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Essential Social Distancing Solutions For Reopening Your Business

Posted By:

XL Displays


06 April 2021

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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Essential Social Distancing Solutions For Reopening Your Business

It’s official: after long months of lockdown, the UK is reopening again from 12th April, with non-essential retail and other businesses opening their doors to the public once again. However, customer experience is going to be different as we accept the reality of the pandemic; social distancing measures are set to be in place for some time to come yet, to ensure we all remain as safe as possible while we reinvigorate the economy.

Read on for some essential products that’ll help you reopen your business safely and successfully.

Social Distancing Screens

One of the most effective measures to protect against the spread of Coronavirus in all kinds of different situations is social distancing screens. Designed in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of purposes, these panels, partitions and dividers are typically manufactured from Perspex® acrylic or glass for durable screens which are easy to keep clean and sanitised to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. We’ve all seen variations of these screens in our offices or public spaces such as supermarkets and retail counters, and they will become commonplace across all businesses as things begin to reopen. Social distancing screens work by providing a barrier between people, preventing potentially infectious respiratory droplets from spreading person-to-person. The kind of screen you choose will depend on your business requirements; our team can advise if you’re unsure which kind of partition you need. For more information on social distancing screens check out our Everything You Need to Know About Social Distancing Screens blog.

Sneeze Screens

Sneeze screens and desk dividers have been designed to minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus through ‘face-to-face’ contact in close contact services. Particularly relevant for retail tills and counters, as well as reception desks, manicure stations and office desks, these screens are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and many come with the option of a cut-out transaction hatch, perfect for where customer interactions such as payments or transfers are required. Sturdy screens in Perspex® acrylic or glass provide effective permanent or semi-permanent barriers, while retractable screens made from lightweight PVC/Acetate EVA can be rolled up and fixed into place or stored away and easily transported for a flexible sneeze screen solution.

Pavement Signage

Pavement signs and advertising boards offer an excellent way to let customers know that you are once again open for business! They can also be used to attract new visitors with promotions or offers. However, one great way to use your pavement signs, particularly during the early days of reopening when social distancing measures are still in full force, is to remind people how to behave in your shop, store or business. Pavement signs can be used to designate places to wait to enter your store (if you have a queueing system in place), to remind people to sanitise their hands regularly and wear a face covering, to reiterate the 2m rule or even to let your customers know that you’re taking their health and wellbeing seriously by ensuring your staff are all following the rules too. Ultimately, in this strange time where we’re unable to communicate face to face as we once could, pavement signs are a great way to get your message across.

Social Distancing Stickers

Maintaining a 2m distance from one another in shops and businesses is a rule that will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Reminding people of this while they wait in queues, walk down narrow corridors and generally move around is essential to prevent further spread of the virus which we almost now have under control. Placing non-slip floor stickers in your office, store or other premises helps to guide your employees and customers safely where they need to go. For example, one-way systems in office buildings, waiting spots in queues, and reminders to sanitise your hands can all be implemented through stickers, which are a minimally invasive alternative to signs if you have minimal floor space.

Queue Barriers

While the reopening of non-essential retail and other businesses is an encouraging sign that we’re moving in the right direction, the reality is that some social distancing measures are going to need to remain in place for some time to come. The most likely of these to stick around, particularly in smaller premises, is reducing the number of customers allowed inside at any one time. For many shops, this will mean implementing a queueing system to instruct visitors where to wait for their turn to enter. Such barriers can also be useful in segmenting off outdoor dining spaces outside coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Retractable belt barriers are highly effective and easy to use. They can be deployed and configured quickly and adapted to suit a new layout just as easily. 

Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitiser has become an essential product during the Coronavirus pandemic; and for good reason. When we’re out and about, washing our hands regularly with soap and water isn’t always possible. Using top-quality hand sanitiser can kill viruses and bacteria on our hands without leaving residue, so it’s a brilliant way to keep ourselves and others from transmitting the virus through fomites (virus particles on surfaces which we touch, and then ingest by touching our face or food). Installing hand sanitising stations outside or throughout your business not only reminds people to be aware of the risks of the pandemic but also encourages them to sanitise their hands regularly to remove all traces of the Covid virus - as well as other nasty seasonal illnesses such as flu or norovirus.

COVID-19 Signs

As we’ve already discussed, one of the key ways to ensure that customers and staff comply with Covid social distancing regulations is to remind them of the rules with signs and displays. Pavement signs are a great way to achieve this outdoors or in large open indoor spaces, but realistically, most retail and hospitality premises simply don’t have the floor space. Instead, we offer a wide range of alternative signage options. Investing in proper wall, floorstanding, poster frame, pop-up or sticker signs (or a combination of these!) means that your employees and visitors to your business know how seriously you take social distancing measures, providing a safe working environment and a place where customers can feel confident to shop or dine.

So there you have it. By implementing proper social distancing measures, your business can reopen safely from 12th April ready for a successful summer!

For more information on any of our social distancing products, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call us on 01733 511030.

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