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5 Benefits of Queue Barrier Systems

Posted By:

XL Displays


28 May 2021

Reading Time:

8 Mins

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5 Benefits of Queue Barrier Systems

The primary job of queue barrier systems might be crowd control, but there are other functions that these versatile products can also perform; from designating seating, smoking or waiting areas to warning of dangerous areas on construction sites or in factories. Finding the right queue barrier system for your business is easy with our wide range of systems.

Read on to learn 5 key benefits of having a queue barrier system installed in or outside your business.

1. Organised & Structured Queues

First and foremost, queue systems are designed for effective crowd control. If you’re trying to manage large numbers of people, particularly in locations such as events, concerts, airports and transport hubs and exhibitions, an organised queue system is essential to avoid chaos. Our queue systems are designed specially to help you implement a structured queue. Particularly effective to arrange a switchback queue for large numbers are our retractable queue barriers. These products are designed with strong webbing tapes which extend out of the stanchion post (or wall bracket) and clip into the next stanchion along (or wall bracket) to form a flexible but clear barrier with which you can construct a queueing system. Our webbing belts are available in a range of different lengths, so you will definitely find the right one that best suits your needs.

Standard retractable barriers typically come in with black or silver posts and a limited choice of webbing belt colours, but if you’re looking for something that can withstand heavy use but adds a flair of design and colour, our range of Tensabarriers® have 10 different colour options - and you can even personalise the belts with your branding or messaging.

2. Improve Waiting Times

When you’re dealing with large numbers of people, unstructured systems can lead to inefficient queueing, which in turn leads to longer waiting times and frustrated customers. By constructing an effective and efficient queue design, using a straight or switchback design, you can keep customers moving smoothly and steadily through the queue in a streamlined fashion. You can also use signage on top of the queue stanchion posts, such as our Tensabarrier® Retractable Queue Barrier Sign Holder, to indicate to queueing customers how long their expected waiting time will be. This gives crowds more realistic expectations, reducing potential frustrations. By dividing larger crowds up into smaller, individual queues, you can more easily manage large numbers of people, preventing surging or overcrowding in individual areas and keeping a steady stream of foot traffic through different areas. This is particularly effective at large events or exhibitions, or airports and travel hubs where large numbers of people converge into relatively small areas.

3. Implement Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing has become the new normal as we’ve all been dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. As restrictions are lifted across the UK, we are entering a new phase where larger-scale events with bigger crowds are beginning to be allowed once more. To ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum risk, safe and secure socially distanced queues are an essential tool. Queues are also now a regular fixture outside shops and retail spaces where indoor numbers remain reduced. Post and rope barriers are effective tools outside retail or hospitality venues where limited numbers are allowed to enter at any one time.

There are several different ways you can turn your standard queue system into a socially distanced space. Post-top signage reminds people to remain 2m apart, keep their hands sanitised and wear a mask over their mouth and nose. Floor stickers at intervals along the queue instruct people where to wait to maintain a safe 2m distance. Sanitising stations posted at regular places along your queue also help to keep people safe and healthy. 

4. Promote to a Captive Audience

While you have people waiting in your organised queue system, you have a captive audience for your promotional messaging. Whether you use signage that can attach directly to your barrier systems, or you use accessories alongside the queue path, you can offer interactive displays which will keep your customers entertained and informed while they wait. Ipad stands, leaflet dispensers and digital displays can all offer promotional space which will get your message across while distracting those standing in your queue system. For larger events, exhibitions and sports matches where long queues are required, you can even set up sales stands along the queue length, where people can purchase memorabilia, food or drinks. This is also where accessories such as clip-on rubbish bins come in handy!

5. Cordon Off Special Areas

Some crowd control barriers can be used for more than just setting up a queue system. Particularly relevant in large exhibition halls, at events and outside hospitality venues such as cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, Cafe Barrier Systems are an ideal way to cordon off certain areas for different purposes. Most commonly found on high streets outside cafes or restaurants, these barriers, which consist of a printed display banner hung between two stanchion posts, form seating, dining or smoking areas separate from the pavement or high street thoroughfares.

These cafe barriers are very practical, as they offer both a flexible product for space segmentation as well as a display function where you can showcase your branding. You can buy single barriers for use as short queue systems (outside takeaways or smaller retail outlets) or purchase kits with one or more barriers included to create a functional outdoor space best suited to your needs. Cafe barriers are weatherproof (though not recommended to be left outside during severe weather) but they can also be used indoors in large exhibition halls, for example.

For more information about our queue barriers, please reach out to our team on 01733 511030 or via our Contact Us page.

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