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Fabric Notice Boards For Indoor Use

Our collection of indoor notice boards includes aluminium framed notice boards, wood frame notice boards and mobile noticeboards. Our tamperproof notice boards with doors are lockable enabling you to protect the items on the board and prevent unauthorised access.

We offer a large selection of fire retardant notice boards which comply with fire regulations. Our Flameshield range is the highest fire rated and fully complies with fire retardant standard Class 0 as recommended for use in corridors, escape routes and large unsupervised areas in public buildings and institutions.

Our high quality Flameshield noticeboards are fabric boards and are covered with a fire rated tri-cord hessian to Class 1. These school notice boards are designed to be in sensitive locations such as stairwells, corridors and escape routes in public building weher 25 people or more are present at one time. 

Our decorative range is a selection of felt covered notice boards and pin boards suitable for use in unregulated or non-sensitive locations. The notice board felt fabric comes in a range of colours.

We also offer unframed Notice Boards which can be mounted next to each other to create a large, seamless display wall ideal for large presentations or art exhibitions.

All of our indoor notice boards are suitable for use with pins.

Our range of wall mounted Noticeboards are supplied with screw fixings and mounting instructions. 

We also stock a wide range of External Noticeboards which are weatherproof and designed specifically to be used outside.

If the standard sizes we offer do not suit your needs, we can provide custom sizes and bespoke orders. Please call our sales team on 01733 511030 for more information or a quote.

Benefits of Notice Boards:

  • Wide Range Of Sizes & Styles
  • Easy to Install - Fixings Included
  • Class 0 Fire Rated Options
  • Quality UK Made Displays
  • Tamperproof & Pin Board Options
  • Easily Updated With Notices
  • Freestanding Mobile Options
  • Boosts Communication

Ideal For:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Reception Areas
  • Training Rooms
  • School & Office Staff Rooms
  • Offices & Business Premises
  • Leisure Centres & Museums
  • Retail & Shops
  • Bulletin Boards

Buy Notice Boards For:

  • Staff Room Notices
  • Large School Displays
  • Church Programmes
  • Class Schedules
  • Company Bulletins
  • Operational Information
  • Achievements & Awards
  • Flyers & Promotions
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Display Boards FAQs

Noticeboards are traditionally thought of as fixed, permanent wall-mounted displays that are used for showcasing notices, bulletins and information points. They are typically found in corridors or gathering points in offices such as staff rooms or canteens. In schools, universities and colleges, they can often be found displaying student work.

Notice boards are usually either frameless, or finished with a wooden or aluminium frame. They are manufactured from a pinnable core panel covered in a layer of fire-retardant fabric. In addition, there are also magnetic or whiteboard surface panels available, for a more flexible-use product.

Although this is how we define a notice board at XL Displays, other businesses may have a slightly different classification. For example, some products, such as pinnable screens on wheels, can also perform a notice board function. Display boards are often confused with noticeboards, however, display boards are typically free-standing, folding panels that are used for exhibition displays and showcases. 

Whatever your requirements, our collections of indoor and outdoor notice boards have plenty of styles to choose from. If you need any assistance in choosing the right display board for you, please reach out via our Contact Us page or on 01733 511030. 

Notice boards are a tried-and-tested way to distribute information to a workforce in offices, schools, colleges, libraries, universities, hospitals and pretty much any other workplace you can think of. They are ideal for displaying critical information such as emergency evacuation details, critical work calendars or even for showcasing student artwork or flyers for social events.

The location you choose for your notice board needs to be visible and accessible. The most effective notice boards are neat and orderly, where all the documents are clearly visible and displayed in a tidy fashion. A notice board is designed to promote a sense of community, whether that’s within an office or even a village or town. Encourage people to interact by making your notice board accessible, but set down guidelines of what can and cannot be posted to ensure you end up with a community information site which is respectful and professional. 

The British fire rating standard is called BS 2476. It rates products from class 0 to class 4, with class 0 being the highest (safest). The British test covers the spread of flame and is designed to ensure the product won’t contribute to the growth of a fire. British B2476 Class 0 (or European BSEN13501 Class B) is required in schools, hospitals and other public spaces with a footfall exceeding 25 people for escape routes and circulation areas. All of our display notice boards (without flame-proof lockable covers) are Class 0, and our FlameShield products are the safest and most effective fire-rated notice boards available. View our complete range of Class 0 Fire Resistant Noticeboards

Normal decorative noticeboards should not be used in classrooms & store rooms as they are not fire-retardant.

Notice boards are classified primarily by whether they are suitable for indoor, or outdoor use.

Indoor noticeboards are only suitable for use inside. They are most commonly found in offices, schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals and other private and public spaces where information posting is required. They function best when mounted in well-trafficked areas such as corridors, staff rooms or canteens, where the maximum number of people pass by.

Our outdoor notice boards are more flexible. These are weatherproof and suitable for use outside, thanks to their waterproof seal which protects the posters, messages and information inside from the elements outside. Some of our most popular outdoor notice boards are made from Correx, a fluted plastic sheeting that is extremely lightweight. Notices can be fixed using Blu-Tak or tape.

We also sell secure outdoor notice boards which are tamperproof, thanks to their reinforced aluminium construction, substantial frame profile, reinforced hinges and secure locking mechanisms. The Anti-vandal PETG outer glazing is virtually shatterproof for safety and security.

Fire resistant notice boards are required in corridors, escape routes and large unsupervised areas in public buildings and institutions – or any location where there are 25 or more people present at the same time. This rule is for offices, government buildings, town halls, schools, colleges, universities, nurseries, training centres, libraries, medical facilities and community centres.

If you are not sure whether you need a fire resistant notice board, you can reach out to our team for advice on 01733 511030.

To a certain extent, display boards and notice boards do serve the same function. Indoors, display boards and noticeboards are interchangeable and can be used for the same purposes; typically showcasing information, notices or artwork.

Displays boards are traditionally used for showcases and exhibitions. They are temporary display panels that fold away and can be easily transported between events and locations in their carry bags.  

Notice boards are more permanent displays mounted on walls in a wide range of locations. They are used to display important information daily, rather than display boards that are used intermittently. 

We stock a wide range of External Noticeboards which are weatherproof and designed specifically to be used outside, including our collection of lockable tamperproof notice board cabinets. These are ideal for use in public outdoor spaces, such as in town centres and outside churches or community centres. 

Our external noticeboards and secure lockable notice boards are available with the option of a coloured frame (17 colour options). You can also choose to have a Correx interior; a lightweight fluted plastic panel that can be used with Blu-Tak or tape and is an alternative to pinnable or magnetic backing.

If you need lighting for your notice board, we also sell illuminated outdoor LED lightboxes that are fully suitable for outdoor use.

The majority of our fabric-covered notice boards are designed for use with pins or staples. The type of fabric that is used doesn't provide enough 'loop' for the Velcro to grab on too and therefore we cannot guarantee that the notices will not fall down. We would always recommend pins or stapled unless otherwise stated on the individual product pages. 

The largest single-panel notice boards we sell measure 2400mm x 1200mm, though all of our notice boards are available in a range of different sizes. For additional coverage, choose products with sliding systems or multiple concertina panels for a larger display space.

If you cannot find the exact size of notice board you are looking for, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke dimensions to your specifications. Please speak to our team on 01733 511030 for more information.

The majority of our notice boards can be easily fixed to the wall using screws and plugs (supplied with each noticeboard). You will typically require a drill for this process. Please check the individual mountain instructions included with each product for detailed information about how to assemble and hang your new notice board. If you have any problems, you can get advice from our expert team on 01733 511030.

The Flameshield collection includes the safest and most effective fire rated notice boards available. They are certified under both UK and European fire safety regulations, meaning that both the central board and covering felt fabric are flame retardant according to British Standards BS 2476 - Class 0 and European Standards BS EN 13501 - Class B (the highest available in the UK), meaning that the entire board is non-combustible, and they emit little to no toxic fumes, energy or smoke. This makes them the safest notice board you can buy.

All of our Flameshield notice boards can be used with pins or Velcro tabs to display items. They are available in a range of different size options, and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. Choose between blue, grey, green or red fabric finishes - or speak to our team for bespoke options.

Yes, our range of Tamperproof Notice Boards and External Notice Boards have tamper-proof panels and/or doors. They are ideal for use in unsupervised locations where you need to display information, but you are concerned about security. Locking noticeboards come with either one or two doors depending on the size of the notice board, and each door has a door stay that allows safe access to the inside without the worry of trapping fingers. Each lockable display case includes 1/2 sets of keys. 

Our WeatherShield outdoor noticeboards feature heavy-duty locking doors that are opened using gas struts to keep the door safely open whilst you access the inside of the showcase. 

A Corkboard is a cork panel noticeboard that is self-healing. The cork surface heals and can be used again and again for a long period of time. It is designed for use with pins is ideal for displaying general information, notices and posters. Due to the design, a corkboard can hold multiple pins and notices at the same time. 

We sell a range of different mobile notice boards on metal frame stands. From traditional fabric-covered panels to combination boards with one fabric and one white board panel, and even concertina-style boards which can be unfolded and double up as room dividers; our adaptable collection has something to suit every requirement.

Many of our mobile notice boards are height adjustable, and they all come with lockable castor wheels attached to the base, making them easy to move around and lock in place securely when required.

How you attach notices to your board depends on the style of notice board you have purchased. Our traditional fabric-covered notice boards are suitable for use with pins, staples or Velcro tabs (selected boards). Our whiteboards can often be used with magnets. Our Correx boards can be used with Blu-Tak or tape. 

Fabric noticeboards are not magnetic, they have a pinnable core that is covered with a layer of fire-retardant fabric. They accept pins or staples only. 

Our white board style noticeboards can be used with magnets to display information.