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Perspex Screens For Desks

Posted By:

XL Displays


02 June 2021

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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Office Partition ScreensSocial Distancing Screens

Perspex Screens For Desks

Have you thought about purchasing social distancing screens for your office but aren’t sure how they’ll look or what the process is? We’ve put together a case study based on one of our clients’ recent experiences ordering Perspex® desk dividers from us so you can get a better idea of how we can help you set up a safe and stylish working environment.

  • Product Featured: ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers
  • Purpose: Office Social Distancing
  • Modified by Client: Yes
  • Installation Service: Yes
  • Location: London

The client in our case study has a large, open-plan office space in London that’s set up for hot-desking. During the worst of the pandemic, the office was closed, but has recently reopened to employees. In order to reopen in a safe and socially distanced manner, the client invested in a number of ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Divider kits, which were modified slightly to offer a longer ‘overhang’ between seated employees, for additional protection.

The ACHOO® desk divider kits are an excellent choice for an office. Crafted from 6mm-thick clear Perspex® acrylic panels, the edges are smartly finished with a smooth 5mm radius corner and are frameless for a subtle and elegant finish. They are modular, and simply slot together into the bases. These have ‘puck’ feet with non-slip silicone bases to stop the screens shifting in place. Thanks to this feature, the ACHOO® desk dividers require no tools for installation; they simply sit on your desktop.

Our range of ACHOO® Perspex Screens are a brand trademark of XL Displays Ltd. The collection includes Protective Screens, Sneeze Screens, Sneeze Guard, glass screens and hygiene solutions and was launched in May 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why Use Perspex Screens in Offices?

COVID social distancing screens have been frequently used since the start of the pandemic to help slow the spread of the disease. The virus spreads in 3 main ways:

  • Contact or Droplet transmission - Respiratory droplets are expelled when an infectious person sneezes, coughs, shouts or sings. These cannot travel far or ‘hang’ in the air for long, which is why keeping socially distanced from one another and using protective screens helps to prevent transmission.
  • Airborne or Aerosol transmission - Droplet nuclei or ‘aerosols’ remain more actively in the air, particularly in a non-ventilated room. Transmission can be minimised by all parties in the room wearing masks, the room being well ventilated, and reducing the amount of time people spend together indoors.
  • Fomite transmission - Fomites are surfaces that have been contaminated with respiratory droplets from an infected person, which is why we are asked to sanitise our hands and our contact surfaces regularly. 

ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers

ACHOO® Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO® Modular Desk Dividers

Time and experience has proved that the best way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is to reduce the opportunities the virus has to spread from one person to another. Ways to do this include maintaining a safe social distance in public spaces, wearing a mask over our mouth and nose when out in public, washing or sanitising our hands regularly and using protective measures such as PPE and Perspex® social distancing screens in our offices, workplaces and public spaces. 

Screens made from Perspex®, acrylic or glass are the most effective choices for social distancing as these materials are non-porous and therefore easy to keep clean and sanitised. This is essential, as the purpose of social distancing screens is to form a barrier between people where a 2m distance cannot be observed (such as in offices or other working environments). The screens ‘catch’ respiratory droplets, preventing them from reaching the person sitting next to or opposite you. This helps to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses such as COVID,  or even seasonal illnesses such as flu or Norovirus. If the screens are wiped down regularly with disinfectant to remove these particles, you are left with a hygienic and socially distanced workplace. Along with installing these new screens in their office, this client implemented a new ‘clear desk’ policy; meaning that at the end of each working day, all that should remain on the desks are the monitors and screens. This makes it easier for the cleaning staff to thoroughly sanitise each desk-and-screen setup at the end of each day.

The client chose the ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers but worked with our experienced team to modify the specifications slightly to better suit their office set up; in this case, lengthening the side panel sections of the modular kit so that they protruded further between colleagues sitting alongside one another. This offered additional protection. With the help of our manufacturing team, the client discussed their needs and a solution was agreed upon, before the modified screens were custom made. This is a service that is open to all our clients; if you can’t find the exact screen specifications you’re looking for in our standard ranges, we can help you design the perfect fit for your workplace. Whatever your desk dimensions or office layout, we can create a functional, flexible and practical divider solution for you.

Along with their order of ACHOO® desk screens, the client also booked our personal installation service (at additional cost). Our expert fitters traveled to London alongside the products and were on hand to prepare, fit and install the modular desk dividers to the client’s exact specifications. This is a great option for busy clients, particularly where complicated screen configurations or pods have been ordered, as it allows the installation to take place with minimal inconvenience or stress for our customers. We particularly recommend booking a professional installation for our meeting pod/room kits.

You can see from the pictures that the final installation looked great - the frameless screens offer an extremely subtle and low-key look, offering social distancing protection without fundamentally changing the feel of the office. In fact, the client was so happy with how the screens turned out that they are preparing to order more once their workplace is up and running at full capacity once more.

Although the ACHOO® desk divider screens were used in this case study, we sell a wide range of alternative social distancing screens. This includes freestanding screens, mobile partitions, desk dividers, meeting pods, counter screens and medical panels in Perspex®, acrylic, PVC or glass.

 For more information on the ACHOO® desk dividers from this case study, on any of our other social distancing screens, or on our personalisation or installation services; please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call us on 01733 511030.

ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers

ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO® Modular Desk Partitions