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Medical Screens

13 Products Available

Medical Privacy Screens

XL Displays range of Hospital screens and medical privacy screens are built for NHS Hospital use for healthcare professionals. Medical furniture solutions ensure a safe and private space for every patient, improve ward efficiency and adapt to ever changing shift needs

Medical Screens
Designed and manufactured for professional medical environments in hospital wards, ICU's, clinics, surgeries and care homes. Hospital screens can be quickly deployed to create privacy and uphold patient dignity during treatments; intimate moments and medical care scenarios.

Medical screens provide privacy in a hygienic, freestanding solution that is mobile and portable. Metal frame and panel construction are non-porous to prevent bacteria and viruses from settling, minimising infection transfer and cross-contamination when moved between locations. Privacy screens can be folded shut to occupy a reduced floor space when not in use.

Medical screens on wheels have locking castors for use as semi-permanent room dividers. Wheels are durable; suitable for scrubbing during clean-downs and are non-marking. Mobile screens add flexibility to hospital wards, as they are not constrained to ceiling tracks like curtains or more expensive wall mounted and retractable medical screening.

Medical dividers and curtain screens manufactured with fabric will have anti-microbial properties or coatings within the fabric but in long-term use this may degrade and allow bacteria to spread. If porous materials such as cardboard or wood are used it increases the potential for damp and mold. Our range of metal and Perspex® Screens are designed to avoid this.

Versatile Medical Furniture
Quickly build private areas with private room dividers, segregating ward beds and care stations. White protective screens are popular social distancing solutions for COVID-19 vaccines and testing booths. Construct waiting room areas, clean rooms or treatment rooms – screens can adapt to changing shift demands.

Quickly create medical privacy screens with XL Displays range of mobile screens. Utilise between ward beds and care stations. Deploy for COVID-19 vaccinations and testing. Construct waiting room areas, allowing higher capacity whilst maintaining social distancing and segregate rooms or emergency treatment rooms – divider screens can adapt to ever changing demands.

All products have a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty, depending on model and are manufactured within the UK and held in stock.

Please call our sales team on 01733 511030 or contact us for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Screens are partition screen designs used in hospitals and health care environments as hospital furniture. Used by the NHS and healthcare professional as privacy dividers between beds and care stations in hospital wards, ICU's, theatres and treatment rooms.

Screens are either freestanding, hung on ceiling tracks or attached to the wall between care beds. Fabric curtain screens are traditionally the most used but need to be have ceiling rails so position is always fixed.

Freestanding dividers are the most versatile solution, especially if they are mobile and are mounted on wheels. This allows medical privacy screens to be re-located quickly and ward layouts can be re-configured for patient needs and changing demands or requirements of medical staff.

Contamination and infection control are essential in medical rooms. Hospital furniture must be manufactured from non-porous materials, be sterile and easy to disinfect.

Furniture made with metal is preferable as it is longer lasting and suitable for the regular heavy demands of hospital use. Fabric screens and curtains can be used but require regular laundering and maintenance to maintain their anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which adds long term cost and time to maintaining hospital cleanliness.

DIGNITY® Screens are mobile folding screens with solid panels that are easily movable via strong castor wheels on each section. Screens fold together to occupy a reduced floor space.

DIGNITY® Screens are hinged at the frame of the panels to allow full stability when used in a straight line or concertina them in a zigzag formation.

Designed for heavy use in medical environments such as NHS hospitals, surgeries, clinics, theatres, care wards and vaccine centres. DIGNITY® Screens provide patients with privacy during intimate moments and treatments for a better care experience and improve patient dignity.

DIGNITY® Screens are constructed from metal framework with powder-coated epoxy for durability and hygiene. Hospital privacy screens are white aluminium composite panels that are non-porous and can be kept sterile to mitigate cross-contamination and ensure infection control.

Two models of DIGNITY® Screens are available in various panel sizes. Designed as all white in colour to maintain a fresh, clean look that compliments other items of medical stands and furniture and harmonises with any hospital decor.

Choose from our range of DIGNITY® Screens, GUARDIAN screens, waiting room dividers and vaccine screens and booths. Each model has been designed for a specific use to support operations in hospitals and medical care facilities.

For office, reception areas and backroom support we have many options of desk screens, protective screens, room dividers and freestanding partitions.

Minimal assembly is required with the DIGNITY® Screens. Medical privacy screens on wheels have the panels pre-assembled so you just need to attach the wheels. All our mobile screens are delivered this way.

Vaccine screens and waiting rooms dividers are designed to be modular so require parts assembly. For assembly instructions please see relevant product pages. If you require further support please contact us.

We offer a range of medical privacy screens to suit all budgets. Prices range starts at £179 for the GUARDIAN screens which is a budget medical screen offering premium design and features for a lower cost.

XL Displays range of hospital privacy screens offers many solutions that can be adapted for use by healthcare professionals at various price ranges. We offer discounts for quantity orders and are experts at working with healthcare organisations, NHS Supply Chain and hospital procurement to source the right solution for the right price.

Yes. Our GUARDIAN™ range of screens, available with white protective screen panels or Perspex Screens, are held in stock for next day UK delivery. DIGNITY® Screens are also held in stock so can be dispatched or collected same day.

The ACHOO® Waiting Room Screen and other Perspex® Screens are made to order and dispatched in 5-7 working days. Cubicle booths and vaccine testing screens are manufactured to order and dispatched in 7 working days.

If you need medical screens urgently, please call 01733 511030 or contact us for assistance.

Our screens and hospital furniture are supplied with a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty (depending on model) against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

Medical screens are manufactured in the UK. XL Displays are proud of our products, quality and service and we would love to prove it. If you need any information regarding on our range, please contact us or call: 01733 511030