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Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Stickers

3 Products Available

3 Products Available

Floor Stickers for Social Distancing

XL Displays range of full colour; custom printed Anti-Slip Floor Stickers for Social Distancing and Directional Floor Graphics. Available as circular, square or rectangular shape anti-slip stickers and all can be selected with pre-designed COVID-19 directional messages in a large variety of colours. Printed and dispatched in 72 hours.

Floor Stickers are printed on a durable monomeric vinyl with a textured, anti slip surface with an R10 slip rating. R10 anti-slip is suitable for indoor use on most types of hard floor, such as tiles, laminate, wood, concrete, marble etc. and also short pile carpet and carpet tiles. R10 floor stickers can also be used outside on pavements.

Ideal for Offices, Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, and Hair Salons - any business that requires social distancing procedures and guidance markings. Designs include 1m, 2m, directional arrows, stop signs, wait here and no entry floor graphics.

What Does 'R10' Anti-Slip Rating Mean?

For health and safety, floor graphics, steps and ramps are graded with a 'slip resistance'. The rating signifies a 'slip angle' and is tested using a swinging pendulum to ascertain drag; this allows a slip rating to be attributed to the tested media.

The nomenclature for rating classification is: R9, R10, R12 and R13. 'R' ratings, or DIN51130 standard, is a European Standard, specifically a German Ramp Test Number. The higher the number, the higher the slip rating which is important for certain applications (external disabled ramps for example) and signifies suitability for permanently wet areas such as swimming pools, saunas, showers etc.

R9 is for domestic indoor dry use and has a slip angle of between 6 - 10°. R10 is for indoor and moderate outdoor use and has a tested slip angle of between 10 - 19°. R12 is between 27-35° and is suitable for wet conditions and R13 has a 35° slip angle for permanently wet conditions.

R10 slip resistance is a nice balance between slip resistance, availability and value. Social distancing floor stickers will be mainly used indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic and if used outside, the summer season is mostly dry. If you require all year round outdoor use we would recommend that the R12 may be the better solution. We supply R12 on request but sell and recommend R10 as a solution for 95% of applications.

Our floor stickers and graphics have a working life of between 3-12 months depending on the environment. The adhesive is strong enough to stay in place but can be removed easily when required.

Where to use Social Distancing Floor Stickers?

Shops and Retail, Salons, Pubs, Restaurants, Offices, Schools / Universities & Colleges and many more uses:

  • Tills and Checkouts
  • Queue Management
  • Doorways
  • Toilets / Washrooms
  • Directional Signage
  • Wait Here Signage
  • Service Desks
  • Keep Distance Reminders
  • Exits
  • One Way Systems
  • Desk & Table Spacing
  • Receptions and Foyers

If you need any assistance selecting the right Floor Stickers, please contact us or call 01733 511030 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the adhesive is a medium tack strength and is strong enough to give 3-12 months durability but can be removed at any time.
Our floor stickers have an ‘R10’ slip resistance rating. R10 anti-slip is for indoor and moderate outdoor use and has a tested slip angle of between 10 - 19°.
Our floor graphics for social distancing are tested to the DIN51130 standard, which is a European Standard - specifically a German Ramp Test Number. Suitable for inside commercial use.
Our floor stickers are available as circular, square and rectangular. Circular stickers are 300mm diameter, square are 300mm x 300mm and rectangular are 650mm x 150mm.

Custom sizes are available on request. Please contact us
Suitable for most types of hard floors and short pile carpet, including tiles, laminate, wood, concrete, natural stone and vinyl.
Our stickers are designed primarily for indoor, light commercial use but can be used outside if required. They are not suitable for permanent wet environments. The R10 slip resistance is a nice balance between slip resistance and value. Social distancing stickers will be mainly used indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Our floor graphics are generally used indoors and are ideal for Offices, Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, Hair Salons - any business that requires social distancing procedures and guidance markings. Our range of stickers is designed for Tills and Checkout areas, Queue Management, Directional Signage, One Way Systems, Receptions, Entrance Halls and many more.
Most non-essential businesses were allowed to re-open on the 4th July 2020 following the Government's COVID briefing on the 23rd June 2020. The social distancing measures were reduced to 1m Plus from 2m for safe re-opening of businesses. Boris Johnson states the reduction to 1m plus distance rule can now be implemented with 'mitigating measures'.

The interpretation of what exactly 'mitigating measures' means is slightly ambiguous, however, in conjunction with face coverings, hand washing, social distancing, Perspex Screens at checkouts, barriers, queue and guidance signage; Floor Stickers can play an important part in a practical plan for safe re-opening of businesses and shops following the Coronavirus lockdown.
Yes, we can print your custom design or create bespoke designs and artwork on request. As standard our social distance floor stickers are supplied as pre-printed for convenience.
Due to customer demand we have selected the most popular designs that are relevant for COVID safe re-opening of your business:
- One Way Systems
- Directional Arrows
- Please Stand Here
- Please Wait Here
- Queue Management
- 2m Please Respect Social Distancing
- 1m+ Please Respect Social Distancing
- Please Stand Behind This Line
- Please Keep Your Distance 2m
- Please Keep Your Distance 1m
- Social Distancing - Keep 2m Apart
- Social Distancing - Keep 1m+ Apart
All our designs are available in multiple colours to compliment most brands whilst being salient to allow easy visibility.
Pre-Printed Social Distancing Stickers are available in the following colours: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Cyan / light blue
Our floor stickers are printed in-house at XL Displays and dispatched within 72 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) on a next day courier with timed delivery tracking
We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.
XL Displays are proud of our products, quality and service and we would love to prove it. Our Social Distance Floor Graphics are printed in-house in the UK. If you need any information regarding our range of social distance signage and solutions, please contact us or call: 01733 511030