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Swing signs have panels which swing or flex in the breeze for eye-catching advertising displays. They are available with printed graphic panels, poster pockets or even chalkboard surfaces, in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Swing Signs

39 Products Available

39 Products Available

Swinger Pavement Signs

Swing signs are typically supplied with a custom printed graphic panel or an easy poster change pocket. They are ideal for shops, convenience stores, retailers, café, pubs, bars, restaurants, and eateries.

Swinging and flex pavement signs are some of the most popular choices of advertising board, and the ones you will see most frequently on high streets and forecourts. Their popularity is due to the simplicity of their design, their durability and ability to withstand most UK weather conditions, and their eye-catching finish. With a variety of different frames and bases available, including hollow water-filled bases for additional stability, there is the perfect swinging sign for everyone in our collection. 

Swinger Pavement Signs are available in two styles, with printed vinyl graphics or with a poster pocket. 

  • Swinging signs with poster pockets are versatile, as you can quickly and easily change your advertising displays. They offer a no-fuss, quick and easy way of changing posters as and when needed. 
  • Printed vinyl Swing Signs are durable and practical for long-term outdoor displays as they are weatherproof and maintain their finish well. They are digitally printed and the vinyl graphic is mounted directly onto the panel board and can not be changed without replacing the panel and graphic. The vinyl Swing Signs are our most popular solution. 

We can provide printed, laminated posters that are ideal for outdoor advertising as the lamination offers a layer of protection against the elements. 

XL Displays Swing Signs are held in stock for quick dispatch. We offer fast shipping and a minimum 1-Year Warranty, all at trade prices.

For more information on our Swing Signs please contact us or call us on 01733 511030. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Pavement Sign Boards

Frequently Asked Questions

Swing pavement signs are useful advertising signs for all kinds of businesses, from garages and repair shops to beauty salons, cafés, bars & restaurants, retail outlets and other small establishments.

They are incredibly sturdy when in use and can be placed on any surface such a concrete, gravel, grass or sand. Whilst pavement signs can be used almost anywhere, you will typically find them on sidewalks and pavements, roadside and on a grass verge, in car parks, petrol station forecourts, shopping centers and retail complexes. They are also ideal for indoor use and at entrances and exits of businesses to direct foot traffic. 

A flex pavement sign is made from a strong but flexible double-sided aluminium panel which can bend and flex in the wind, making it a durable option for an outdoor advertising sign.

The bendy panel is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium and simply slots into the solid rubber PVC base. Assembly is hassle-free and can be completed in seconds without the need for tools thanks to the unique patented design. 

Flex pavement signs provide excellent stability and the graphic panel flexes with the changing wind conditions making it perfectly suited for the great outdoors. 

The portable design means they can be easily moved locations if needed and doesn't require much space for storage overnight. 

While our swing signs are very stable in wet and windy weather, we do recommend bringing them indoors overnight or when the business is unattended in case of changing weather conditions. This also prevents theft or damage from occuring. 

No, the frame/panel sign and base require minimal assembly upon delivery. Assembly can be completed by one person in just minutes.

The base and frame simply slot together to complete assembly. The printed graphics are already applied to the panel sign before we dispatch the pavement sign boards. If you opt for the swinging sign with poster pockets, you may be required to place your posters into the pockets. 

Our water base swinging pavement signs will need to be filled with water to ensure they are stable when in use, but if you purchase advertising signs with a solid rubber base, there is no need to add water. The weight of the rubber base will provide the stability needed for immediate use. 

While our A-Frame pavement signs are specifically designed for outdoor use and provide sturdy and durable advertising signs, our swing and flex pavement signs are considered more stable and can withstand stronger winds. 

The aluminium panel and the design of these pavement boards mean the can bend, flex and move with the wind rather than against it. This means they can tolerate higher wind speeds than a traditional A-Board sign. 

Like A-Frame Signs, Swinger signs and Flex Panel Signs can be used almost anywhere you need to advertise. They are suitable for use on any surface, hard or soft and require minimal attention and maintenance.

Our flex signs are made from a double-sided aluminium panel that is covered both sides with a waterproof, self-adhesive vinyl sticker, printed with your design. They are not suitable for use with interchangeable posters. If you wish to change the artwork on a flex advertising board then you will need to purchase a new aluminium panel and have your new artwork printed and applied by our in-house manufacturing team. 

If you wish to invest in a pavement sign with interchangeable posters, our A-Frame pavement signs may be more suitable. 

A swing pavement sign panel is attached to a sturdy metal frame with two hinges at the top, meaning it swings to-and-fro in the breeze. It has the choice of a water-filled base or a solid rubber base. 

The water base swing signs must be filled to capacity with water to guarantee stability, whilst the rubber base doesn't require any additional weighing down. 

Swing signs also have the option of printed posters that can be quickly and easily changed by the user, or a self-adhesive print that is attached directly to the display panel. The self-adhesive print is harder to change and usually means a new aluminium panel is needed. 

A flex pavement sign is made from a single printed aluminium panel which is fixed to a solid rubber base and bends back and forth with the changing wind speeds. You can purchase a Flex advertising sign with a plain white panel or with a self-adhesive print that is applied before it is dispatched.

We print your artwork directly onto a waterproof self-adhesive vinyl which is attached directly to the aluminium panel. The printed graphics cover the complete panel giving you edge to edge coverage. 

This artwork application is completed in-house by our production team. 

Firstly, we clean the aluminium panel to ensure it is ready for use. We use a combination of soapy water and a squeegee to gently force out all of the air bubbles by rubbing the artwork from the middle to the edges of the display panel. This technique ensures the pavement display is smooth and wrinkle-free. 

We sell two variations of swinger signs - one with interchangeable posters and one with self-adhesive posters. 

If you have purchased a swing sign with poster pockets, you can quickly and easily slide the poster out of the pocket and replace it with an updated version. The magnetic seal along the top of the poster pocket is easily accessible and just snaps closed once new posters have been added. 

If you have purchased a swing sign with a printed vinyl graphic, you will need to replace the entire panel with an updated design. We can provide replacement panels with printed artwork. Please give our team a call on 01733 511030 to begin the process.