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What Are The Benefits of Desk Dividers?

Posted By:

XL Displays


23 March 2021

Reading Time:

8 Mins

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What Are The Benefits of Desk Dividers?

When you’re thinking about setting up your office with a selection of screens and dividers, the range of options can seem a little overwhelming. Picking a point to start is a great way to narrow your search and focus on what your workplace really needs. Desk divider screens are not only one of our most popular office screen styles but this one type of screen offers a number of different benefits. Read on for 5 benefits of desk dividers.

1. Privacy

Modern, open-plan offices can be busy and distracting places. Many people find they are more productive when they are working in a private office, or from home, as they are able to concentrate better. However, you can recreate a sense of privacy even in the busiest of workplaces by installing desk divider screens, such as our Speedy Office Desk Screens (which are in-stock for fast dispatch). These fabric-covered screen panels are designed to clamp to all standard desk thicknesses and are available in a range of heights and lengths to suit your requirements. Setting them up to form mini ‘cubicles’ on large desk banks gives your employees a sense of peace and privacy, allowing them to concentrate better.

2. Display

In workplaces where each employee has their own designated desk space, many people like to set up personal items such as photographs to personalise their workspace. However, in open-plan offices with large desk banks, such items can make your workplace seem cluttered and untidy. Installing desk dividers not only gives your employees the privacy of an individual work ‘booth’, as we’ve discussed in point one, but thanks to the construction of our fabric desk divider screens, they can also be used to display items such as paper, wall calendars and other materials for a clutter-free desk space. Plus, they’re available in a range of bright and vibrant colours to suit all branding and office decor.

3. Noise Reduction

We all know that offices can be incredibly noisy, distracting places; particularly in call centres or sales departments where people are on the phone constantly. Collaborative working is a buzzword for modern businesses, but there are times where employees just need a quiet, peaceful and private space in which to work in peace to get their tasks finished. In plenty of offices with minimal soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains or cushions, sounds such as employee chatter or machine sounds from faxes or printers reflect easily around the space, bouncing off the solid walls and floors for a workplace that’s frustratingly noisy. Installing acoustic office screens can help to create a more productive work environment. These noise-reducing panels range from 35mm to 60mm thick and covered with a layer of foam-backed woven fabric on both sides. Their construction is designed to reduce noise in two ways: hinder the ability of sound to travel through the screen, and minimise the ability of sound to reflect off the screen back into the room. This particular style of acoustic desk screen has an estimated NRC (noise reduction coefficient) of 0.22 for our entry-level screen. Taking a simple step such as installing acoustic desk screens in your office can make a high difference to your employee productivity levels.

4. Organisation

Sound might be a key factor when it comes to productivity levels, but a neat and tidy office space can also make a huge difference to employee morale and productivity. It’s hard to work effectively in an untidy, chaotic environment, so designing a workspace that’s conducive to organisation makes your employees feel valued - and presents a professional look for visitors and prospective clients. Our aliminium framed desk screens include helpful tool rails so you can fix accessories such as PC monitor screens to keep desks clutter free. As we’ve already discussed, most of our fabric screens (both standard and acoustic) can be used with Velcro tabs or pins to display personal items or workplace notices, again keeping desktops clutter free. Furthermore, an office segmented with desk dividers creates neat boundaries between individual work spaces, for a tidy and orderly finish.

5. Social Distancing

Social distancing was a phrase we’d never heard before March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic hit the UK. Since then, measures such as remaining 2m apart, wearing face masks in public spaces such as shops, regularly sanitising our hands and isolating when we’re unwell have become an everyday part of life. Maintaining safe distances in work environments, particularly offices, is a challenge in itself. This is where desk divider screens, such as Perspex Screens come into play. Desk divider screens designed for social distancing purposes are usually made from Perspex® acrylic or glass - all materials which can be easily wiped down on a regular basis to maintain a hygienic environment and remove all trace of bacteria and virus particles.

This is particularly important when it comes to Covid - but also seasonal illnesses such as flu or norovirus - as these are spread via respiratory particles which are expelled when we breathe, talk, sneeze and cough, for example. Social distancing screens trap these particles and prevent them from spreading between employees, meaning that an almost normal work environment can be preserved.

Although we have weathered the winter storm of high case numbers and are moving towards a safer summer, precautions and safety measures will need to remain in place for some time to come. This is why installing social distancing desk dividers is still vitally important. The good news? Transparent desk dividers still allow effective communication between employees, meaning you can maintain a collaborative working environment in a safe and hygienic way.

So there you have it; desk dividers can offer multiple benefits to your office and your workforce. But don’t take our word for it - try them for yourself.

For more information on any of our office desk dividers, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or on 01733 511030.

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