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Achoo® Perspex Screens Range

Our most popular choice for social distancing screens, clear Perspex® is a tough, practical and lightweight material that allows light to move through the room as normal and is easy to wipe down. Read on for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about this common acrylic material.

What is Perspex®?

Perspex® acrylic is a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic which is made from methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) and trademarked by Lucite International, now Perspex International Ltd.

How is Perspex® made?

Produced directly from methyl methacrylate monomer, a panel of Perspex® is cast between two sheets of high-quality glass, before being polymerised in specially designed kilns and water baths in a manufacturing process first discovered by scientists in 1934, the year in which the name Perspex® was trademarked.

It has been consistently manufactured commercially since 1938.

Why is Perspex® a good material to use for making social distancing screens?

Perspex®, from the Latin ‘to see through’ or ‘to see clearly’, lives up to its name. The clarity of transparent Perspex® is such that it allows 92% of light rays to pass through it. That means that quality Perspex® panels offer a better optical clarity than glass.

Perspex® is also easy to keep clean and sanitised, which is important for preserving a hygienic, socially distanced workspace.

What is the difference between Perspex® and safety glass?

Acrylic Perspex® is a man-made plastic which is produced in large sheets and then laser cut to the required dimensions. It is lightweight, strong and relatively inexpensive, making it our most popular choice as a base material for social distancing screens.

Safety glass, or 'tempered' glass is glass that has undergone an intense process of firing in high heat before being cooled rapidly to create a finished product 4-5 times stronger than normal glass.

What kind of Perspex® do you use in your screens and dividers?

We sell many different shapes and sizes of social distancing screens, almost all are available in high-quality transparent Perspex®. Our frameless screens are manufactured from acrylic Perspex® that’s 5mm-8mm thick depending on the height and design of the individual screen.

For our framed divider screens, we use anodised aluminium with 3mm-thick Perspex® secured with silicone. (Or 4mm-thick safety glass, if you choose that option). The aluminium we use for our frames is non-porous, making it easy to keep clean and sanitised in a socially distanced environment.

Can Perspex® be recycled?

Perspex® isn’t a biodegradable substance, so it won’t break down by itself over time. Therefore, you can significantly reduce waste by opting to recycle your panels once they are no longer of use.

Recycling Perspex® acrylic requires specialist handling and equipment, but it can be done. Experts use a technique called ‘pyrolysis’, where the Perspex® is heated to temperatures exceeding 430°C (800°F) and then placed under extreme pressure, altering the chemical and physical structure of the Perspex® and ensuring that no harmful toxins are released during the process.

Why do I need a Perspex® social distancing screen?

We are living through unprecedented times fighting the global Coronavirus pandemic, and ensuring our workplaces are safe and hygienic has never been more important. The UK Government has outlined a range of social distancing measures to which all offices and public venues must adhere – and one of the main stipulations is the introduction of social distancing barriers which form a barrier against the transmission of virus droplets from person-to-person. When used in conjunction with face masks, such protective barriers have been proven to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

From floor-standing partitions to desk dividers and counter-top screens, we have every kind of social distancing screen available to purchase on our site.

How do I clean & sanitise a Perspex® screen?

To remove smudges or smears, wipe down your Perspex® screen with warm, soapy water using a microfibre cloth.

Avoid using ammonia-based products as these can damage the surface of the acrylic, eventually causing cloudiness. We also recommend NOT using paper towels or kitchen towel to wipe down your Perspex panel as they don’t do a very good job of removing any scratches and may even cause damage. Stick to soft microfibre cloths wherever possible. Did you know that the composition of microfibre cloths make them more effective in wiping away harmful bacteria and viruses?

To sanitise your Perspex® screen, you can use a standard antibacterial wipe or diluted bleach solution, and then polish the surface with a microfibre cloth.

Which Perspex® social distancing screen do I need in my workplace?

We sell a range of Perspex® screens in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Which one you choose depends on the requirements of your work environment.

Perspex® Screens for Offices

For Perspex® desk office screens, these Framed Clear Perspex® Desk Dividers offer a classic, modern solution for a bank of desks. Group them together inline or in a cross formation. For a floor-standing version, we recommend something like this Freestanding Perspex® Office Partition.

Perspex® Screens for Shops & Receptions

Freestanding partitions that are easy to set up, with cut-out service hatches for customer transactions, are ideal for shops, tills and reception desks. This Folding Perspex® Screen Guard allows easy & safe communication and transactions.

Perspex® Screens for Restaurants, Salons & Gyms

Public-facing spaces like these need versatile and adjustable methods of social distancing. A movable Perspex screen such as these Portable Perspex® Protection Screens on Wheels offers a flexible option. Or why not keep your floor space free and open and choose something different like these Hanging Perspex® Protection Screens?

Perspex® Screens for Medical & Care Facilities

In medical or care environments where close 1-on-1 interaction needs to take place in a safe and socially distanced manner, Perspex® screens offer excellent protection and have many options to ensure we keep our NHS and care staff protected. A portable screen like this Mobile Perspex® Divider Medical Screen is useful in many situations. For something more specific, the Perspex® Arm Vaccination Screen offers protection while carrying out basic medical procedures.

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