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External Notice Boards

19 Products Available

Outdoor Notice Boards

XL Displays offers a wide range of outdoor notice boards which are fully weatherproof and are ideal for use outside offices, schools and public buildings. With a waterproof seal, these noticeboards will protect posters, messages and information inside from the elements outside.

All of our notice boards have the option of a correx interior. This fluted plastic sheeting is extremely lightweight and can be used with Blu-Tak or tape to fix your display materials. Alternatively, we offer a pinnable interior or magnetic backing.

Our most popular product is the External Notice Board - Wall Mounted. This lockable outdoor noticeboard comes with a silver frame and is available in six sizes with a choice of six interior finishes. Choose a correx or grey pinnable interior for next working day delivery to get your external notice board fast. With prices starting at just £39, this is a great value, high-quality outdoor noticeboard.

For something more sizable, we stock a secure lockable tamperproof notice board that has reinforced aluminium construction, a substantial frame profile, reinforced hinges and a very secure locking mechanism. When you need to keep your messages in and all other things out, this is the one to go for. We hold silver-framed, correx interior secure noticeboards in stock for immediate dispatch and next day UK delivery.

Both the external noticeboard and secure lockable notice boards can be purchased with a coloured frame. With 17 colours to choose from, there will be a frame to suit your needs.

For something a bit different we have the Keyless External Noticeboard. This outdoor noticeboard is fully weatherproof but instead of having a key to open the door of the notice board, the door is removed using suction clamps.

We also offer post mounted notice boards which come with posts that can be sunk into ground or concrete. Choose from single post or double post mounted noticeboards.

If you need an illuminated notice board, choose the outdoor LED light box. With low power consumption - which will save on running costs and maintenance - this product has an LED lighting system and is fully suitable for outdoor use.

For a more portable outdoor noticeboard option, it is worth considering a pavement sign. We offer a wide range of freestanding pavements signs, from A frame boards and wooden chalkboards to forecourt signs such as the Whirlwind Pavement Sign.

Benefits of External Noticeboards:

  • Fully Weatherproof
  • Range of Sizes Available
  • Suitable For Wall, Fence or Rail Mounting
  • Post Mounted Options Available 
  • Choice of Interiors 
  • High Specification Locks 
  • Notices Are Protected From Vandalism 
  • In Stock Option For Next Day Delivery

Ideal For:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Play Groups
  • Churches
  • Offices & Businesses
  • Leisure Centres
  • Museums
  • Public Buildings
  • Community Halls & Councils 

For more information on our range of outdoor notice boards please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030.

Frequently Asked Questions

External Noticeboards are lockable frames that have been designed for outdoor use to display posters, notices and information. They are a popular outdoor display solution and are available in standard poster sizes such as  A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and movie poster sizes 20" x 30", 40" x 30" and 40" x 60". 

Our external noticeboards are available with a range of different interiors such as Correx, pinnable and magnetic backing. We offer wall-mounted (our most popular solution) and post-mounted noticeboards. 

The lockable frames, robust designs and virtually shatterproof glazing panels make them suitable for many different applications. 

External noticeboards are designed specifically to be durable and weather-resistant and to function outside all year round. They are able to do so thanks to a combination of the materials used and their internal waterproof seal which locks out any moisture to protect your posters, messages and information inside. 

We sell a variety of external noticeboards with lockable tamperproof frames. The frames can be locked using a key or Allen key. A set of keys are supplied with each external noticeboard. 

In addition to the locking poster frames, the doors are glazed with virtually shatterproof PETG polycarbonate glazing that allows the external noticeboard to be installed in unsupervised, public locations. Our outdoor noticeboards also feature metal, refinforced hinges that make them vandal-resistant. 

Our outdoor noticeboards are sold with tamperproof/lockable frames which use keys or Allen keys to fix them closed. This helps to prevent vandals from getting access to the displays inside. 

They are manufactured using a strong aluminium frame with reinforced hinges and a PETG polycarbonate glazing panel. 

By nature, Polycarbonate is incredibly strong and durable. Thanks to its anti-vandal design, it is often the first choice for security glazing and panels. Whilst it's not totally unbreakable, it is incredibly difficult to vandalise which is why it's the number one choice for external noticeboards.

Our range of external noticeboards are designed with weatherproof seals on the inside of the frame to help prevent water from damaging your displays. The seal ensures that no moisture can access the frame from the outside, however, if the poster frame is installed in a south-facing direction, then condensation can occur on the inside when the sunlight is on the poster frame.

There is no reason why you can’t use our external noticeboards indoors, however, you may find some of the solutions are a little too robust, and you may find you are paying for features not required inside, such as weatherproof seals.

We sell a wide range of indoor noticeboards, including those with lockable frames, which have a slimmer profile and are better suited to indoor areas.


Most of our external notice boards are available with a choice of interiors. These include a fluted Correx, pinnable or magnetic interior finish.

  • Correx is a fluted plastic that allows notices and posters to be fitted inside the notice board with tape or Blu-Tak
  • Pinnable is suitable for use with pins
  • Magnetic backing can be used with mini magnets or sticky tape

Our most popular interior is the Correx solution. This is because the Correx interior is our most cost-effective solution.

Our outdoor noticeboards are glazed with a PETG Polycarbonate glazing panel to help protect your displays from the elements and vandalism.

This virtually shatterproof plastic is durable and high-impact making it ideal for public locations or front of business. Whilst tempered glass is ultra-strong it is more susceptible to breaking over PETG Polycarbonate. 

Yes, we sell a variety of post-mounted notice boards, including single post or double post mounted noticeboards. The lockable notice boards are mounted on a round or square post using clips and channel bars. The post clips enable you to freely position the noticeboard at your desired height upon installation. Each post-mounted noticeboard features a sealed aluminium back panel that prevents any moisture from getting inside the frame from the rear of the unit. The posts must be cemented into the ground for support.

Yes, we sell a wide range of wall-mounted outdoor noticeboards, including those with tamperproof/lockable frames, bulletin boards and LED illuminated frames.

Our best-selling wall-mounted noticeboard has a silver frame with a correx interior. It's our most cost-effective solution that can be quickly and easily installed. The lockable door offers quick and easy poster changes and the PETG polycarbonate glazing is virtually shatterproof making it suitable for unsupervised locations. 

Our wall-mounted external noticeboards can be mounted onto other surfaces such as railing, chain link fences and posts, however, they do need adapting to do so. If you would like to mount an outdoor noticeboard to a different location, other than a wall, please contact our sales team on 01733 511030 for a quotation. 

If you can't find the size that you are looking for then we can make a custom size noticeboard that is bespoke to your size and specification. All we need is your desired sizing and we can provide a quotation for you. 

To discuss your requirements in detail, please reach out to our team on 01733 511030.

Our external noticeboards are sold with a minimum 1-year warranty. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

If you need any information regarding our range, please contact us or call: 01733 511030.