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Buyers Guide:

Modulate Displays

Modulate™ displays are an innovative, reconfigurable fabric exhibition stand system. They offer unlimited flexibility when it comes to creating a bespoke tension fabric display - making them an exciting and innovative investment for any business.

We’ve made this buyer's guide to help you get to grips with this new, patented display system, as well as to help you decide if Modulate™ displays are the most suitable and effective investment for your brand.

What Is A Modulate™ Display?

Modulate™ displays are an innovative addition to the larger fabric exhibition stand category. These magnetic fabric backwalls have a patented MagLink™ linking system which allows you to connect panels together in a bespoke configuration.

There are magnets installed within the frame of each display panel. These magnets rotate 360ᵒ, allowing you to connect several Modulate™ display panels together freely at any angle.

You can purchase Modulate™ displays as singular panels or as complete kits in sizes ranging from 2m x 2m all the way to 6m x 3m.

Modulate™ fabric displays are incredibly adaptive and can be used for almost any event application in any desired size or configuration.

Designed specifically for the events industry to allow for a more flexible approach to exhibiting whereby customers can create their own custom designs and configurations.

These lightweight display stands benefit from simple tool-free assembly that can be completed by just one person. They are supplied with their own specially designed carry bags making them highly portable.

In addition, using any of the 11 different Modulate™ products you can create stunning, high impact displays that are multi-dimensional and attention grabbing.

What Is A Modulate™ Display

What Can Modulate™ Displays Be Used For?

Modulate™ displays are designed with versatility and adaptability in mind, making them ideal for use in a range of locations, such as:

  • Shop floors
  • Retail showrooms
  • Open plan offices
  • Photography studios
  • Shell schemes
  • Exhibitions
  • Reception foyers
  • School open days
  • Business conferences
  • Product launches
  • Hospitality venues
  • Media events

Given the flexibility of the Modulate™ display system, they can be used just about anywhere for any application and need.

What Can Modulate™ Displays Be Used For

Why Choose A Modulate™ Display?

Modulate™ displays are a new type of fabric exhibition stand and they have a lot to offer the end user, including:

  • Innovative, patented magnetic technology
  • Flexible exhibition stand
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Easy-to transport carry bags
  • Tool-free self-assembly
  • Handmade dye-sublimation printed graphics
  • Suitable for all types of events
  • Machine washable graphics
  • Seamless, vibrant artwork
  • Recyclable graphics
  • Designed for a lifetime of use
  • Replacement graphics rebrands available

How To Assemble A Modulate™ Display

What Types Of Modulate™ Displays Are There?

Modulate™ displays come in three shapes:

1. Straight

Straight Modulate™ fabric display stands come in three widths and three heights and are ideal for use as a branded backwall or as a photography backdrop. They can be linked to create sharp right angles, making them perfect for L-Shaped and U-Shaped exhibition stand spaces. As with all Modulate™ displays, the straight panels come with double sided print as standard.

  • Choose from 400mm, 800mm and 1800mm wide
  • Available in 1m, 2m or 2.4m high
  • Double-sided printing as standard
  • Graphics can be machine washed at 30ᵒ
  • Easy, tool-free self-assembly
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Branded carry bag included

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2. Sloped

Sloped Modulate™ displays come in two shapes: convex and concave. The convex sloped display panel, also known as slope one, is great for adding dimension to the edges of an exhibition stand because it creates a soft, tapering effect. The convex shaped Modulate™ fabric display, otherwise known as slope two, has a rounded top and is popularly used to create a private meeting booth.

  • Two shapes to choose from
  • 800mm wide and either 2m or 2.4m high
  • Can be used for almost any display application
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Lightweight frame and graphics can be transported in branded carry bag
  • High definition, double sided print as standard

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3. Curved

Curved Modulate™ magnetic displays feature a soft inwards curve. They are ideal for creating gentle corners within L-Shaped and U-Shaped exhibition spaces, as well as circular meeting booths. Available in 800mm wide and 2m or 2.4m high, curved Modulate™ displays are suitable for a wide range of settings and promotional campaigns.

  • Choose from 2m or 2.4m high
  • Photo quality dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics
  • Tool-free assembly in minutes
  • Branded carry bag makes transport effortless
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Graphics can be machine washed at 30ᵒ

Buy Modulate™ Displays Online


How Are Modulate™ Display Stands Made?

Modulate™ displays have a 30mm aluminium frame which is made in the UK.

The tubular frame is split into multiple sections which are secured together with an elastic bungee cord to help aid assembly.

The twist and lock steel stabilising feet are also made in the UK for maximum quality control.

We print the fabric graphics ourselves in-house using a two-phase dye-sublimation printing technique.

We use dye-sublimation as it produces photo-quality artwork that is extremely hardwearing and durable.

Dye-sublimation printing is done in two stages. The first stage entails using large format printers to print artwork in reverse onto 85gsm transfer paper. This is done using a water-based sublimation ink. The large format printers are profiled to Fogra 39 global standard to ensure a high level of detail and vividness.

The second phase is done by lining up the printed transfer paper and stretch display polyester. They are then fed into the Monti Antonio sublimation calendar where 200ᵒ heat and pressure from the rollers fuses the ink into the fabric.

When printing is complete, the fabric is then hand cut to size.

The two-pieces of fabric are then stitched together and overlocked in reverse using a polyester and cotton mix thread. The reverse overlocking guarantees ultra-strong seams which are invisible when stretched over the frame.

Finally, the zip at the bottom of each display is sewn in using a single lock stitch with clear monofilament thread that blends into the rest of the display.

How Modulate™ Display Stands Are Made

Modulate™ Display Stand Design

Unlike traditional vinyl displays, Modulate™ fabric stands don’t have ‘D’ ends at the edges. This means none of your artwork is unintentionally lost round the back of the display.


Modulate™ displays come in two heights and the straight panels come in three widths. It’s essential that you tailor your artwork to the size of your stand to avoid messy overcrowding or blank, dead space. Modulate™ displays come with double-sided print as standard; giving you ample room to promote your brand on both sides of your exhibition stand.


Dye sublimation printing produces high definition, ultra-vivid colour. This means that whatever colour you choose will be printed true to form. This is particularly useful for matching your display to your company branding in order to maintain an immediate branded presence.


Like with all display stands, lots of text is never recommended. Keep it simple with your business name, logo, website address, telephone number and social media handles.


As long as your photographs and images are high resolution and high quality, your Modulate™ fabric display will reflect this. Bear in mind that your images need to be able to be blown up to size without looking pixelated.

Why Choose XL Displays For A Modulate™ Display Stand?

We have over 20 years of experience in the events industry and have been manufacturing exhibition stands in-house for over a decade.

We manufacture all of our fabric display stands in-house under a strict quality control routine.

By manufacturing each fabric display stand in-house, we have ultimate control over the finished product and can ensure each customer receives a 5* pop up display every time.

Our quality control process is more rigorous than most as every exhibition stand undergoes a test-build. Every product is built and inspected before being signed off and shipped out.

Manufacturing fabric display stands in-house allows us to reduce our production costs which, in turn, allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

XL Displays Team