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Buyers Guide:

Protective Screens

Businesses and offices all over the world have had to adapt and change the way the way normal working days operate following the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Protection screens and sneeze screens have fast become the most requested product, with every busines needing to integrate safe social distancing measures to ensure employee and customer safety.

With so many plastic screens available, it can be difficult to know exactly what works best for your workplace and environment. This handy buyer guide explains why these protection screens are needed and the best way of integrating them into your workplace.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing means you are not allowed to come into close contact with other people that are not included in your household or social bubble.

These safety measures have been recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and enforced by the UK Government to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, between those who are infected, and those who are not.

The UK Government guidelines currently states that there should be a minimum of 1 metres between you and anyone that is not in your social bubble.

Social distancing is in place to restrict contact and interaction to slow; and eventually stop the spread of the infection in the UK.

Why is Social Distancing Necessary?

This global pandemic has seen most countries around the world plummet into lockdown with business closing their doors and the global economy coming to a standstill.

Throughout the pandemic and for the foreseeable future, social distancing, has, and will be a part of everyday life as we know it.

The lockdown is slowly being lifted in the UK, this means business are attempting to open and reignite the UK economy.

Even with businesses reopening, the Government have issued strict guidelines on how social distancing measures are required to be in place for all businesses looking to reopen to ensure safe working environments with limited contact.

Social distance measures must be in place for all sectors including shops, offices, businesses, and public venues for them to re-open and be COVID safe.

Why? Well its simple, to reduce the spread of infection and save lives. The UK Government use a scientific method to track and analyse the infection rate, this is known as R.

What is R?

R is the reproduction number and it is the average number of secondary people that is likely to be infected by one person who has coronavirus.

Whilst R is not an exact number, it gives a calculated estimate so that the Government can make decisions on lifting lockdown restrictions; or implementing tighter ones.

An R number of 1 means that on average an infected person will infect one other person, meaning the total number of new infections is stable.

If R is 2, on average, each infected person has the potential to infect two more people meaning the virus is growing.

The UK Government look to keep the R rate below 1 to continue easing lockdown restrictions.

What Are Social Distancing Screens?

Social distancing screens are physical barriers that are typically manufactured from Perspex, acrylic or glass and are designed to provide protection, minimise contact, and restrict the airborne transmission of Coronavirus and other potential pathogens.

The World Health Organisation advises to: "Use physical barriers to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus, such as glass or plastic windows."

Whilst this is advice to all business where people work in close proximity, it is absolutely essential in certain locations where it is extremely difficult to enforce the 1m+ rule and stop human contact altogether. These are locations such as payment points, checkouts, or reception areas.

Sneeze guard screens are an effective solution to minimise the risk of catching Coronavirus when used alongside other methods such as avoiding touching your face, frequent hand washing, alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Social Distancing Screens Are Also Known As...

▪ Sneeze Screens ▪ Cough Guards ▪ Protection Screens ▪ COVID Screens ▪ Barrier Screens
▪ Perspex Screens ▪ Physical Barriers ▪ Sneeze Guards ▪ Plastic Screens ▪ Acrylic Screens

How to Implement Social Distancing?

Whether your business has been open during lockdown, or your business is looking to reopen, one thing will be the same for everyone – safe social distancing measures are necessary.

Many businesses have adapted well to the current climate by changing working hours, offering staggered or flexible shift patterns, remote working, job sharing, or working with limited skeleton staff.

Not every premises will have the infrastructure or resources to distance desks or create a one-way system to prevent a cross over of staff and customers, so what else can you do to implement social distancing?

  • Restrict the number of people in your premises at one time – this may require staff to man the door and head count as people enter and leave
  • Hold virtual meetings and conferences to reduce contact and people visiting your premises
  • Integrate an effective queuing system where customers and visitors can maintain the 2m social distancing rule
  • Provide many reminders in and around your workplace – this can include floor stickers, posters, hanging signs, voice messages over a tannoy or speaker system
  • Include hygiene stations around your premises - hand sanitising and hand wash stations are ideal for reminding people to maintain a level of cleanliness
  • Create an entrance and exit to your workplace – this makes it easier to head count
  • Provide protection barriers to limit staff and customer contact but still allow safe transaction to be completed
  • Install sneeze screens to prevent airborne transmission of the virus
  • Set up a strict an appointment schedule so there is no cross over of people attending appointments
  • Consider restricting your services that may involve too much contact and providing alternative services that you did not prior to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Adapt your business to the current climate so you can still operate but with minimal contact – this could be offering takeaways instead of restaurant dining
  • Redesign your workspace – this can include moving desks, creating distancing between equipment, creating individual work areas
  • Stop the use of communal facilities such as the office fridge, kettles and kitchenet areas to avoid cross contamination
  • Stagger a return from furloughed leave to limit the number of people present in your workplace at any one time

Why Do I Need Perspex Screens?

Perspex screens help safely integrate social distancing and minimise the risk of infection – they can help to save lives whilst allowing your business to restart and operate safely.

What Are Perspex Screens? Read Our Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Perspex Screens:

  • Hygienic Sneeze Guards
  • Easy to Clean, Separation Screens
  • Enforces Safe Social Distancing
  • Creates Safer, Hygienic Workplaces
  • Quick And Easy To Install
  • Effective For Virus Control & Prevention
  • Affordable And Flexible Screens

Ideal For:

  • Call Centres & Offices
  • Public Buildings
  • Reception & Waiting Rooms
  • Hospital And Doctor Surgeries
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Customer Facing Environments
  • Retail & Shopping Centres

What Types of Social Distancing Screens Are There?

We have a wide range of Perspex screens and acrylic glass screens in a choice of styles including freestanding screens, desk mounted dividers, frameless partitions, countertop barriers and desk guards, glass office pods, mobile dividing screens on wheels and many more.

Sneeze screens benefit from easy to clean, wipeable surfaces that can be regularly sanitised to maintain a hygienic workstation.

Offices, call centres and business premises need to think about how they will adapt their workspace to allow employees to return from furloughed leave and safely work in teams. Social distancing screens can be used to divide open plan offices, separate groups of tables, and segregate smaller areas for individuals to work.

Our COVID screens can be easily deployed with minimal installation allowing you to integrate safety and virus control measures quickly and effectively.

  • Wipeable, hygienic protection barriers
  • Integrates safe social distancing
  • See-through vison panels that allow light & visibility
  • Easy to sanitise glazed surfaces
  • Acrylic, Perspex, toughened safety glass or plexiglass options
  • Range of styles to suit any location
  • Demountable screens - quick and easy to install
  • Moveable screens that can change locations easily
  • Freestanding, desk mounted and mobile options
Hanging Ceiling Mounted Plastic Screens

Why Choose XL Displays For A COVID Sneeze Screen?

We are committed to help your business prepare and adapt to the current economic situation to allow your business to open and operate in a safe and controlled manner.

Our range is continuously growing with new innovative and affordable protective solutions that easy to integrate and install in any environments.

We are constantly reviewing guidelines and do our best to provide accurate information and solutions to these ever-changing situations.

With Perspex in such an unprecedented demand, we strive to provide other surface solutions that can be delivered in a quicker time frame to help our customers adapt and change their business in the best way possible.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

XL Displays Team