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Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels for Modern Interior Design

Posted By:

XL Displays


26 August 2021

Reading Time:

10 Mins

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Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels for Modern Interior Design

All spaces where people gather together and chat can become busy, noisy places. This might not be an issue for some retail or hospitality venues, such as supermarkets or bars, but for upmarket showrooms or restaurants, it can be important to create spaces in which customers or diners can easily conduct conversations without the need to shout. Never underestimate the value of a bit of peace and quiet!

For places such as these, decorative acoustic wall panels can be a godsend. These clever products are flat, fabric-covered furnishings designed to be fixed to walls and/or ceilings. They are made of board, covered with a layer of 18mm-thick insulating foam and finished with a choice of fabric; either MacFlex 182 or Camira Cara fabric - available in a range of different colours. They are designed to prevent sound echoing around a large room, offering a quieter and more peaceful environment. With a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes available, you can use them to create some truly stunning displays.

Do acoustic panels work?

Decorative acoustic wall panels serve a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose. By reducing the amount that sound can reverberate around a space; they can help to significantly mute noise in a room. This makes them ideal for commercial spaces such as retail environments or hospitality venues, which can be noisy, bustling places.

Reverberation is defined as the reflection of sound off a hard surface. Studies have shown that acoustic wall panels can reduce reverberation time (the length of time required for sound to decay 60 decibels from its initial level) by up to 70%. This helps to minimise the effect of chatter in a busy space such as a bar or restaurant. 

The effectiveness of decorative acoustic panels is measured using an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) number. The NRC is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb; for example, an NRC of 0 means that the product absorbs no sound, whereas an NRC of 1 means that the product absorbs all sound. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up the sound. Our acoustic wall panels have an average NRC of 0.43 (based upon test reports 1306-1040 to 1042 and C/23213/T01).

What are the types of decorative acoustic panels? 

Our collection of effective modern acoustic wall panels includes a variety of different shapes:

  • Quadrum™ - square panels (400mm x 400mm)

  • Stratos™ - rectangular panels in 2 sizes (700mm x 300mm / 800mm x 400mm)

  • Carrera™ - circular panels in 2 sizes (Diameter 400mm / 600mm)

  • Virage™ - triangular panels (L400mm x H346.4mm)

  • Countach™ - chevron-shaped panels (L600mm)

  • Zagato™ - hexagonal panels in 2 sizes (500mm x 433mm / 700mm x 606mm) and half hexagonal panels in 2 sizes (500mm x 216.5mm / 700mm x 303mm)

  • Zenartro™ - diamond-shaped panels (600mm x 800mm) and half-diamond shapes (300mm x 800mm)

  • Tetratak™ - Tetris™-inspired shapes including corner, s-shaped and t-shaped panels

All our modern acoustic panels are 26mm thick, with the exception of the Tatratak™ t-shaped panel which is 29mm thick. Both thickness of panel have the same credentials regarding acoustics. If acoustic wall panels aren’t the best fit for your business, we also sell a wide range of acoustic screens and dividers.

How much do acoustic panels cost?

Modern acoustic wall panels are a cost-effective and space saving solution, ranging in price from less than £50 per panel to just over £90 per panel.

  • Quadrum™ - £49 to £68
  • Stratos™ - £50 to £72
  • Carrera™ - £49 to £73
  • Virage™ - £53 to £72
  • Countach™ - £55 to £74
  • Zagato™ - £51 to £74
  • Zenartro™ - £55 to £79
  • Tetratak™ - £65 to £91

CARRERA™ Circular Acoustic Wall Panels

CARRERA™ Circular Acoustic Wall Panels

COUNTACH™ Acoustic Wall Panels

COUNTACH™ Acoustic Wall Panels

How to install acoustic panels?

There are two different ways to fix our acoustic baffle panels to your walls or ceilings – a standard keyhole bracket, or command 3M Velcro strips. We recommend choosing the Velcro option wherever possible, as it makes it easier to move or reconfigure your panels.

Where do I put acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels are created to help reduce noise reverberation in busy, noisy environments such as retail centres, showrooms and hospitality venues. As they are designed to be fixed to walls or ceilings, these panels offer a space-saving alternative to acoustic screens or partitions, particularly in hospitality or retail, as they leave floor space free and uncluttered.

If you’re planning to attach your acoustic panels to the walls, we recommend beginning with around 15-20% coverage, which you can increase as required. Before installing, you need to work out where the primary points of sound reflection are in your space. These will vary location to location, but in general, head height (when seated or standing) is a good place to start as this is where the majority of spoken sound will come from. This will help you to achieve maximum soundproofing.

Alternatively, you can install acoustic panels on the ceiling for a more discreet finish; in this case, you should begin by filling around 23-35% of the ceiling. Ceiling panels are particularly effective in spaces with high ceilings.

How can decorative acoustic wall panels help create a stylish and modern design?

Our range of modern, decorative acoustic baffle panels has been conceived with a variety of different graphic and geometric shapes which can lock together in different ways to create an almost endless array of contemporary designs. With the addition of the large fabric colour spectrum you can choose between, the sky really is the limit when it comes to creating a stylish and modern design using your decorative baffle panels. Mix and match tonal hues, or combine rich, bright colours for an eye-catching finish. In your hands, these soundproofing panels can become art in their own right - as well as serving a practical purpose.

In addition to a plain fabric finish, we can also offer a printing service for our acoustic wall panels. This means you can use these products in place of branding or artwork, hiding them in plain sight for secret soundproofing that also looks amazing. Perhaps you already have a design in mind, or maybe you need to start from scratch - either way our expert Graphic Design Team can work with you to create the perfect finished artwork design.

For more information on any of our acoustic products, please browse our Acoustic Collection, or you can speak to our team on 01733 511030 or via our Contact Us page.