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Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Office Screens

Posted By:

XL Displays


02 December 2020

Reading Time:

7 Mins

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Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Office Screens

There are all kinds of reasons why your business should invest in office screens – and many different types of office partitions to choose from! Here we round up a few of the main reasons why a selection of office dividers should be top of your investment list. 

Dividing Open Plan Offices

Particularly when you’re renting office space, finding yourself with a large, open-plan work environment can be a bit of a daunting prospect. Whether you need to set up temporary cubicles, desk banks or meeting spaces – or perhaps simply divide up the large space into smaller working areas – using screens and partitions is an efficient way of achieving this without the hassle and expense of permanent renovations.

Using something like a concertina divider or a linked screen partition wall can help you section off different areas of the office for different teams. Perspex®, acrylic or glass divider options can help maintain a light and airy feel to your office, allowing you to divide up space without blocking natural light.

Social Distancing

Perspex Screens For Desks

In the era of COVID-19, keeping your workplace safe and socially distanced is essential to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus within your office community. Screens, partitions and dividers stop the transmission of the virus when installed between desks or working environments by blocking the respiratory particles from traveling person-to-person in close quarters.

Choosing the right material for an office partition from a social distancing standpoint is very important. It’s good to choose a material that can be easily wiped down and sanitised regularly, to prevent virus particles (also known as ‘fomites’) from building up on the surfaces, where they can be transferred when people touch the surface and then touch their faces.

Perspex®, acrylic and glass are the best materials to choose for office social distancing screens as each of these are non-porous and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Simply wipe them down regularly with a diluted bleach solution or an antibacterial wipe to maintain a safe, COVID-free environment.

Adjustable Meeting Spaces

If your office doesn’t have inbuilt meeting rooms, it’s easier than you think to introduce private or semi-private spaces into your working environment. From individual curved semi-open pods to fully-enclosed temporary meeting rooms, there are a number of different office meeting pod solutions available to suit your needs.

Choosing a dual-purpose partition is an excellent way to get the most value from your investment. Opting for an s-shaped room partition with in-built curved meeting pods, for example, allows you to divide up an open plan office while providing individual semi-private spaces for meetings, phone calls, team working or interviews, within a busy office setting.


Acoustic Office Screens

Busy offices can be incredibly noisy places. Giving your team quiet places to concentrate is important, but not always easy to achieve, particularly in large open-plan spaces. Workplaces such as call centers require excellent soundproofing elements to allow employees to take calls in relative quiet and privacy, without disturbing their team members.

There are a number of different acoustic office screen options to choose from; from desk divider panels to mobile floor-standing partitions. Our acoustic office screens are made with a layer of pinboard material then covered with foam-backed fabric for excellent soundproofing. It also makes them useful as pinboards or noticeboards!


Particularly in high-stress sectors, having a quiet place to work where you can get your head down and get on with the job with minimal distractions is important. Everybody likes to be sociable, but for many workplaces, kitchens and break rooms provide those relaxed environments while desk areas need to be kept quiet and calm to increase productivity and decrease stress levels.

Investing in a range of privacy screens or mobile office dividers can allow your employees to customise their workspace. Movable screens on wheels can be placed in different parts of the office; perhaps next to the desks of those who need a little extra quiet for a particular task – and rotated as required.


Printed Office Partitions

You can also use your dividers to make a stylish statement when visitors come to your offices. Many of our office partitions can be branded to suit your needs, meaning your office divider solutions can also be an excellent advertisement for your business. Even if you decide not to personalise all your office screens, you can choose from our range of vibrant fabric colours to match your business branding and colour scheme.

For more information on how you can bring personalised branding into your office solutions, get in touch with our Graphic Design Team who can help you bring your branding to life.

Why XL Displays?

If you’re setting up an office with screens and dividers, you want the best for your business; high-quality products offering excellent value for money. As an award-winning family-run company with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we understand the needs of our customers. All of our core products are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art UK-based print and production facilities, giving us complete control over the quality of our screens and displays. This means we can usually offer fast dispatch on many products so you have your items exactly when you need them.

But don’t take our word for it – have a look at our customer reviews on Trustpilot!

For more information about any of our office screen solutions or to speak to one of our team for advice on how to set up your office with partitions and dividers, visit our Contact Us page or call 01733 511030.