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What is a Tensabarrier?

Posted By:

XL Displays


14 May 2021

Reading Time:

7 Mins

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What is a Tensabarrier?

Tensabarriers® are a range of retractable queue barriers. The range includes heavy-duty, outdoor, lightweight and wall-mounted options, with a retractable barrier design suitable for every kind of business and environment.

View our complete range of Tensabarriers® Queue Barriers.

Safety First

Tensabarriers® are the safest retractable barriers you can buy. They are equipped with a number of safety features that have been designed following years of research and testing. Tensabarrier® products are manufactured using the highest quality, durable materials for long-lasting, sturdy queue barrier systems that are worth every penny.  The retractable barrier cassettes are designed with a patented braking system. This incorporates twin brake shoes to ensure that the webbing belt falls to the floor when released, before slowly retracting back into the stanchion; rather than pinging quickly back into the cartridge in a manner that could cause injury. In fact, Tensabarriers retract 2.5 seconds more slowly than other retractable barriers; perfect for preventing bruises or trapped fingers when queue boredom might encourage some to fiddle with the barriers. 

Design Lead

Tensabarrier® webbing belt cassettes are all designed with anti-tamper ends, making it less likely that members of the public could accidentally unhitch the retractable barriers. Beyond the retractable systems, the safety features extend into the stanchion posts. Tensabarrier® posts have been designed specifically at the optimum height for a retractable queue barrier, based on years of extensive research. The posts are shorter than other retractable barrier products (970mm tall). They are structured this way to make it more difficult for people to go under or over the barriers. Thanks to this lower centre of gravity, the Tensabarrier® is also harder to knock over, and in addition, it is less likely to catch on clothing or bags. The Tensabarrier® universal base has also been designed with a lower profile, meaning it’s easier for wheelchair users or prams to roll over without causing accidents - and it’s less likely to trip those with visual impairments.

Intelligent Queueing

In addition to the incredible safety features of the Tensabarrier® collections, there are also helpful accessories available to make the most of your intelligent queue barriers system. Post-top sign frames make it easy to add directions, promotional information or branding to your queue barriers. These are particularly effective where social distancing measures are required to remind people to sanitise their hands, wear face masks and remain 2m apart.

Suitable For Every Sector

Tensabarriers® can be used in a wide range of different locations and scenarios, including:

  • Events - designed to create ticket queues, for on-site crowd control and to direct the flow of footfall
  • Hospitality - use them to streamline the queueing experience at cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, or section off designated smoking or outdoor dining areas
  • Retail - create till queues at busier stores or waiting lines outside retail spaces to prevent overcrowding or manage limited numbers for social distancing
  • Leisure & Tourism - manage crowds at museums, exhibitions, theme parks, cinemas and other leisure locations
  • Sport - create safe fan queuing set-ups with clear directional signage
  • Airports - organised queueing systems for busy areas like check in, baggage check and passport control
  • Transport - implement structured queue systems for ticket purchase and collection
  • Health & Safety - cordon off dangerous areas to avoid injuries
  • Facilities Management - restrict access to areas where maintenance work is taking place
  • Construction & Manufacturing - maintain safety protocols on a busy work site or factory
  • Healthcare - provide clear directions for patients in busy facilities
  • Education - managing the student body with a comprehensive structure, eg. one-way systems
  • Social Distancing - a structured queue system wherever social distancing measures are needed  

The retractable Tensabarrier® systems are flexible as the webbing belts can be used with the stanchion posts (available in a variety of materials and finishes) or with wall-mounted cassettes for more secure fixings. The webbing belts are available in 10 standard colour options; black, blue, green, grey, red, red/white chevron, yellow, yellow/black chevron, purple and orange. We can also offer custom-printed webbing; include a design on the print, or just find a pantone match for your branding, whichever you prefer. If you would like a logo or branding design, our Graphic Design Team can help you finalise artwork that suits our webbing belt sizes.

While all of the products in the Tensabarrier® range have some level of weatherproofing making them suitable for monitored outdoor use in good conditions, some of the more durable options are suitable for permanent/semi-permanent outdoor use. These include the:

For other products, we do recommend bringing them in during inclement weather, overnight, or whenever there is no supervision to prevent damage or injury.

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a comprehensive but flexible retractable queue barrier system, the Tensabarrier® collection is the ideal solution for any number of different businesses and locations. Whether you’re directing the flow of footfall at an event or exhibition or cordoning off individual areas outside hospitality venues; there is a Tensabarrier® for you.

If you require any further information about any of the Tensabarrier® range, or any of our other Queue Barriers please reach out via our Contact Us page or call our team on 01733 511030.


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