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How To Increase Business With Outdoor Advertising Displays

Posted By:

XL Displays


30 April 2021

Reading Time:

11 Mins

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How To Increase Business With Outdoor Advertising Displays

Outdoor advertising displays come in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and styles, with something suitable for every kind of business. They are a great way to increase your business by attracting new customers, making people aware of your location, showcasing special offers, highlighting brand awareness and even making your customers aware of your social distancing measures. In this blog, we’ll discuss the advertising display options available, how you can use them to best effect, where you should put them, and if there are any rules you need to follow.


What kind of outdoor advertising display should I choose?

There are a variety of different outdoor advertising display set-ups on the market, each performing a slightly different function. Here are some of the most common displays available:

Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers can be used to create a designated outdoor eating area or smoking area for cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs. They can also be used as queue management systems for hospitality venues and public events. The printed cafe banners provide additional marketing space to increase your brand exposure whilst acting as an effective windbreak and privacy screen for outdoor diners. Commonly printed with a large logo, each printed banner affords you the opportunity to raise your brand awareness with minimum hassle.


Printed Gazebos

Whether it’s a craft fair, a sports show, a trade show, a product launch or a conference, printed gazebos offer you enhanced brand awareness with 360-degree promotion for an affordable price. A personalised pop-up gazebo will provide instant shelter at any outdoor event, from sporting events to county shows, outdoor exhibitions to country fairs. Whatever the Great British weather provides, you will be protected from the sun and sheltered from the rain.


Printed Flags

Branded flags offer a versatile, high-impact display solution for any business. Suitable for a wide range of applications including events and exhibitions, trade shows, sporting events, festivals, country fairs, front of business and forecourts; they can act as directional signs and social distancing banners to help direct the flow of foot traffic. 


Outdoor Banners

Suitable for use at all types of events, trade shows and outdoor promotions no matter the weather, outdoor banners are specifically designed for outdoor use. These banners are fully weather resistant and capable of withstanding high winds and adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the ultra-durable hardware and graphics, you can promote your brand regardless of what nature might throw at you


Pavement Boards

Pavement signs are one of the oldest and most traditional forms of roadside, street, and outdoor advertising and can be used in any location, whether that is on the high street, on the corner shop street, or outside a post-office or convenience store. They can be used as open for business signs too to advise people that your business is open and that they can enter. These double-sided display boards allow you to promote your business and services in both directions ensuring your promotional reach is maximised.

SIDEWALKER® Rolling Pavement Outdoor Signage Board

SIDEWALKER® Rolling Pavement Outdoor Signage Board

Adfresco® Café Barrier Kit With 2 Banners

Adfresco® Café Barrier Kit With 2 Banners

Five Ways to Use Your Outdoor Advertising
1. Brand Awareness

Sometimes, increasing footfall to your business is as much about brand awareness as it is location or snazzy marketing messages. Making potential customers aware you exist is number 1 on your list of advertising goals. Display posters in popular, high-traffic areas with bright and colourful branding to intrigue potential customers and increase brand awareness.

2. Local Impact

You can use outdoor advertising displays to direct customers to your business if your premises isn’t located directly on a high street or thoroughfare. Setting up signs, banners or flags with directions to your store or unit makes it easy for customers to find where you are, which in turn will increase your footfall and revenue. You’d be surprised how many businesses lose out on income simply due to their location - don’t be one of them! 

3. Attract New Customers

You’re putting up outdoor advertising displays to get your business noticed; in essence, attracting the attention of passers-by. Whether it’s shoppers and strollers on pavements, or even drivers stuck in slow-moving traffic; setting up an advertising display outside your premises is the ideal way to show people you’re open for business. 

4. Showcase Special Offers

Promotions and special offers are one of the most popular marketing methods to boost business; and outdoor advertising displays are the ideal way to draw potential customers’ attention to your exciting offers. Choosing something that’s easy to update regularly, such as a sign with poster pockets, is a good decision as it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to switch out the laminated posters inside the pockets.

5. Keep People Safe

The world has changed over the past year or so; with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic we now shop and conduct business completely differently than we did in 2019. These days, social distancing measures are absolutely key in making customers (and staff!) feel safe and respected. Staggered entries, limited numbers inside premises, sanitising stations and queue lines are going to be a regular thing for the majority of businesses for some time to come. You can use outdoor advertising displays to give your customers critical information about how they can have a safe experience inside your premises. Making sure people know the rules is the best way to keep your customers safe and encourage them to do business with you.

Where Should I Set Up My Outdoor Advertising Display?

A well-positioned advertising display will make customers look towards your stall or retail space, focusing their attention on your window displays or other, more detailed marketing materials. It’s a good idea to set up your display where passers-by can easily see it; where it will catch the most attention. Look for high-traffic areas where there’s plenty of footfall, or a roadside where the traffic is regularly stationary or slow-moving. Try to avoid areas with many pre-existing displays from other businesses, as yours may get lost in the crowd. Think carefully about your branding; bright colours and simple, easy-to-read slogans or company names work best for catching people’s attention.

What Rules Do I Need to Follow When Putting up an Outdoor Advertising Displays?

There are some general guidelines about putting up a display on the pavement in front of your premises, for example:

  • Many councils permit only 1 sign per premises (even if two businesses share the space).
  • Signs must not be installed within 2m of another pavement sign, pillar or tactile paving (eg. raised or marked slabs for the visually impaired), or within 2m of a bus stop or pedestrian crossing.
  • Signs must not block access to any building exits, especially emergency exits.
  • Signs cannot be placed more than 0.8m from the front of your building, and are only permitted where they leave at least 1.8m of space for pedestrians to pass. 
  • There may be limits on display size (for example, no larger than 1200mm high and 750mm wide).

If you plan to set up your display along a public highway (for example at a roadside or on a pavement that’s not right outside your business) you will need to seek permission from your local authority (or the governing body which manages the site). On privately owned or rented land (such as a garage forecourt, restaurant terrace or the enclosed area in front of a shop or cafe) in most instances, there is deemed consent and therefore you shouldn’t need any planning permission to set up your sign. 

All outdoor advertisements, wherever they are placed, must comply with five ‘standard conditions’. They must:

  • be kept clean and tidy
  • be kept in a safe condition
  • have the permission of the owner of the site on which they are displayed (this includes the Highway Authority if the sign is to be placed on highway land)
  • not obscure, or hinder the interpretation of official road, rail, waterway or aircraft signs
  • be removed where so required by the planning authority.

If you follow these guidelines, your outdoor advertising display should help to increase your business without causing you any issues.

For more information on any of our outdoor advertising displays, or to discuss bespoke printing options, please reach out to our team via any of the methods on our Contact Us page, or call 01733 511030.