the COVID 19 pandemic is creating offices with social distancing parameters, allowing employees to remain a safe distance from each other and reduce the possibility of cross contamination. This can be achieved by increasing the distance between desks, reducing the amount of workers in a room and adding wipeable surfaces or introducing antimicrobial fabrics to partitions and furniture. If you let us know your requirements we can supply office screens and partitioning solutions that will achieve these objectives.

As office layouts vary by building size and shape and every business has a unique workspace requirement, XL Displays can offer professional advice to all businesses. We supply office layout planning and various solutions for today’s modern offices. For further advice and your free layout planning, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Office Pods and meeting rooms are self-contained spaces that give employees or a small group of workers a private area to concentrate, away from the office’s distractions and noises.

Often constructed with four walls or curved screening, office pods are often made from glass to allow light in, employees to see out and give external visibility of who is occupying the booth. Glass office pods offer privacy without isolation or inducing claustrophobia like the older style cubicles. Pod meeting rooms have increased acoustic and sound reducing capabilities due to their construction and materials.

Functionality of the pod depends on the model but they can have a ceiling, seating, tables or desks, power sockets and even air conditioning. They provide a quiet, private area away from the hustle and bustle of a busy open plan work environment.

Pods can be used as space for: making and receiving private phone calls, video conferencing, increased productivity, meetings, study areas, quiet time and break-out brainstorming sessions.

The main benefits of office pods are that they are space efficient and cost effective. They allow you to create privacy pods and separate offices within your current workspace. They are 'offices within an office'. Office pods are modular so they can be moved around your space efficiently; certainly quicker than moving to a new office block or relocating your business. As your organisation's business needs change, pods can be re-used or moved to meet these requirements.

They are quiet spaces that are easy to install and offer versatility and flexible office working. Pods are cost efficient and solutions are available for all budgets.

Office pods come in many shapes and sizes. For assistance in choosing the right office meeting pod for your business, including design planning and installation, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Yes. We offer a range of Speedy Office Screens in either freestanding or desktop sizes. We hold a large inventory of office screens for next day delivery. Other office products are manufactured to order and depending on the quantity can be dispatched within 5-7 working days. We will work with you to achieve your deadline. Please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

Our Office Screens and partitions are supplied with either a 1, 2 or 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

All our partitions are manufactured in the UK. XL Displays are proud of our products, quality and service and we would love to prove it. If you need any information regarding on our range, please contact us or call: 01733 511030

To ensure you receive the correct size desktop partition for your desk, please measure the width and depth of the top of your desk prior to ordering. The width will be the longest side and will be where your desktop attaches to along the back of the office desk. This will be the total width of the desk, normally 1400mm, 1600mm or 1800mm. The depth is how deep the desk is from the wall to where you sit. Depending on the construction of your desk, please measure the thickness of the top of your desk as this will determine what desk partition screen clamp you will need to secure the screen to the desktop. Please check for obstructions such as legs and supporting structures that may require a deeper clamp than just the thickness of the wood used for the desk. We supply screen clamps in a variety of sizes to fit almost any office desk. Please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

We manufacture our office screens with a choice of 11 ready-made fabric colours. Our in stock office screens for next day delivery are manufactured in a choice of 4 fabric colours: Blue, Black, Red and Grey. This allows us to have many sizes pre-made for quick delivery.

Our screen fabric is sourced from industry fabric manufacturers Camira or Bradbury and special order fabrics such as Lucia and others can be sourced. We can also custom print any colour or your artwork and logo onto fabric using our in-house dye sublimation process, giving you the ability to have a completely unique and bespoke office partitioning set up. For further details and advice of fabric options, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.