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Do Offices Have to Have Perspex® Screens?

Posted By:

XL Displays


18 November 2020

Reading Time:

11 Mins

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Office Partition ScreensSocial Distancing Screens

Do Offices Have to Have Perspex<sup>®</sup> Screens?

In order for our offices, shops, bars and restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, care homes and other public and private spaces to remain open in a COVID-safe way, implementing social distancing measures is essential.

We slow the spread of Coronavirus in our communities by reducing the opportunities the virus has to transfer from one person to another. This means maintaining a safe social distance in public spaces, wearing a mask over our mouth and nose when out in public, washing or sanitising our hands regularly, regulating the flow of traffic around a venue and using protective measures such as PPE and Perspex® social distancing screens in our offices, workplaces and public spaces. Using Test & Trace methods, including the new rapid testing kits, where possible to track cases is important, as is self-isolating when you or someone close to you shows symptoms or receives a positive test result.

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Public Health England advises that in all environments, but particularly indoors, people are kept at least 2m apart. Where this is not possible, they recommend using screens and partitions to keep people safely socially distanced and help prevent the transmission of virus droplets from person to person.

When used in tandem with taped-off areas, signage, limiting workforce numbers, proper ventilation of offices and education around hygiene and safety measures, social distancing screens can help reduce the transmission of the virus as long as you remember to clean and sanitise them regularly to remove any lingering virus particles (known as fomites).

Do Offices Need to Have Perspex® Screens? 

Desk Dividers

In offices where desk banks have previously allowed social, open workspaces, now these must adapt to the new social distancing measures. Installing a set of desk dividing panels such as the Framed Clear Perspex® Desk Dividers maintains that open, sociable feel while helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus through blocking respiratory droplets between employees. Made from transparent Perspex® with anodised aluminium frames, these partitions are easy to keep clean and sanitised; simply wipe regularly with a bleach solution or use an antibacterial wipe.

Perspex Desk Screens

Room Dividers

Open-plan offices have been very much in vogue in recent years, but such work environments are now requiring modifications thanks to the new social distancing measures put forward by the UK Government and Public Health England. Segmenting your open-plan office into smaller spaces for individuals or small teams reduces the likelihood of the virus being easily transmitted from person to person. We like the ACHOO® Crystal Clear Portable Perspex® Office Divider as it still gives the light, airy feel of an open-plan office while allowing you to create smaller office environments or meeting rooms. Thanks to its lockable castor wheels, you can move it around easily depending on your changing requirements and even place several screens next to each other for wider coverage.

Do Reception Areas Need to Have Perspex® Screens?

Reception Desks

Reception desks are often high traffic areas in offices, medical facilities, schools or other public-facing venues. Investing in a high-quality reception desk social distancing screen is a must to keep both your employees and the public safe. For a straight desk, the ACHOO® Perspex® Reception Guard Screen is available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements and has a frameless design for a subtle, modern finish. For curved reception desks, we recommend the ACHOO® Curved Reception Screen. Crafted in 6mm-thick high-quality toughened Safety Glass with polished corners and sleek metal feet, it’s a sturdy and stylish solution for curved reception desks.

Perspex Screens For Receptions

Waiting Rooms

It’s important to keep waiting areas safely divided to help slow the transmission of Coronavirus in these high-traffic areas. Where limiting the number of people isn’t possible, dividing up space into smaller, COVID-secure, socially distanced areas using the ACHOO® Mobile Linking Perspex® Separation Screens is an excellent alternative.

Do Shops Need to Have Perspex® Screens?


Crowded areas where people are queueing for supermarket aisles or retail tills are some of the hardest spaces to keep socially distanced. Having proper signage on the walls and floor of the area to remind people to keep a safe 2m distance is key, as is dividing up channels or queue paths using screens such as the Freestanding Social Distancing Screens for Shops, which keep queueing customers separate and safe. These Perspex® screens are easy to keep sanitised, simply wipe down regularly with a bleach solution or antibacterial wipe.

Social Distancing Screens For Shops


Creating a barrier between retail staff and paying customers requires specialised screens with cut out hatches designed to allow safe, COVID-secure transactions. We recommend choosing something like the CLARITY PLUS Perspex® Counter Screen with Cut Out which is easy to install using screws or double-sided tape, meaning it won’t collapse or shift during customer interactions.

Do Pubs & Restaurants Need to Have Perspex® Screens?


Keep your staff and customers safe and maintain the friendly feel of your bar area by choosing a hanging Perspex® partition such as this Ceiling Mounted Protection Screen. Easy to install thanks to its subtle plastic chains, hang a series of these lightweight panels over your bar to form a flexible Coronavirus barrier.

Social Distancing Screens For Tables


Where you have bar seating or where you need to set up social distancing measures between tables, look for an option such as the Bar Table Social Distancing Screen. Mounted easily to onto bars or tabletops (17-33mm thick – for other options get in touch with us) using the clamps provided, these partitions are available in transparent Perspex® or a 6mm-thick toughened Safety Glass option, if you prefer something a little weightier.

Do Hairdressers & Beauty Salons Need to Have Perspex® Screens?

Hair Stations

Maintaining the feel of a friendly, open and bustling salon whilst adhering to social distancing measures is a delicate balance. Opting for a partition like the Freestanding Social Distancing Screen for Salons means you can put up COVID-secure barriers between hairdressing stations or sinks, while the clear panel gives the feel of a light and open space. Manufactured from Perspex® with an aluminium frame, these dividers are easy to keep clean and sanitised.

Social Distancing Screens For Hairdressers & Barbers


Keeping both clients and nail technicians safe when conducting manicures means choosing a social distancing screen designed specifically for this purpose. The Nail Salon Screen Perspex® Divider for Manicures provides a transparent barrier between client and technician, allowing easy communication while helping prevent the transmission of virus droplets from person-to-person. The wide cut-out hatch at the base gives plenty of room for even the most complicated of manicures.

Do Care Homes Need to Have Perspex® Screens?


It is now a requirement for care homes to have floor-to-ceiling social distancing measures in place for visits to elderly and vulnerable residents. Government measures stipulate an option such as our Floor-To-Ceiling Perspex® COVID Cubicle, which is made from quality Perspex® with an aluminium frame and is adjustable up to 2.6m in height, allowing it to sit flush with your ceiling for comprehensive COVID protection. This allows families to visit their loved ones without putting them at risk.

Floor to Ceiling Screens For Care Homes


When the Coronavirus vaccine becomes available, or for administering Winter Flu Jabs, healthcare professionals need to come into care homes to safely administer injections. In this situation, and in conjunction with the use of other PPE such as face masks and visors, a specially-designed medical screen like our unique Mobile Protective Arm Vaccination Screen allows treatment to take place while protecting both healthcare professionals and residents. On lockable castor wheels and standing 2m high and 0.8m wide with a vertical cut out for arm injections, this medical Perspex® acrylic screen is a helpful piece of social distancing kit for care homes.

For more information on all our social distancing screens or to discuss which options will work best for you, visit our Contact Us page or speak to one of our experts on 01733 511030.