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Top 10 Exhibition Stands for the Autumn Exhibition Season

Posted By:

XL Displays


02 September 2019

Reading Time:

21 Mins

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Top 10 Exhibition Stands for the Autumn Exhibition Season

As the autumn exhibition season approaches, many businesses will be looking for a new display to promote their brand at some of the largest corporate expos in the world. There are so many different exhibition stands to choose from that it can easily become an overwhelming task.

Before you take the plunge and spend your money, you need to think about what you need from your display.

What’s your budget? How many events will you be attending? If you’re attending multiple events, is the floor space you have the same size at each venue? Will your display stand be visible from all angles? Do you have a specific product to demo? How many people will be staffing your display and therefore are available to help with the build?

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you can begin to narrow down your search.

To help, we’ve selected our 10 bestselling exhibition stands – each one suited to different display needs, budgets and venues – to give you an idea of just what you can expect from your display this exhibition season.

1. Printed Tablecloth and Roller Banner Bundle

This roller banner and tablecloth bundle is the perfect exhibitor starter kit. It’s a budget-friendly choice that is accessible to almost every business. Due to its size, it’s more suited towards smaller exhibition spaces and shell schemes, but it’s an adaptable display that can be used just about anywhere.

The logo printed tablecloth comes in an extensive range of colours and is a great basic marketing tool that has long been a firm favourite amongst new and seasoned exhibitors alike. It can be machine washed at 30ᵒ without risk of your logo cracking. This is a major benefit for those who exhibit frequently and want to keep their display looking fresh and clean.

Each tablecloth is manufactured in-house using high quality 220gsm woven fabric to give you an improved drape and overall finish. To learn how to properly present your tablecloth, read our How to Box a Tablecloth guide. To find out more about exhibition tablecloths, read our Printed Tablecloth Buyers Guide.

The 800mm (w) Grasshopper roller banners are another popular display product that are often seen lining the halls of exhibition venues around the world. Standing at just over 2m tall, these roller banners are an excellent exhibition stand solution thanks to their adaptability.

We manufacture each banner stand ourselves in-house and laminate artwork with a crystal matte laminate to increase the longevity of the banner. By adding the laminate, artwork becomes tear, scratch and fade resistant – as well as non-reflective and anti-glare.

Indoor display advertising banners are effortless to assemble; making this bundle great for brands with only one or two people staffing the display. Take a look at our guide on How to Assemble a Roller Banner to see just how easy it is. For more information on roller banners, read our Roller Banner Buyers Guide.

Being so lightweight and compact, this bundle is especially popular amongst brands who exhibit frequently and travelling sales people – making it a great, long-term display investment.

2. 3x3 Curved Pop Up Stand

The 3x3 curved pop up stand is by far one of our bestselling pop up displays – we manufacture thousands of them every year. They’re so popular because of the universally recognised size. Many brands will have exhibited within a 3x3 space at some point or other, be it a shell scheme booth or a floor-only space, and a pop up stand is the easiest and often most effective way of utilising the stand area.

Not only that, pop up stands take just minutes to assemble, making them an ideal choice for businesses with fewer employees to staff corporate events; plus, you can easily replace old artwork should your advertising campaign change.

The nice thing about the 3x3 pop up stand is that even though it’s a great starter display stand, it can still be customised and made your own. You can choose between either single sided or double-sided graphics, as well as the option to upgrade to the complete exhibitor kit.

The standard bundle includes the hardware, graphics and Zeus2 wheeled carry case – all of which is more than enough to make an impact within any display hall. That being said, the exhibitor kit is a great upgrade because it gives you additional extras designed to really thrust your brand into the line of vision of prospective clients.

The exhibitor bundle comes with everything included in the standard kit, as well as two LED lights and a beech countertop and graphic wrap which can be applied to the Zeus2 wheeled case to transform it into a fully functional promotional counter.

We manufacture pop up stands in-house ourselves and test-build each one to ensure each display is of the five-star standard our customers have come to know and expect from us. Take a look at our Pop Up Stands Buyer’s Guide to find out more about how we manufacture pop up stands.

3. Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stands

The Formulate range of fabric exhibition stands comprises of dye-sublimation printed fabric backwalls perfect for use as photo backdrops. The great thing about these fabric displays is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes, making them fit for almost any exhibition application.

Formulate fabric displays comprise of tubular aluminium frames and fabric graphics that slide on like a sock. This tool-free assembly makes them ideal for smaller exhibition teams. They are particularly useful for brands opting for a photographic background because of the increased levels of sharpness, vibrancy and detail within the artwork.

In addition, the lightweight aluminium frame easily packs down into a padded carry bag, making fabric displays perfect for exhibiting at multiple events throughout the year.

The enhanced print quality is down to the two-phase dye-sublimation printing technique that is used to manufacture fabric displays. Every fabric display stand is manufactured in-house using our state-of-the-art Monti Antonio sublimation calendar. We hand cut, overlock and hem every individual display to ensure it is a perfect fit on the frame and there is no sagging or tightness that could cause the seams to split.

The non-reflective material makes Formulate fabric exhibition stands ideal for press backdrops, media events and other occasions where photography is highly likely.

As with pop up stands, fabric exhibition stands come with the option of additional LED lighting to illuminate artwork and further draw attention to the stand. You can also purchase clip-on shelves and fabric promotional counters.

To find out more about the different types of fabric exhibition stands and how to maximise your investment into fabric, read our Fabric Display Stand Buyer’s Guide.

4. Pegasus Tension Banner Stand

If an affordable, adjustable exhibition backdrop is what you’re after, then the Pegasus tension banner stand is a perfect fit.

You can choose from either 2.4m, 3m or 6m depending on how big your exhibition stand space is; but the size you purchase isn’t the only size your display banner can be. The Pegasus has telescopic poles which basically means that you can adjust the width and the height of your display to suit every individual event you attend. Of course, you will need to consider your artwork when adjusting the display.

The Pegasus has a straightforward assembly which requires basic tools, but a team of two should be able to fully build the stand in under 10 minutes. Being so lightweight, this is another excellent display solution for businesses looking to take their exhibition stand on the road.

What’s more, the Pegasus comes with a choice of materials for your artwork to be printed on to. You can opt for the slightly more cost-effective vinyl version which is made from eco-friendly, recyclable polyester media; or, you can choose the printed display polyester backdrop.

With double-sided print coming as an optional add-on, you can use the Pegasus in both floor-only and shell scheme booths.

5. Printed Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell schemes are the bread and butter of corporate events. They give you a dedicated booth to really showcase your brand and they offer a completely blank canvas for you to personalise.

That being said, the walls on a shell scheme can often make the space you’re exhibiting in appear a little bit smaller than it actually is. That’s why we offer shell scheme graphics in either PVC or foamex.

PVC graphics easily hook on to the walls of a shell scheme with either hook and look tape or magnetic tape; offering you a wipe-clean backdrop specifically tailored to your booth. Alternatively, foamex graphics are made from rigid 5mm foamex which attaches to the walls of the booth in the same way the PVC graphics do.

The great thing about shell scheme graphics is that they dress the booth and offer edge to edge brand exposure without taking up valuable floor space; leaving you with more room to greet visitors, demo products and showcase accessories like literature stands and promotional counters.

In addition, shell scheme graphics are extremely budget friendly and accessible to every type of business.

6. Twist 3-Panel Display Stand

This Twist display stand set is one of the most flexible types of exhibition stand we supply. It is comprised of three of our bestselling Twist banners that link together to create a versatile display solution.

You can use the banners together in an L-Shape, semi-circle or straight backwall configuration, or, you can separate the banners and use them individually within reception areas and smaller display spaces. It is this versatility that makes the Twist 3-panel display stand set the perfect investment for businesses wanting to get the most out of their purchase.

The unique thing about Twist banner stands is that they have a patented tensioning system which allows them to remain straight and aligned – even on uneven flooring. This means you don’t have to worry about your exhibition venue having an uneven floor because the Twist display system will ensure that your artwork lines up and remains straight regardless.

Twist banners are comprised of lightweight materials that easily pack down into the supplied hard case which, in turn, easily fits into the boot of any car. The additional benefit of the wheeled carry case is that it’s easy to pull along when finding your exhibition space; saving you multiple trips to the car and an achy back and arms.

7. Linked Pop Up Stands

Linked pop up stands are one of the most popular exhibition stand solutions on the market. They are a great alternative to build and burn stands because they offer the same level of impact at a much lower price – and they can be reused at multiple events.

We offer one of the most expansive ranges of linked pop up stands in the UK and provide displays in sizes ranging from 2m x 2m up to 6m x 5m. We supply L-Shaped, U-Shaped and island linked pop ups, as well as our reconfigurable range which allows you to use one stand in several different ways.

Linked pop up display stands are typically comprised of two or more smaller pop up stands which are connected via printed linking panels. This is particularly useful because with the help of replacement graphics, you can dismantle your linked pop up stand and use the smaller displays in smaller exhibition spaces.

Single sided print is supplied as standard and works well for shell scheme booths, but double-sided printing is available for brands exhibiting in floor-only exhibition spaces. All of our linked pop up stands come with LED lights and conversion kits for the Zeus2 transport cases, giving you everything you need to make an impact in one, single bundle.

Linked pop ups are assembled in exactly the same way as smaller pop up displays; the aluminium scissor lattice frame expands and locks into place and the magnetised graphic panels self-locate onto the frame.

This easy assembly of such large display stands means that there are no tools or specialist contractors required for installation. Instead, two or three of your exhibition staff can easily build the stand in roughly 10 minutes – further reducing costs for those budget-conscious businesses.

8. Modulate™ Fabric Displays

Modulate™ display stands are almost like the fabric equivalent of linked pop up stands because, as with linked pop up stands, larger Modulate™ exhibition stands are comprised of two or more smaller fabric stands which can be detached from the complete display for use in smaller venues.

With a tubular aluminium frame and double-sided, dye-sublimation print coming as standard, the only major difference between Modulate™ displays and standard fabric stands is that Modulate™ incorporates patented MagLink™ technology which gives the displays the ability to be linked.

Within each aluminium frame of each individual fabric stand there are magnets which swivel 360ᵒ. When you align two Modulate™ stands, the magnets will pull the displays together and link them. As a result of the magnets being able to rotate 360ᵒ, you can link multiple stands together at any angle – giving you maximum layout flexibility.

Modulate™ fabric stands are a great investment for businesses looking for a display solution that can grow and adapt alongside their business because not only are they reconfigurable; they come with the option of replacement graphics, too. You can start off with one or two panels and expand your kit as and when your budget allows.

Just like Formulate fabric stands, Modulate™ displays have a tool-free assembly and neatly pack down into the branded carry bags provided, making them a good solution for smaller teams.

To find out more about the innovative technology behind Modulate™ fabric displays, read our Modulate™ Displays Buyer’s Guide.

9. Tension Fabric Backdrops

Another alternative to linked pop up stands are tension fabric backdrops. Comprised of multiple Hop Up fabric stands, tension fabric backdrops are one of the easiest large format exhibition stands to assemble.

Hop Up fabric displays are the fabric equivalent of a pop up stand – except they’re even easier to build. The lightweight aluminium frame simply extends and locks into place with the stretch fabric graphics already attached.

Many people use tension fabric backdrops as mobile display stands because they’re effortless to transport thanks to each Hop Up coming in its own wheeled carry bag. In addition, the fabric graphics can be removed and washed at 30ᵒ if they get dirty. They simply reattach with ultra-strong hook and loop tape fixings.

One person can easily assemble one of the larger fabric backwalls without any tools, making these a great solution for smaller teams.

In sizes ranging from 2m x 2m all the way up to 8m, there is a Hop Up fabric back wall suitable for every location. We also provide jumbo versions which stand at 3m tall and further enhance your brand awareness in high footfall areas.

10. XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent

If your brand is one that exhibits outdoors, the best display solution is the XGLOO inflatable tent. In sizes ranging from 3m x 3m to 8m x 8m, the XGLOO has been specifically designed for use outdoors.

Manufactured in Germany, the XGLOO was originally intended to be a storage tent at kitesurfing and paragliding events. As a result of this, it was engineered from durable materials designed to withstand wind, rain, snow, ice, UV rays, sand, grass, mud and concrete – pretty much any environment on Earth.

Soon enough, the corporate event world tagged on and the XGLOO was adapted for event and exhibition use, but it still remained as durable and weatherproof as it was in the beginning. The major benefit of this is that the XGLOO can be used both indoors and outdoors come rain or shine.

The sealed air system allows users to simply inflate the structure and close the valves without the need for constant air flow, and the premium zipper function means you can easily attach additional walls, canopies and linking tunnels to connect multiple XGLOO’s together.

The arched tent matrix provides a high ceiling and plenty of floor space, making the XGLOO especially useful for demoing and showcasing large products like cars, bicycles and sports equipment.

Find out more about the XGLOO, how to assemble it and what it can do for your brand by visiting our XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent page.

If any of the products listed above don’t appear to be fit for purpose for your brand or event, don’t hesitate to call our sales team on 01733 511030 to discuss your requirements and find suitable alternatives.