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Types of Notice Boards

Posted By:

XL Displays


24 September 2021

Reading Time:

12 Mins

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Notice Boards

Types of Notice Boards

Notice boards are relatively simple display tools that are used universally to display all sorts of notices and information documents, but despite their seemingly straightforward appearance, choosing the right noticeboard can be rather tricky.

With so many health and safety regulations to consider – as well as the purpose of the noticeboard itself and sifting through lots of industry jargon – making the right decision is far from easy.

Here at XL Displays, we’re committed to making the buying process for our customers as smooth and seamless as possible, which is why we’ve created this blog to help you figure out what types of notice boards are available, which safety regulations you need to be aware of and to break down all that industry jargon.

Types of Noticeboards

There are four main types of noticeboards: unframed, aluminium framed, tamperproof and mobile.

Unframed notice boards

As the name suggests, unframed noticeboards have no external trim. Having no frame means that unframed noticeboards are commonly used to create larger displays by simply butting the edges up against each other.

  • No external trim or frame
  • Range of sizes available
  • Ideal for classrooms, staff rooms and training areas
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Can be mounted against each other to create a larger notice board

Aluminium framed notice boards

Featuring a sleek aluminium trim, aluminium framed noticeboards offer a more refined finish when compared to unframed noticeboards.

  • Sleek, aluminium trim
  • Ideal for meeting rooms, offices and board rooms
  • Variety of colours available
  • Professional, refined finish
  • Choose from a wide range of sizes

Tamperproof notice boards

Designed for use in high traffic, unsupervised areas, tamperproof noticeboards feature a plastic covering to prevent the contents of the display from getting vandalised.

  • Aluminium frame with plastic covering
  • Reduces risk of vandalism and theft
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Ideal for school corridors, hospitals and public buildings

Mobile notice boards

If you frequently move displays between locations, a mobile noticeboard is the perfect solution. With locking castor feet and an aluminium frame, mobile noticeboards can be effortlessly wheeled from one room to another with minimum hassle.

  • Noticeboard on wheels
  • Easily moved between locations
  • Ideal for offices, schools, colleges and more
  • Aluminium frame
  • Lots of sizes to choose from
  • Many colours available

Accents Unframed Noticeboards

Accents Unframed Noticeboards

Decorative Tamperproof Noticeboard

Decorative Tamperproof Noticeboard

Ranges of Noticeboards

Types of noticeboards and ranges of noticeboards are different things. The type of noticeboard applies to the styles listed above: unframed, aluminium framed, tamperproof and mobile.

Ranges of noticeboards refers to the different brands which are either FlameShield (fire rated), Accents (fie rated and non-fire rated) or Decorative (non-fire rated).

Unframed, aluminium framed and tamperproof noticeboards are available in the FlameShield, Accents and decorative ranges, whereas mobile noticeboards are only available in the Accents and decorative lines.

FlameShield noticeboards

The FlameShield noticeboard range consists purely of fire-retardant notice boards. Given the health and safety regulations in place for schools, hospitals and public buildings, FlameShield notice boards are the displays that are most suitable and compliant for these settings.

  • Compliant to both UK and European fire safety standards (excluding tamperproof which is compliant to UK standards only)
  • Accents range available – fire retardant and colourful
  • Available as unframed noticeboards, aluminium framed notice boards and tamperproof noticeboards
  • Recommended for use in schools, nurseries, colleges, hospitals and public buildings with over 25 people present at any given time

Accents noticeboards

Accents noticeboards are our newest range of wall displays and are available as part of the wider FlameShield range or Decorative (non-fire rated) ranges.

What makes Accents noticeboards stand out is that they come in seven bright colours.

The vibrant colours are perfect for modern offices, schools and hospitals looking to add some personality into their displays.

  • Available as both FlameShield (fire rated) or Decorative (non-fire rated) noticeboards
  • Seven bright colours to choose from
  • Aluminium framed, unframed, tamperproof and mobile noticeboards available

Decorative notice boards

Our Decorative noticeboards are ideal for home offices and small, private buildings, but they aren’t fire and so aren’t recommended for use in schools and public areas.

  • Available as unframed noticeboards, tamperproof noticeboards, aluminium framed noticeboards, wooden framed notice boards and mobile notice boards
  • Ideal for use in smaller, private buildings with less than 25 people present at any one time

Fire Ratings Explained

Understanding fire ratings can seem confusing because of the jumble of class ratings, letters and numbers.

FlameShield noticeboards are certified under both UK and European fire safety regulations which essentially means the entire board is non-combustible.

British fire safety standards

The British fire rating standard is called BS 476 and is rated from class 0 to class 4, with class 0 being the highest rated. All FlameShield noticeboards are rated class 0.

The British test covers the spread of flame and is designed to ensure the board won’t contribute to the growth of a fire.

There are two different tests that are run in order to determine how the noticeboard affects the spread of a blaze under the BS 476.

The first test involves igniting a fire directly at the front of the board, and the second test is done by lighting the bottom edge of the noticeboard.

Having a class 0 rating means that the FlameShield noticeboard range passed both tests.

In short, the noticeboards are made entirely of materials with a limited combustibility and have a low score on the fire propagation index (which looks at ignition characteristics, the amount and rate of heat release and the ability of a material to accelerate the growth of a fire).

Tamperproof FlameShield noticeboards are rated as class 0, but the plastic door is rated as class 1Y. This means they are compliant to British fire standards but not European standards. There is no fire rating pertaining to plastic doors under the European fire safety standards.

In the event of a fire, the plastic door will fall away from the board.

It is not possible to get plastic that is completely immune from fire – the only way to achieve this would be with glass, but glass is exceptionally heavy and poses its own health and safety risks.

European fire safety standards

TheEuropean fire safety standard is called BS EN 13501 and is rated from class A to class F, with class A being the highest rated. FlameShield noticeboards are rated class B. There is no UK noticeboard supplier that we are aware of who manufactures noticeboards higher than class B.

The European test looks at what happens when the noticeboard burns and seeks to identify which – if any – harmful fumes, energy and smoke is emitted from the noticeboard when it is alight.

FlameShield noticeboards have a class B rating, meaning they emit little to no toxic fumes, energy or smoke.

Combined with the British class 0 rating, the European class B certification makes FlameShield noticeboards the safest solution for schools, hospitals and other public spaces with a footfall exceeding 25 people.

Aside from the fire ratings listed above, you will also find several other classifications listed on our FlameShield fire rated noticeboard technical specification sheets. Although all of the certifications are listed next to each other, the only classifications that apply to fire retardancy are BS 476 and BS EN 13501. All other certifications pertain to different things.

Bestselling Noticeboards 

Now that you know the ins and outs of the technical side of noticeboards, we’ve picked out our bestselling displays suitable for all different types of applications.


We recommend the Flameshield Tamperproof Fire Retardant Noticeboards for use in school corridors, hospital wards, college foyers and other unsupervised, public spaces.

These noticeboards are fully compliant to fire safety regulations in the UK and Europe, making them the safest choice for areas with a high footfall.

In addition, the lockable plastic doors prevent notices inside the display from being vandalised.

This particular noticeboard is part of the Accents FlameShield range which means it is flame retardant and available in seven contemporary shades, making it perfect for modern schools and academies.


For offices, training rooms and staff rooms, Premium Flameshield Fire Resistant Noticeboards are a great choice.

Being part of the FlameShield noticeboards range, this premium noticeboard is fully compliant with UK and EU fire safety regulations and can be used in areas with more than 25 people.

This aluminium framed noticeboard features a slick, rounded trim that offers a more refined and luxurious finish.

You can choose from four original colours for the felt and either a blue or red frame; ensuring you can match your noticeboard directly to your branding.

Home offices

If you work from home or if you have a small team of less than 25 people in your office, the Decorative Unframed Noticeboard is a good solution for displaying notices.

You can butt several noticeboards together to create a custom sized display, and you can choose from four standard colours for the felt.

If you want something a bit brighter, Accents Unframed Noticeboards are a great alternative. Like the decorative unframed noticeboard, the Accents unframed notice board is not fire retardant.

This means it isn’t recommended for areas with more than 25 people. That being said, it’s a cost-effective solution to home office displays.

Aside from the noticeboards mentioned above, we supply a much more extensive range of boards to suit every budget and application.

If you have any questions about noticeboards, or if you would like a copy of the relevant fire certificates for any of our flame retardant notice boards, please feel free to contact us or call us on 01733 511030.