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Buyers Guide:

Fabric Display Stand

Fabric display stands are one of the more modern types of exhibition stands; but they are available in so many variations and have so much technical jargon surrounding them that it’s easy to get lost in translation.

That’s why we’ve put together this expert buyer’s guide designed to help you understand everything there is to know about fabric display stands without the hassle.

What Is A Fabric Display Stand?

A fabric display stand is a lightweight exhibition and event solution that can be used as a branded back wall at a range of promotional events, industry trade shows and more.

The difference between a fabric display and a traditional vinyl display is that fabric stands are printed onto one piece of display polyester, whereas vinyl exhibition stands are created using multiple graphic panels.

Fabric display stands are typically comprised of an aluminium frame and a stretch display polyester graphic sock. Depending on the stand, some fabric displays come with stabilising feet whilst others are freestanding.

Fabric exhibition stands can be illuminated in the same way other pop up stands and banners are by using LED lights.

Fabric display stands are called by many names; the most common being:

  • Fabric exhibition stands
  • Stretch fabric displays
  • TEXstyle display stands
  • Tension fabric banners
  • Display polyester back walls
  • Fabric pop up exhibition stands

What Is A Fabric Display Stand

What Can Fabric Display Stands Be Used For?

Fabric display stands are manufactured specifically to increase your brand awareness in lots of settings, including:

  • Industry events and exhibitions
  • New product launches
  • Shops and retail centres
  • Point of sale areas
  • Receptions and entrances
  • Community fairs
  • Networking conferences

The non-reflective display polyester makes fabric exhibition stands the perfect solution for press events, photography backdrops and media exhibitions.

What Can Fabric Display Stands Be Used For

Why Choose A Fabric Display Stand?

Fabric exhibition stands are an excellent investment for all sorts of businesses and events because they are:

  • Low cost
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to assemble
  • Lots of variety in terms of sizes and shapes
  • Can be used at all types of events
  • Machine washable artwork at 30ᵒ - always looks clean and new
  • Seamless graphics – no joins or lines
  • Eco-friendly inks and fully recyclable frame/graphics
  • Can be used time and again
  • Can be rebranded for different events

Why Choose A Fabric Display Stand

How To Assemble A Fabric Display Stand?

What Types Of Fabric Display Stands Are There?

1. FABRIWALL® Fabric Display Stands

Our Best Selling FABRIWALL® fabric displays are perfect not only as a smaller exhibition stand but also as a retail display or point of sale marketing banner. Standing at 2m high, you can choose from five width - 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m.

Thanks to their portable and lightweight design, tool free assembly and choice of sizes, FABRIWALL® fabric displays are our most popular marketing solution. Each fabric banner is supplied in an easy-to-transport carry bag with custom printed double-sided graphics for no extra cost! No tools are needed for assembly, a simple push-fit connection is all it takes to build the frame. A stretch graphic sock slides over the frame and zips up along the bottom to reveal a tensioned fabric backdrop.

  • Unique 2m high fabric display stand
  • Choose from five widths
  • Seamless exhibition backdrop display
  • Single or double-sided printing at no additional cost
  • Push-fit aluminium frame for toolless assembly
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Tension fabric graphic sock slides over frame
  • Interchangeable stretch graphic display
  • Machine washable fabric graphics – wash at 30°c
  • 5-year warranty on aluminium frame hardware

Buy FABRIWALL® Fabric Display Stands

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stands

2. Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stands

Formulate fabric exhibition stands are commonly used as printed backdrops because they come with double-sided printing as standard; therefore providing maximum brand exposure in high footfall areas and crowded event venues. Formulate displays are the original fabric exhibition stands and offer the most comprehensive range of tension fabric exhibition stand solutions.

  • Available in straight, curved and waved configurations
  • Sizes range from 2.4m to 6m wide
  • Double-sided printing at no extra cost
  • Machine washable graphics
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • High definition dye-sublimation printed graphics

Buy Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stands Online

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stands

3. Printed Tablecloths

Printed tablecloths are traditional advertising solutions that have been used for decades to increase brand awareness at smaller events and exhibitions. Custom printed tablecloths are ideal for adding a subtle bit of branding whilst displaying leaflets, talking to potential clients and giving product demonstrations.

  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Low-cost
  • Can be used at almost any event or exhibition
  • Choose from logo printing or all-over printing
  • Effortless to fold and store

Buy Printed Tablecloths Online

Printed Tablecloths

4. Fabric Pop Up Stands

Fabric pop up stands are high definition alternatives to traditional pop up exhibition stands. There are two main types of fabric pop ups: Hop Up fabric stands and SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric displays. Both use a scissor lattice aluminium frame. Hop Ups come with pre-installed Velcro graphics, whereas SEG fabric pop up display stands have silicone edged graphics that slot into the channelling of the frame.

  • Available in straight, curved shapes
  • Choose sizes ranging from 3x1 to 3x5
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Machine washable graphics
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • High definition dye-sublimation printed graphics

Buy Fabric Pop Up Stands Online

Fabric Pop Up Stands

5. Modulate Magnetic Fabric Displays

Modulate™ magnetic fabric displays are modular stretch fabric exhibition stands that can be linked together to create bespoke configurations. Available in straight and curved configurations and in two heights, Modulate™ exhibition stands feature patented MagLink™ technology which allows them to link together at any angle.

  • Panels can be linked at 360ᵒ
  • Ideal for high footfall events and venues
  • Entirely modular exhibition stand
  • Machine washable fabric graphics
  • Available in two heights – 2m and 2.4m
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Available in straight, curved or sloped shapes
  • Effortless tool-free assembly

Buy Modulate™ Magnetic Fabric Displays Online

Modulate™ Magnetic Fabric Displays

6. Tension Fabric Banners

Tension fabric banners are a fabric version of traditional vinyl display banners. They are perfect for subtle brand enhancement in reception areas, shell scheme booths, retail displays and showrooms. Being double-sided, tension fabric banners are also ideal as a standalone marketing tool in floor-only exhibition areas.

  • Large range of sizes available
  • Available in many different shapes
  • Machine washable tension graphics
  • Ideal for shell scheme booths and space only exhibition stands
  • Easy to rebrand for future events

Buy Tension Fabric Banners Online

Tension Fabric Banners

7. Fabric Booths

Fabric booths are perfect for creating a secluded and professional meeting area whilst enhancing your company branding. They are designed to accommodate a meeting table and chairs, making them versatile enough to be used in offices, retail areas and showrooms.

  • Range of sizes to choose from
  • Creates professional meeting areas
  • Suitable for use at events and in offices and showrooms
  • Machine washable fabric graphics

Buy Fabric Booths Online

Fabric Booths

8. Hanging Fabric Structures

Hanging fabric structures are suspended from the ceiling of an exhibition venue and are designed to give you 360ᵒ brand exposure in busy areas. They take up no floor space yet offer maximum marketing potential.

  • Ideal for high footfall areas
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Range of sizes and shapes
  • Highly portable and lightweight

Buy Hanging Fabric Structures Online

Hanging Fabric Structures

9. Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays encompasses a wide range of products, including printed flags and event gazebos. Outdoor fabric displays are weatherproof, meaning they are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions which makes them perfect for sports events, motor shows and fairs.

  • Printed flags
  • Outdoor gazebos
  • High definition, dye-sublimation printed graphics
  • Weatherproof
  • Supplied with carry bags

Buy Outdoor Displays Online

Outdoor Displays

There are also a number of accessories that you can incorporate into your stretch fabric exhibition stand, including:

  • LED lights to further enhance your branding
  • Monitor brackets to add an interactive element
  • Shelving kits to display products and marketing materials
  • Pop up counters to create a professional meet and greet area

How Are Fabric Display Stands Made?

Here at XL Displays, all of the hardware for our fabric display stands is manufactured in the UK using durable, high-grade aluminium.

The frame is split into sections which are attached with an elastic bungee cord.

We print the fabric graphics in-house using a dye-sublimation printing technique.

Dye-sublimation involves combining extreme heat and pressure to fuse ink directly into the weave of the fabric.

Dye-sub is executed in two stages. The first stage is when we use our large format printers to print artwork onto 85gsm transfer paper using a water-based sublimation ink. The printers are profiled to Fogra 39 global standard to ensure a high level of detail and vividness.

The artwork is printed in reverse and during the first stage the colours appear are dull and muted.

The second phase involves lining up the printed transfer paper and stretch display polyester. They are then fed into the Monti Antonio sublimation calendar where 200ᵒ heat and the pressure from the printer rollers fuses the ink into the fabric.

When this is complete, the fabric appears on the other side of the machine with the print looking bold and vivid.

The fabric is then cut to size by hand before being handsewn.

Fabric exhibition stands are made from two-pieces of fabric which are stitched together. First, the two pieces of fabric are lined up overlocked in reverse using a polyester and cotton mix thread. The reverse overlocking ensures ultra-strong seams which are invisible when stretched over the frame.

Finally, the zip at the bottom of each display is sewn in using a single lock stitch with clear monofilament thread.

How Are Fabric Display Stands Made

Fabric Display Stand Design


The smaller your fabric display stand, the less busy your design should be. With this in mind, include less text and lessen the size of your imagery. Background space isn’t necessarily dead space; for smaller fabric display stand it provides essential breathing room.

In the same way, the bigger the stand, the bigger the design needs to be. Imagery and text that is too small won’t effectively fill the display, and this is when background space turns into dead space.

Fabric displays come double-sided as standard, so there is plenty of room to space out your design and create a dual-sided exhibition stand that isn’t too crowded.


Keeping a strong branded presence is an essential part of increasing your company exposure, so using the colours of your brand is a fool-proof way to effectively market your business through fabric display stand design.


Avoid chunky paragraphs. Large amounts of text will put people off and take up valuable space.

The key bits of text you should always try to include are your brand name, tag line, website address, phone number and social media tags. Anything else isn’t necessarily needed, but it all depends on the purpose of your fabric display stand.


The only thing to be cautious of when it comes to images is quality. Low-res images will look pixelated and blurry once blown up to size, so make sure you source high definition photos that will still look crystal clear on a large format stand.

Why Choose XL Displays For A Fabric Display Stand?

We manufacture all of our fabric display stands in-house and utilise a strict quality control process.

By manufacturing each fabric display stand in-house, we have ultimate control over the finished product and can ensure each customer receives a 5* pop up display every time.

Our quality control process is more rigorous than most as every exhibition stand undergoes a test-build. Every product is built and inspected before being signed off and shipped out.

Manufacturing fabric display stands in-house allows us to reduce our production costs which, in turn, allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

XL Displays Team