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Wooden Chalk A Boards are advertising boards with chalkboard panel finishes. They are available in multiple sizes and several different styles with wooden or metal frames, and are suitable for use with traditional chalk or chalkboard marker pens.

Wooden Chalk A Boards

9 Products Available

Chalkboard Pavement Signs

Chalkboard Pavement Signs are a traditional way of advertising your business to passers-by and increasing footfall into your business. Supplied with a chalkboard panel, you can create eye catching designs with multi-colour chalk pens to drive passing traffic to your business and market your promotions.

The message can be wiped down and rewritten quickly and easily, no matter if that is daily or weekly monthly promotional changes.The wooden a frames provide rustic and natural feel which is ideal for many types of businesses including pubs, country pubs, restaurants, bars, sports bars and cafes.

What are the types of chalkboard signs?

The majority of chalkboard signs are designed in an a-frame shape, with two chalkboard panels hinged at the top that fold out into a sturdy triangular frame. A-frame chalkboards are available with either traditional wooden frames, or modern metal frame designs, to suit your preferences. Both styles are suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use.

The alternative chalkboard design is a flex board style, which is fixed along the bottom edge to a weighted solid rubber base. This lightweight, flexible chalkboard panel bends gently back and forth in the breeze for an eye-catching finish.

What are the key features of chalkboard pavement signs?

  • Strong a-frame design
  • Sturdy wide base
  • Double-sided advertising display
  • Weatherproof
  • Chalk marker writing is rainproof after 1 hour
  • Writing can be easily wiped off to remove
  • Wooden or metal frame designs
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Ideal for hospitality venues

Why should I buy Wooden Chalk A Boards from XL Displays?

Buying wooden chalk a boards from XL Displays couldn't be easier. We have a wide range of chalboard pavement signs available to help you find a suitable one for your business. Both a-frame and a flex board style are very popular, providing you with advertising space to grab customer attention. 

We offer fast shipping and a minimum 1-Year Warranty on XL Displays free standing signage, all at trade prices.

For more information on Wooden A Boards please contact us or call us on 01733 511030. Alternatively, you can view our complete range of Pavement Signs and A Frames

Frequently Asked Questions

Our outdoor chalkboard signs are designed to be weatherproof - the real wood A-frames are stained and treated with a satin lacquer to make them impervious to rain. The chalkboard surface is manufactured from a high-pressure laminate and does not absorb rain or moisture. 

Our wood effect metal frames are constructed from steel that is powder-coated with a wood effect finish. They are fully weatherproof, provide the traditional look and feel of a wooden chalk A-board but effectively require little to no maintenance for longevity. 

Our chalkboard markers should wipe off with a damp cloth, but if this isn’t working effectively you can try adding a little vinegar to the water. Start with a 70% water / 30% vinegar mix and work up from there.

The high-pressure chalk laminate is extremely hardwearing and durable so a little elbow-grease will not cause damage to the blackboard surface. 

Wooden chalk A-Board signs are incredibly easy and fast to set up. No assembly is required as all A-Frames are delivered pre-assembled.

Our Deluxe Chalkboard Frames and our Scribble Chalkboard Frames fold out into an a-frame position and are then locked in place with leg-stays. They provide stability when the pavement sign is set to the a-position. 

Our SURELFEX Chalk Pavement Signs require minimal assembly but are the most simple to set up. Simply place the uPVC base in your desired location and slot the chalk writing board into the base and lock in with the blue plastic clip. Assembly takes less than a minute and is completely tool-free. 

We recommend using liquid chalk pens with chalkboard pavement signs, especially when they are used in outdoor locations. Traditional chalk sticks can be used, however, if the writing gets rained on, it is likely to wash away or run. 

Our chalkboard pens are rain-proof approx 1 hour after application but can be easily removed with a damp cloth when you need to change your marketing message. 

Our SCRIBBLE Chalkboard A-Frame Signs are made from real wood that’s stained and lacquered for a long-lasting outdoor sign board. Two coats of low VOC stain and satin lacquer is applied to the real wood for excellent weather protection. It includes two 6mm exterior chalk-face laminated MDF panels that can be used to promote your business with hand written messages. 

The DELUXE Chalkboard A-Frames are manufactured from a steel, tubular, metal frame with a wood-effect (or black) finish. It also includes two 6mm exterior chalk-face laminated MDF panels for written promotions and advertisements. 

Alternatively, our Sureflex Chalkboard Pavement Signs are frameless with a weighted solid recycled PVC base. The blackboard writing surface is a double-sided HPL (high-pressure laminate) chalk surface. 

No, our chalkboard pens are sold separately. You can purchase a pack of four liquid chalk pens at the time of purchasing your pavement sign or get a replacement set of chalk pens at a later date. 

It is possible to use normal chalk sticks on our blackboard pavement signs, however, standard chalk is not weatherproof like our liquid chalk pens and may run in the rain. Standard chalk markings are also not as visible and bright as those made with our specialist chalkboard pens.

Our liquid chalk pens are waterproof approx one hour after being applied and will last for long periods of time without wearing off. 

We do not provide anti-theft or security devices. However, if you are concerned about theft, we do recommend using a security chain or lock on your pavement sign to fix it in place and prevent it from being stolen. 

All of our chalkboard advertising signs are available for dispatch within 2-3 days. If you need a pavement sign quicker please contact us or call us on 01733 511030, we may be able to express your order for you.