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How Can Outdoor Advertising Boost Your Sales?

Posted By:

XL Displays


02 August 2021

Reading Time:

8 Mins

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How Can Outdoor Advertising Boost Your Sales?

Everybody knows that getting your marketing right is essential when it comes to attracting new consumers to your business - particularly in a post-Covid world where we’ve all been suffering under strict restrictions for many months now. Bringing our high streets and hospitality industry back to life is about getting the message out there - educating people on new openings, new promotions and new regulations. That’s where outdoor advertising comes in - offering your business an affordable and effective way to communicate with your customers. Read on to find out how outdoor advertising can boost your sales.

What is outdoor advertising?

Simply put, outdoor advertising is a term used to describe weatherproof products which can be used outside to display branding or promotional messages as advertising for your business.Outdoor advertising products are available in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and styles. You can use them to attract new customers, make people aware of your location, showcase special offers, highlight brand awareness and even remind your customers about your social distancing measures.

What are the types of outdoor advertising?

There are five main categories of outdoor advertising:

  • Pavement Signs - Pavement boards and displays are a tried-and-tested form of roadside, street, and outdoor advertising. They can be used in almost any location,but are most commonly found on the high street outside shops and businesses, or in high-traffic areas to direct people towards less obvious premises. They can be used to advise people that your business is open, to warn of any required social distancing measures, to promote special offers or events or to display branding. These double-sided display boards allow you to promote your business and services in both directions ensuring your promotional reach is maximised.

  • Promotional Flags - Branded flags are suitable for events and exhibitions, sporting events, country fairs, trade shows, and festivals, as well as front-of-business and forecourt locations. They offer an eye-catching, high-impact display solution promoting brand awareness but they can act as directional signs and social distancing banners to help direct the flow of foot traffic. 

  • Cafe Barriers - Cafe barriers are one of the most versatile kinds of outdoor advertising. They are primarily designed to designate outdoor seating, eating or smoking areas at hospitality venues, but can also be used as branded queue management systems at events and exhibitions. The printed cafe banners provide additional marketing space to increase your brand exposure whilst acting as an effective windbreak and privacy screen for outdoor diners. 

  • Printed Gazebos - Printed gazebos are often a popular choice for events and exhibitions as they offer you enhanced brand awareness with 360-degree promotion at an affordable price. Offering protection from the elements as well as promotional branding, a personalised pop-up printed gazebo is an important tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to events such as craft fairs, sports shows, trade shows, product launches or conferences. 

  • Outdoor Banners - You will find outdoor banners in a wide variety of different locations as they’re specifically designed to be sturdy and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are capable of withstanding high winds and adverse weather conditions thanks to the ultra-durable hardware and graphics, so you can promote your marketing messaging in all situations.

TYPHOON® Forecourt Water Based Sign

TYPHOON® Forecourt Water Based Sign

Large Printed Gazebo With Printed Back Wall And 2 Half Side Walls

Large Printed Gazebo With Printed Back Wall And 2 Half Side Walls

Why does outdoor advertising work?

Effective outdoor advertising has three main qualities. It should be:

  • Eye-catching & Colourful
  • On-Brand
  • Clear & Concise

Studies have shown that 60% of consumers are believed to respond to outdoor advertising in comparison to its digital counterpart.  Passers-by cannot simply ‘switch off’ outdoor advertising as it is fixed in their line of sight (whereas online ads can be closed easily). In addition, outdoor ads play on the concept of familiarity to build a connection; for example, you see the same ad every day on your commute or school run and it becomes part of your daily narrative, making you more likely to feel connected to that brand. Outdoor advertising is also a more affordable, long-term solution in comparison to the ‘click-rate’ of online or digital marketing, which is more nebulous in its proven efficacy.

How can outdoor advertising boost your sales? 

The most effective kinds of outdoor advertising use a range of concepts, including colour, humour, seasonal links, human interest, curiosity and emotional engagement to encourage consumers to interact with the brand. Ideally, seeing an outdoor advertisement should trigger a consumer to consider the product or service next time they are in need. 

You can use outdoor advertising to boost your sales by hinging on the following tools:

  • Brand Awareness - making potential customers aware you exist should be number one on your list of advertising goals. Choose high-traffic areas and bright and colourful branding.
  • Direction - put simply, use your advertising to let people know how to find you. 
  • Information - setting up an advertising display outside your premises is the ideal way to show people you’re open for business. 
  • Offers - promotions and special offers are a popular marketing tool for a reason. Use your outdoor advertising to draw potential customers’ attention to new or existing offers. 
  • Safety - since the pandemic, informing customers of how you are keeping them safe helps to encourage them to interact with your business - even now that restrictions have been lifted.

Outdoor advertising is available in a wide range of different styles, so whatever the individual needs of your business, at XL Displays you will find the perfect product for you to showcase your branding or marketing messages to engage the attention of potential customers. As our high streets around the country are waking up again after long months of Covid restrictions, now is the perfect time to invest in outdoor advertising to help bring your business back to full capacity now regulations have been relaxed.

For more information about any of our outdoor advertising products and how to use them, our expert team will be happy to help. Reach out to us through our Contact Us page, or call us on 01733 511030.