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LED Lightboxes are portable, freestanding fabric Lightbox displays that are reusable and modular. Use as stand-alone tension fabric banners or build your own custom LED Lightbox exhibition stands with our range of backlit displays.

Bright LED lights and even backlit diffusion, showcase your brand and marketing message and are ideal for exhibitions, retail displays, Point of Sale and anywhere you need to stand out and get your business noticed.

LED Lightboxes

LED Fabric Lightbox 

Tension fabric systems, abbreviated to TFS, are Lightbox displays that are the modern alternative to Pop Up Stand displays and light up your graphics from within by shining powerful LED's from behind the fabric graphics, to illuminate the printed image.

Bespoke printed SEG (silicone edge gasket) graphics are provided with our range of LED Lightboxes and are simple to install into the channelling of the Lightbox frames. SEG fabric graphics can be updated or replaced easily, giving you flexibility in your marketing display and long term returns on your investment.

Our range of LED Lightboxes have been designed and manufactured to attract attention by illuminating your marketing message. LED Lightboxes are attention-grabbing displays that can outperform traditional front-lit printed stands to help your brand stand out, especially in dimly lit environments.

LED tension fabric Lightboxes are highly versatile and a modern display solution for events, exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences, POS and networking. They also work particularly well in retail spaces and shopping centres.

Our fabric light box displays feature integrated edge-lit, powerful LED lighting system with a simple plug-and-play operation. Designed for quick assembly and disassembly and event marketing.

FABRILUX® LED lightboxes create visual impact with seamless tension fabric SEG lightbox graphics. They can be used as free-standing light boxes or linked together in a straight line or at 90 degrees to create large Backlit LED exhibition stands. FABRILUX® LED fabric lightboxes benefit from a tool-less assembly and are supplied in specially designed wheeled cases to aid storage and transportation between events.

PIZAZZ® LED Fabric Lightbox banners have been designed with portability and for the busy exhibitor. These freestanding LED light boxes feature a tool-free assembly, with each section simply connecting to the next with a push-fit motion. Each component packs into a single box carton and can easily be transported to events, making it one of the most portable and easy to use LED fabric light boxes on the market. The slimline aluminium profile is dressed in a custom printed SEG graphic that stretches out and provides a tensioned fabric display that is both striking and eye-catching. Create a custom LED light wall by magnetically linking multiple Light boxes together in a straight line.

Custom fabric Lightbox printing is completed in-house at our facility in the UK. Replacement tension fabric graphics can be purchased for quick campaign changes allowing you to easily update your marketing message and use with existing hardware. For double the impact, we offer double-sided graphics at no extra cost. We offer single-sided LED Lightboxes with a plain blackout reverse graphic that prevents light leakage from the rear of the display. These are great for shell scheme exhibition stands.

If you would like more information on our range of LED Fabric Lightboxes, please contact us or call our team on 01733 511030.

Buyers Guide

Explore the LED Lightbox range with this expert guide to find the right LED Display for your next event.


Watch our step-by-step assembly videos and see how effortless LED lightboxes are to assemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages to buy LED lightboxes over standard exhibition displays, traditional pop-up stands and banners and older fluorescent backlit systems:

  • LED's (light emitting diodes) consume less energy than older fluorescent lighting displays.
  • LED's have longer life expectancy. Our FABRILUX® Lightboxes are rated for up to 50,000 hours.
  • LED Lightboxes are more environmentally friendly. They last longer and the graphics are made from recyclable fabric.
  • Backlit graphics can be changed or swapped out easily making it more efficient and time saving for the exhibitor.
  • You can configure them to suit your exhibition booth or marketing display requirements. They are versatile and available in multiple sizes.
  • Nothing grabs potential customers attention more than backlit, illuminated graphic displays.

Yes, overall the cost to benefit factor or upgrading to a TFS (tension fabric display) is worth it and once you have used one and seen the impact they can have, we are confident you will agree.

For marketing, retail and exhibition displays, they are a salient solution that grabs potential customers attention. The combination of backlit illuminated graphics, seamless SEG graphics - that sit flush in the Lightbox frame - and the modern design will make your brand and business stand out.

LED fabric Lightboxes are generally used at exhibitions and marketing events. They are freestanding and portable, so don't require a contractor to build. XL Displays Lightboxes are supplied with either carry boxes or padded transport cases.

LED Lightbox tension fabric systems are becoming more popular with exhibitors and marketeers for use in display and point of sale applications.

LED Lightboxes are energy efficient and use approximately 85% less electricity than incandescent light displays and potentially 60% less energy than fluorescent lighting in backlit operations.

You will see LED lighting in many applications for this reason. LED Lightboxes are commonly used in retail shop displays, offices, homes and exhibition halls for this reason.

Our Tension Fabric Lightboxes are supplied with a standard UK 3 pin plug and run off conventional 13amp sockets.

Each LED lightbox within our range benefits from tool-free assembly with number-coded frame sections that click together with a push-fit motion. We include step-by-step assembly instructions with each LED banner as well as assembly videos to aid installation further. Each lightbox can be assembled in 5-10 minutes with 1-2 people. Custom-printed SEG graphics are attached to the frame by inserting the silicone gasket into the frame channeling for a tension fabric lightbox display.

The plug-and-play operation removes any complicated wiring. Simply pop up the lightbox frame, connect lighting cables, attach graphics and power on. It's that simple.

Fabric Lightbox graphics can be easily replaced and updated when needed. Buy LED Fabric Lightbox Printing Replacement Graphics and use them with your existing hardware.

We offer replacement lightbox panels for:

  • PIZAZZ® LED Banners
  • FABRILUX® LED Lightboxes
  • Illumigo LED Fabric Lightboxes

We offer custom-printed lightbox panels or plain blackback panels for single-sided lightboxes.

Our range of exhibition lightboxes can be linked together to form custom exhibition stands and illuminated LED display walls.

FABRILUX® LED Lightboxes have a range of linking accessories for inline linking, 90° and 45° linking. Using a combination of these brackets you can create a bespoke exhibition stand to suit any stand size or shape. The modular design of FABRILUX® Exhibition Lightboxes means they can grow and adapt to suit each event. Use as individual free standing light box displays, or linked for a custom display stand.

PIZAZZ® LED Fabric Lightboxes have integrated magnets that sit within the upright frame profiles. Once two PIZAZZ® lightboxes are aligned, the powerful magnets snap onto each other allowing you to build an endless backlit fabric display wall.

PIZAZZ® LED Fabric Lightboxes are portable and lightweight LED displays that are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. Offering tool-free assembly with a simple plug-and-play operation allows anyone to set up and install in less than 5 minutes. Delivered in a convenient transport case with padded foam inserts to aid transportation.

Interchangeable graphics mean you can switch out new artwork with ease if your promotion or marketing message changes. No need to buy new hardware, we offer replacement custom-printed panels or blackback panels for single-sided lightboxes.

For double the impact, we supply double-sided custom lightbox printing for no extra cost.

PIZAZZ® LED Fabric Lightboxes are exclusive to XL Displays and can only be purchased direct.

FABRILUX® LED lightboxes are modular and freestanding LED displays that can be linked and configured to suit any exhibition stand space or size. Ideal for bringing your brand to life and illuminating your marketing message from within.

Choose from 1m, 2m and 3m, wide display stands with the option of adding a 1m x 1m LED exhibition counter to complete your exhibition lightbox display.

FABRILUX® LED lightboxes offer a toolless assembly with a simple plug-and-play operation meaning installation is quick, easy and hassle-free. We offer single or double-sided lightbox graphics for the same great price. Integrated OSRAM® LED lights provide diffused illumination across your artwork creating the brightest display that gets you noticed.

FABRILUX® LED lightboxes are exclusive to XL Displays and can only be purchased direct.

FABRILUX® and PIZAZZ® LED Lightboxes are exclusive to XL Displays and can only be purchased directly. We complete custom fabric lightbox printing in-house giving us complete control over the quality and accuracy of print and lead times.

Our FABRILUX® and PIZAZZ® LED Lightboxes are supplied with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

XL Displays are proud of our illuminated display range and service and we would love to prove it! If you need any information regarding our range, please contact us or call: 01733 511030

Our LED Lightboxes are supplied in a range of standard widths including 1m, 2m and 3m wide with a height of 2.25m. FABRILUX® LED lightboxes can be linked together to create custom lightboxes to suit any stand shape or size. Use a combination of in-line linking connectors, 45° or 90° brackets to create l-shaped, u-shaped or straight custom lightbox displays.

We offer a range of online resources where you can find out more about LED Lightboxes.

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Alternatively, you can watch our LED Lightbox YouTube Playlist which showcases tutorials and demonstrations.