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What Wipeable Office Dividers For The Workplace Following COVID-19

Posted By:

XL Displays


05 October 2020

Reading Time:

19 Mins

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What Wipeable Office Dividers For The Workplace Following COVID-19

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis the world is facing; it is more important than ever to ensure the safety of your employees and the customers that are visiting your business premesis.

With the social distancing rules that are in force by the UK Government, it has meant that many businesses have had to close their doors for the foreseeable future. The option of working from home is simply not possible in some sectors which have meant these industries have come to a complete halt.

Many businesses simply don't have the capability to allow all members of staff to remotely work from home due to the nature of their services and infrastructure of their company. Essential key workers have no choice but to continue to fight the fight against coronavirus whilst being at their place of work, on the front line.

As a result, all open businesses and workplaces are creating their own rules that fall in line with the social distancing measures the Government have put in place. This is to minimise the contact between each person and reduce interactions where possible.

We have seen many businesses change and adapt to the current climate and enforce safety measures so their business can keep operating. These include changing working hours, staggered or flexible shift patterns, job sharing, skeleton staff, no visitor policy, video conferencing, virtual meetings, as well as restrictions on the number of people allowed in the premises at any one time.

All of the above play a crucial role in keeping staff and visitors safe during this pandemic, however, there is more you can do, especially in customer-facing scenarios.

You can easily adapt your workspace to create partitions between your staff and visitors. We know how easily coronavirus can spread so by imposing a physical barrier you can significantly reduce the risk of an infectious sneeze or cough getting to your employees.

The most frequent question we are getting asked at the moment is what Types of Partition Screens are available that will keep our employees safe? Well, there is plenty on offer, we have the UK’s largest range of office partition screens and social distancing screens

Social Distancing Roller Banner Protection Screen

Our most cost-effective solution is the Roller Banner Clear Protective Divider. Available in just 72 hours, this portable protection screen can be used in a wide range of settings. Lightweight and easy to move to any location where a divider screen is needed.

The see-through, clear banner can retract into the base when it isn't needed. The twist out feet located at the bottom of the bar ensures i is stable when in use.

You can use multiple screens next to each other to form a longer protective divider; ideal for customer queue barriers or as social distancing screens in between customers and staff. 

The Free Standing Perspex Divider Screens are one of our most popular social distancing screens. As well as Perspex, our free-standing perspex partition screen is manufactured from thermally toughened Safety Glass, impact tested to British Standard: BS 6206: 1981 - Class A. 

Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed float glass and if broken, disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are less likely to cause injury. 

These social distancing screens benefit from wipeable, hygienic surfaces that can be maintained regularly for a safer working environment. They are available in a choice of sizes, frame colours and with a choice of round or t-bar feet.

Perspex Sneeze Screens  

Our Perspex Desk Dividers help by providing a physical barrier between workstations whilst maintaining social distancing, hygiene and safety protocols. The frameless design features rounded, smooth edges that are diamond polished for a nicer and safe finish. 

Supplied with two clamps that hold the perspex screen in position and fit any desktop between 17-33mm thick. As well as Perspex, these desk screens are supplied in toughened safety glass that can be delivered in 15 working days for businesses that need their protection screens faster. 

Framed Perspex Sneeze Screens

The Framed Clear Perspex Desk Dividers are available in a choice of Perspex or toughened safety glass. These perspex screens for desks are available in four heights and six withs. They are manufactured from a 30mm thick aluminium frame which is available in a choice of white or silver. 

The see-through screen act as a sneeze screen and can be positioned in offices to create smaller workstations that are separate from the next. They benefit from wipeable surfaces that can be regularly sanitised for a hygienic and germ-free working environment. The aluminium frame features linking capabilities that enables you to link multiple screens together to accommodate large groups of desks. 

This sneeze guard features the most options in terms of heights and widths to suit all office environments, however, if you require additional height and protection, we also supply a Sneeze Guard Clear Perspex Divider that attaches to the top of the framed perspex screen. 

Sneeze Guard Hard Panel

The Guardian Mobile Divider Acrylic Partition On Wheels is a hinged room dividing system that can be linked to form a continuous dividing screen. Each perspex mobile screen in mounted on four lockable castor wheels that rotate 360° allowing you to easily maneuver this protection screen into position. 

This portable room divider is available in just 72 hours and can be purchased in a choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 50, or 100 panels with up to 55% off RRP on the largest pack. 

The Guardian mobile perspex screen is the ideal social distancing screen for offices and workspaces and allows you to transform your working environment into a safe and hygienic area; minimising the risk of infection. 

Standing at 2m high, this mobile perspex divider can be placed almost anywhere you need to provide protection for both employees and customers. In addition, this moveable screen can be relocated in any position or location it is needed making it incredibly versatile and portable. 

GUARDIAN Perspex Screen Divider On Wheels


Our Hanging Ceiling Mounted Perspex Protection Screen has been designed for retail checkouts, shop till areas, self-service tills, at bars in pubs and restaurants, and hotel reception areas. These hanging cough guards are supplied with a 6m plastic white chain and can be hung from any suspended ceiling. 

Manufactured from lightweight 3mm plexiglass, they can be sanitised regularly and hung at any height required - no tools are required for installation. Available in four sizes, these hanging perspex screens are a popular solution for any location where there isn't much countertop space. 

Hanging Ceiling Mounted Perspex Protection Screen

The Flatpack Budget Perspex Sneeze Screen is perfect for any location where you require a countertop protection barrier but you do not wish to install, screw, or permanently mount the sneeze screen to your worktop. 

The simple slot-together assembly takes less than a minute and each perspex screen can be deployed quickly and effectively. These affordable COVID barriers help to integrate safe social distancing and virus control measures and are available in three sizes to suit any desktop area. 

The handy cutout section at the bottom of the sneeze screen means customers can complete contact-free payments and transactions safely with minimal risk. 

Flatpack Sneeze Screens For Desktops

Freestanding Office Partitions are available in many different standard sizes raining from 600mm (w) x 1800mm (h) and everything in between. They can be linked to each other to create a straight line or a 90-degree angle.

Freestanding room dividers are ideal for blocking off restricted areas and maintaining a safe social distance between employees and the general public. They can be linked together to create a wall that directs foot traffic in a certain direction, or just as easily away from a restricted area.

You can choose from fabric-covered floor standing office screens or glazed screens, however, glazed screens are the most suitable for the environment we are currently faced with.

They each feature two stabilising feet that provide stability when in use. When more than one office screen is linked together, each individual partition only requires one stabilising foot, however, we supply two with each office screen so they are able to be used separately if required.

Transparent Partition Screens, also known as glazed screens or acrylic partitions. They are the most effective way of protecting your staff and the public from potential risks. Available as desk mounted and freestanding options, both benefit from wipable, easy-clean surfaces that help prevent the excessive spread of bacteria and germs.

See-through screen partitions enable you to create a workable barrier without compromising visibility, communication and service levels.

You can choose from straight glazed screens or curved glazed screens that are encased in a powder-coated aluminium frame which can be easily disinfected and cleaned.

Half vision glazed screens are available to block off and shield workspaces you may not want on display, but also provide a smaller transparent acrylic panel for easy communication. Different coloured or opaque acrylic can be used on the lower half of the freestanding screen to limit visibility.

Desk screens or countertop partitions are easily attached to any work surface using a pair of clamps which hold it in position. We have many standard sizes available but more importantly, our Customised Desk Partition Acrylic Screens can be bespoke made to suit any size and desk requirement. All we need is the dimensions of the area you are trying to cover and the surface that it will be fixed on to, we can design and manufacturer your protective solution for you.

There are two types of acrylic desk partitions available, these are our aluminium framed glazed partitions, or the frameless acrylic desk screens.

Both styles of office screens offer a protective barrier with wipeable and hygienic surfaces that can effortlessly and effectively be cleaned without compromising the integrity of the protective screen.

We can manufacture bespoke clamps that will allow you to attach the protective desk partition to the surface of your table, reception desk or countertop.

Clear Portable Partitions are acrylic glazed office screens that are mounted onto easy-glide wheels allowing you to effortless manoeuvre your protective screen to any location it is needed.

They are manufactured using a high-grade aluminium frame in silver or white, and a 2mm thick acrylic panel that is available in clear, frosted white or polar white. Each mobile screen is complete with lockable wheels ensuring it is safely secured when in position.

Just like the freestanding office screens, mobile office partitions can be half vision or full vision. You can mix acrylic colours, alternatively, you can have half the screen covered in a luxury Camira fabric to restrict some visibility.

In addition, we have a variety of fabric covered portable room dividers available which can be used to restrict access to areas within your working environment.

Glass Office Pods are a larger, more permanent structure that can be used in a whole host of different environments. Like all of our office screen solutions, you can create your own design that is customised to your requirements.

Each wall of the glazed office pod can be covered with a choice of acoustic fabric panels, clear or opaque glass, whiteboard writing surface or a mixture of all three surfaces. Sliding doors are also available to create a private and concealed working area.

Aside from their most popular and typical uses, these glass structures can be used to create designated waiting rooms or used as temporary working areas for essential key workers.

Optional air-flow management can be installed to ensure clean, fresh air is circulated within the room and the glazed glass walls mean that they are incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean.

To maximise the hygiene within the glass office pod; it would be more appropriate to have three glass walls with a sliding glass door.

Delivery and installation are undertaken by our team of expert contractors to ensure they are safely and properly installed.

ACHOO 4Bay Workstation Protective Screen Dividers


In a direct response to COVID-19, we have developed and manufactured an exclusive range of sneeze guards, sneeze screens, and protective screen solutions known as ACHOO®  Screens

This range of premium screens is available in desktop, mobile, freestanding, reception screens in a choice of genuine Perspex®, toughened safety glass, or acrylic. 

We have configured complete protection screen kits that can socially distance workstations in close proximity, available for 4 bay, 6 bay, and 8 bay desk configurations. 

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

In addition to Perspex screens, sneeze screens, and cough guards, we also provide a range of pre-designed floor stickers and printed floor graphics that help keep customers safe by reminding and enforcing safe social distancing rules. 

Available in a choice of round, square, or rectangle and with six different pre-designed messages on. These custom printed floor graphics have a textured anti-slip surface with an R10 slip rating and can be used on most types of floors, such as tiles, laminate, wood, concrete, marble, etc. and also short pile carpet and carpet tiles.

Our R10 floor stickers are even suitable for use outdoors on pavements.

The printed floor sticker designs include 1m and 2m social distancing reminders, directional arrows to help the flow of traffic, stop signs for customer instructions, wait here, and no entry floor graphics to advise customers how to move and act in your premises. 

We print and manufacture the social distancing floor graphic in-house and can dispatch to you within 72 hours so there is no need to wait. 

View our full range of Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Stickers.

Free Standing Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

We offer a wide range of easy-clean displays that can help a business share important information whilst maintaining a safe distance. You can choose from a wide range of social distancing signs and displays that include outdoor social distancing signs, hand sanitiser stations, sneeze guards, queue and belt barriers, and many more. 

Retractable Belt Barriers

If you would like any further information on any of our easy-clean social distancing screens, office screens, or our COVID19 social distance signs and displays or help to work out which one will work best for your business, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.