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A-Frame Signs are also known as Sandwich Boards. They have double-sided poster display holders and are constructed from two boards hinged together at the top. When unfolded the base feet spread out in a triangular form. From the side, they look like a large 'A'.

A Frame Board Signs

23 Products Available

A Board Pavement Signs

A Board Signs and A Frame signs are used for outdoor promotions and advertising to help alert customers to your offers and drive people inside your store.

Our wide range of a-board pavement signs, also known as sandwich boards, offer quick and easy poster changes with simple, snap frame boards that allow anyone to change promotional posters and offers as and when needed.

Pavement signs are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of roadside, street, and outdoor advertising and can be used in any location, whether that is on the high street, on the corner shop street or outside a post-office or convenience store.

They can be used as open for business signs too to advise people that your business is open and that they can enter. A-frames work particularly well in personal services such as hairdressers, beauty salons, nail bars, barbers, tattoo studios as they can advise customers that walk in appointments are available or to promote new services and treatments.

These double-sided pavement signs allow you to promote your business and services in both directions ensuring your promotional reach is maximised.

Designed specifically for outdoor use, pavement advertising boards are weatherproof and have been designed to stand strong and stable when in use. The portable and foldable design means you can fold the A Boards flat and they can be stored inside overnight without taking up too much room.

A1 A Boards are one of our most popular sizes, but we also offer A2, A0 Pavement Signs and other sizes such a 30 x 20 and 40 x 60.

Our Wooden A Boards do not require printed poster and allow you to wipe off and rewrite your promotion using chalk boards pens or chalk. These Chalkboard Pavement Signs work particularly well in the hospitality industry for restaurants, pubs, cafes, take-aways, bars and sports bars.

A Board Advertising Signs are supplied with clear protective covers that hold your poster in place and protect it from the elements. The anti-glare poster covers allow customers to clearly view your display stand in rain or sunshine.

Laminated posters are advised for use with pavement signs as they add additional protection from adverse weather conditions and moisture ensuring your promotional posters stay in good condition.

For more information on our A Boards Signs please contact us or call us on 01733 511030. Alternatively, you can view our full range of Pavement Advertising Boards.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Sandwich Board sign is one of the most popular types of pavement signs and are also known as A Boards and A-Frame signs. These poster display signs are weather-resistant so can be used outside shops and businesses to attract passing trade. Pavement signs can also be used indoors, generally to designate areas, advertising signs for promotions or as directional signage.

Sandwich boards have double-sided poster display holders so you can display marketing messages on both sides. The posters will be in A1, A2, A0 sizes but larger B sizes are available, up to 60" x 40". Posters are retained by a snap frame holder system with a clear acetate cover for the protection of the posters. Chalkboard writing surface also available on selected a-frames. 

Sandwich A Boards are manufactured from either aluminium or wood and sometimes galvanised steel. Colour is generally silver or black but some sandwich boards are available in other vibrant colours.

Sandwich Boards are constructed from two boards hinged together at the top that can fold flat. When unfolded the top remains hinged and the base feet spread out in a triangular shape to aid stability. From the side, sandwich boards look like a large 'A' shape, hence the names A-Boards and A-Frames.

Our A-frame pavement boards are available in a range of different sizes. The size required depends on your promotional and advertising needs, the space you have to place the sidewalk board and the size of posters you wish to display. 

Our A-Boards are available in the following sizes: A1, A0, A2, 20’’ x 30’’, 40’’ x 30’’. A1 pavement signs are one of our most popular sizes as it provides ample advertising space. 

If you are not sure what size you need, please get in touch with our team on 01733 511030 to discuss your options.

Our A-frame signs are made from solid wood or metal frames which are waterproof and suitable for most weather conditions. Poster frames and pockets are designed to be weatherproof and our laminated posters are more durable than traditional paper, however, these aspects are not 100% waterproof and therefore we recommend bringing A-frame signs indoors during extremely wet or windy weather. We also advise storing all sign boards inside or under cover over night to avoid damage or theft. 

Each pavement sign is supplied with a protective cover that protects the posters from rain and UV rays. The anti-glare poster covers sit within the clip frame that keeps the poster, and cover securely in place. 

These types of advertising display boards are designed to attract attention, so designing artwork that shows a clear message is essential. You might want to think about the following possibilities:

  • Promotions or sales messages
  • New menus/treatment lists
  • Welcome Back/We Are Open messages
  • Opening hours details
  • Social distancing details
  • Slogans or jokes 
  • Creative artwork (particularly on chalkboards)

Remember, clarity, colour and an eye-catching look offer the best chance to entice new customers. Think clear fonts and short sentences combined with bright and simple imagery for an unbeatable advertising message.

Our collection of a-frame sandwich boards ranges in cost from £29 for our Advertising A-Board Sign Sandwich Board to £175 for our DELUXE Chalkboard A-Frame Sign.

At present, there is no UK-wide policy for pavement sign advertising. Guidelines differ between councils and the rules change regularly. Usually, if you are placing an a-frame or other pavement signage on your own land (eg. enclosed area in front of a shop, a restaurant terrace or garage forecourt) you won’t come across any issues.

If you plan to place your pavement sign alongside a public pathway or highway, you will need to gain permission. We recommend in all cases to check with your local authority about their rules for pavement signs.

Remember, public liability indemnity insurance is essential to cover you in case someone sustains an injury as a result of your pavement sign.

Our a-frame pavement signs are designed to be weather-resistant and can withstand rain and moderate winds without concern.

However, we recommend bringing them inside during storms or high winds, and overnight to avoid damage or theft. Our A-frame board signs are designed to fold down flat to make them easy to store away during these times.

Our a-frame pavement signs are strong and stable in the face of moderate weather conditions, however, we would recommend that you bring them inside if high winds or storms are predicted to prevent damage to the sign or surroundings.

The A-Frame design provides stability and the metal construction provides the durability needed to withstand typical British weather. 

You can attach a security chain or lock to your pavement sign to fix it in place and prevent it from being stolen. We would also recommend storing all portable advertising signs inside when your business is closed or left unattended. This is the most effective way to prevent theft from occurring. 

A-Frame signs do not typically have the ability to be screwed down to the floor. They are designed to be portable, moveable and free-standing signs that can be used in almost any advertising space. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your sign when being used outdoors, we would recommend attaching a simple security chain and lock. You can lasso the chain around the board sign and lock it to a permanent fixture such as a wall anchor or metal ring. This will ensure the security of your pavement sign. 

It is incredibly quick and easy to change the posters in our A-frame boards. Most feature a snap frame that can be clicked open, so you can replace the poster and click it shut again in under a minute. All sides of the poster frame need to be open for access to the poster display area.

1) Simply snap all four sides of the clipable sandwich board open

2) Remove the protective poster cover

3) Insert promotional posters and recover with the protective poster

4) Close all four sides of the snap frame to secure the poster in place

Yes, you can opt to include printed posters with each A-Frame advertising board at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can buy replacement posters at a later date when your promotion message changes.

We print Laminated Posters in a wide range of different sizes. You can supply your own artwork and our in-house design team will ensure it is print-ready before sending it to print. Alternatively, we offer an in-house graphic design service where we can help design your posters for you.

A-frame pavement signs are naturally double sided, offering two advertising spaces via poster pockets, chalkboard panels or printed vinyl graphics. They are shaped with a triangular frame hinged at the top, which folds out into an ‘a’ shape for a sturdy, stable design.

Our wooden a-frame boards are typically finished with 2-coats of low VOC, stained and satin lacquered for excellent weather protection. This makes them weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. However, as with the majority of pavement signs, our wooden a-boards are not suitable to withstand very inclement weather or high winds, so we recommend that you bring them indoors during storms and overnight.