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How to Make Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands Look Good

Posted By:

XL Displays


04 January 2022

Reading Time:

10 Mins

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How to Make Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands Look Good

Shell schemes form the backbone of most trade shows and exhibition stands. They are constructed with a series of vertical and horizontal metal poles to form an empty structure, onto which you can attach printed shell scheme graphics or panels to promote your business. While shell schemes are considered basic exhibition stands, you can make them look eye-catching creating the perfect advertising space to promote awareness of your company and products at key events.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 ways in which you can make your shell scheme exhibition stand look great.

1. Plan in Advance

Before you even begin planning your shell scheme design, you need to have a plan in mind for what you want to achieve. Think about your objectives - these are also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These might include lead generation, product promotion, customer information, brand awareness, social media likes or follows or even market research. KPIs help you to measure the success of your stand at a particular event, giving you vital information about what worked for your business and what you might try differently next time. 

When it comes to shell scheme design, having a marketing plan put together in advance helps to inform your creative choices. For example, if promoting your products is your main KPI, then you might choose to use large, high-definition product imagery on your shell scheme graphics, showing key product details in large scale to attract the attention of new customers. If generating new followers for your social media accounts is important to your business, you would want to ensure that your shell scheme graphics are printed with your social media handles to make your accounts easy to find. 

2. Invest in Your Artwork

The next stage in making a shell scheme exhibition look good is to consider your artwork. Shell scheme graphics are sold typically in 1m panels in either Foamex or rollable PVC, and when installed, the panels are separated by the metal poles which form the construction of the shell scheme space. As a result of this, a seamless backdrop finish is impossible to achieve with shell scheme panels. 

With that in mind, even if you wanted to use a single photograph spread over several shell scheme panels, you should consider each panel as a unique design and work through that accordingly. Consider borders and banners, bright colours and branding. Keep wording to a minimum and focus on the imagery or logos. If you are using lettering, keep the font simple and easy to read.

All of our shell scheme graphics are printed in-house at our UK manufacturing facility and subject to extensive checks to guarantee the highest quality print finish for your products. 

As an alternative to the individual shell scheme panels, you could also consider Fabric Displays or Pop Up Stands. While both of these kinds of displays are freestanding displays, and would therefore take up floor space within your shell scheme walls, they can offer a seamless backdrop finish which traditional shell scheme graphics cannot. Lightweight, easy to install, transport and store, both of these exhibition stand options offer excellent alternatives - or additions - to shell scheme graphics.

Pop Up Stands and Fabric Displays are widely used for both space only and shell scheme exhibition stands because they offer high-impact displays that can be used in any space. Shell scheme panels offer limited usage as they can only be mounted onto walls or other hard surfaces. 

3. Think Outside The Box

By its very nature, the construction of a shell scheme is very box-like. However, that doesn’t mean you have to constrain yourself within those parameters. If you have a corner position, instead of choosing a U-shaped shell scheme graphics kit, why not opt for an L-shaped one, leaving two sides of your scheme open to create a more open environment? You can add furniture such as counters or podiums, tables and chairs, or even add additional branding through Roller Banners or Pop Up Stands to give a friendly, welcoming feel and allow people to move through your stand more freely and easily.

Did you know that with some shell schemes you can even remove the facias and the ceiling grid to open up your shell scheme, for a less enclosed feel?

Printed Shell Scheme Graphics

3m x 3m Exhibition Stand L Shape Linked Pop Up Stands

4. Consider Illumination

Lighting can be one of the key factors for a shell scheme exhibition stand. Often, the overhead lighting in trade show event halls is very powerful, but it’s distributed evenly and therefore won’t help to distinguish your stand from others around it. Often, the light doesn’t properly penetrate into a shell scheme, meaning that smaller stands in larger exhibition halls can appear dull or gloomy. 

Adding backlit displays to your shell scheme is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Clever use of exhibition stand lighting can make the space look and feel bigger than it is.

The easiest way to illuminate your shell scheme is with spotlights. Easily installed on the metal frames of your shell scheme, spotlights help to highlight the vibrancy of your printed graphic panels, making the colours of your branding pop. Our spotlights are adjustable so you can choose where you want to direct the focus; for example, on your contact information, company logo or social media handles.

An alternative to shell scheme graphic panels is installing a freestanding printed display. These can offer a seamless backdrop and typically add a high-end look and feel to your brand. However, they can be effective as part of a larger stand design, as you can choose a backlit fabric display that’s pre-lit from within using LED lights. These illuminated displays add a striking touch, for a professional-looking and cost-efficient finish & help you to stand out in a sea of competition. 

5. Add Accessories

Accessories add the finishing touches to your shell scheme. This is how you can offer enrichment to your customers, through traditional media such as leaflets, postcards or brochures; or utilising modern technologies such as iPads or tablets to offer an interactive element. Allowing visitors to interact with your stand increases the length of time they spend there, which can help move them through the sales funnel for a better outcome. 

Audio visual equipment is being seen more and more often on exhibition stands. If your space is small and doesn’t allow much room for freestanding items such as tablet terminals, then a wall screen can be the next best thing. Use a professional presentation slideshow or demonstration video to promote your business or products, engaging your customers with an eye-catching display that’s supported by the design of your shell scheme exhibition stand.

Other accessories you might want to think about for your shell scheme exhibition stand are health and safety items, such as rubbish bins, hand sanitiser dispensers or disinfection stands where spray or wipes are available. As we continue to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, such ‘social distancing’ considerations are always going to be important for trade shows and events. Visitors who see that you take their health and safety seriously are more likely to look favourably upon your brand and become future customers.

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