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Pavement Signs | Outdoor Advertising Boards

Pavement Signs | Outdoor Advertising Boards

XL Displays 02/12/2019

With Christmas fast approaching, there has never been a better time to invest in a pavement sign. High Streets up and down the country will be bursting at the seams with shoppers looking to get their woollen mitts on a Christmas bargain, so make sure you cash in on this lucrative time with an effective outdoor marketing campaign.

What is a pavement sign?

Pavement signs, also known as a-frame signs or forecourt signs, are low-cost outdoor displays typically used by businesses in the retail sector to showcase specific offers. They are also used by restaurants to display menu choices, and by event organisers to provide directions and contact information.

Benefits of pavement signs

  1. Low Cost: Pavement signs are hugely affordable outdoor advertising tools and are an accessible promotional display for almost every business.
  2. Fast Delivery: With the vast majority of pavement signs and sandwich boards being dispatched within 2-3 working days, these outdoor displays are a go-to choice for those who need their boards in a rush.
  3. Easy Assembly: A-frame and booster signs simply fold out without any tools needed, meaning they’re great for people who don’t have time to construct complex displays.
  4. Durable: Built for the great outdoors, pavement signs are designed to be able to withstand wind, rain, UV rays and whatever else nature has to offer. This helps them remain in top condition and prepared for a lifetime of use.
  5. Versatile: The beauty of outdoor advertising boards is that they can easily be changed to keep up with new offers and marketing campaigns, making them a versatile and adaptive outdoor display solution.

Types of outdoor pavement signs

We manufacture a wide range of street signs, with the most popular being A-Frame Boards. Available in three standard sizes – A0, A1 and A2 – our A-Frame sandwich boards are suitable for the majority of commercial outdoor advertising posters.

We offer A-Frame boards with the option of two poster prints, enabling you to purchase your entire display with minimal hassle.

Booster Frame Pavement Signs pavement signs offer the same benefits as A-Frame boards but with a branded header panel.

Booster signs are especially popular with independent businesses, schools and cafes because they offer ample space for both a logo and two printed posters.

For a more robust pavement sign, the Whirlwind outdoor advertising board is the go-to solution.

The weighted base and flexible springs keep the board securely anchored whilst allowing it to move with the wind, resulting in a durable street sign that is suited to more adverse weather conditions.

For a more minimalistic outdoor display, the Flex street sign is a good option. This frameless pavement sign features a simplistic base and a flexible advertising board that is designed to withstand windy weather conditions.

Alternatively, the Swing advertising board sing is a traditional approach to pavement marketing that features a weighted base and a flexible printed graphic panel.

If art is your forte, Wooden chalkboard signs are a great investment because they offer so much versatility when it comes to changing artwork quickly.

If you think your business could benefit from an outdoor advertising board and you would be interested in purchasing one – or if you would like more information on our range of pavement signs - you can find out more by contacting us or calling us on 01733 511030. You can also find out more information by reading our Outdoor Displays Buyers Guide.