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Water Base Pavement Signs

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Water Based Pavement Signs

Water base signs feature hollow plastic bases that can be filled with water to provide strength and stability for outdoor advertising. 

These heavy-duty pavement advertising signs typically feature spring-loaded poster boards that provide an element of flexibility in the wind and stop them from falling over when used outdoors. 

Water base pavement signs are a heavy duty and larger alternative to traditional A-frames with A1 pavement signs and A0 pavement signs being the most popular large format advertising boards. 

Available with or without printed posters, we can add laminated posters to your pavement board before we dispatch it out to you so it is ready for immediate use when you receive it. 

Despite the size of some of our popular water fillable pavement advertising boards, they remain portable and easy to move locations. The base features wheels that allow you to move your forecourt sign indoors at night time or when storms and gale-force winds are coming. 

Poster changes are quick and easy with most of the pavement boards featuring snap frames that open and close with a simple snap movement. The snap poster frame holds the promotional posters in place along with a plastic, anti-glare poster cover that provides water-resistant protection for your advertisements. 

These point of sale advertising boards are ideal for garages, retailers, shops, car body shops and can be used for roadside promotions, street or pavement advertising.

Designed specifically for outdoor use, our heavy duty water-based pavement signs are built to last and withstand outdoor conditions.  

For more information on our Water Base Signs please contact us or call us on 01733 511030. Alternatively, you can view our complete range of Pavement Advertising Boards



Water base signs have a hollow plastic base that must be filled with water to ensure it is properly weighted down for use. When filled to capacity, the weighted water base keeps the advertising sign firmly in place and prevents them from moving around in the wind. Failure to correctly anchor down a water base sign could result in the pavement sign falling over, causing it to break, cause injury to a passer-by, or damage someone's personal property. 

For indoor use, this is recommended, but not essential.

Yes, all of our water base signs are designed to be weatherproof in moderate weather conditions. They are designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use using hardwearing and durable materials that are not easily affected by rainwater. 

Each sign-board includes protective poster covers that are waterproof and do provide protection from rain and UV rays. 

Even though water base signs are for outdoor use, we do recommend bringing all advertising signboards inside during storms or gale-force winds to prevent damage to the pavement signs, your property or risk harm to the public during inclement weather. 

Pavement Signs are ideal as tactical advertising displays and point of sale displays for shops, acting as a signpost communication board for your business. Pavement Signs, A-Frame Signs, Sandwich Boards and Swing Signs are ideal for attracting customers to your business premises.

Water Base advertising boards can be used for shop sign advertising, curbside and sidewalk promotions as well as in car parks, forecourts, petrol station forecourts and front of business. 

When purchasing one of our forecourt signs with you can choose whether you wish to buy without posters or with printed posters. 

If you require any additional posters or replace your marketing message at a later date, you can purchase Custom Laminated Posters through our site. Choose from a range of A paper sizes including A0, A1, A2 A3 and A4.

Our printed posters are far more superior than typical paper posters. We print on 180-micron-thick media which is ultra-durable and hardwearing. Each poster is laminated on the printed side to ensure vibrancy and durability. Our printed posters are recommended for outdoor advertising signs as they are more resistant to water than paper posters and if they get wet, they won't damage as easily. 

Changing the posters on your water-based boards is a simple and easy process to complete. Most of our designs feature a simple ‘snap’ frame poster board that allows you to change your promotions in less than a minute.

1) Simply snap all four sides of the 'snap frame' open

2) Remove the protective poster sheet 

3) Insert promotional posters and re-cover with the protective cover

4) Close all four sides of the snap frame to secure the poster in place

The majority of our water base pavement signs require minimal self-assembly. Each advertising board is supplied with a set of assembly instructions and the tools (if required) to complete the installation.

Assembly can be completed by one person. Once assembled it is just a matter of positioning the water-fillable sign in the desired location and filling the base with water or sand. The hollow base has a 'pop open' cap that allows easy access for filling. Once the base is filled to capacity, simply close the cap. Wheels are attached to the bottom of the base for easy movement; even when filled with water. 

Insert your promotional posters in less than a minute! Unclip the 'snap open' frame around each edge of the poster display sign. Remove the protective cover, insert the poster and protective screen. Lastly, you close the open snap frame to secure your advertising poster inside. 

Yes, sand works as well as water to weigh down our water base signs and keep them solid and stable in most weather conditions. Please note, sand may be harder to remove if the need arises in the future. 

All our Pavement signs are supplied with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will work to fix the issue for you.

At XL Displays, we are proud of our products, quality, and service. If you need any information regarding our range of outdoor advertising signs, please give our team a call on 01733 511030.

All our pavement signs are designed to be weatherproof in moderate weather conditions, however, we recommend bringing all pavement signs inside or under shelter when the weather turns, and the wind becomes strong.

The most sturdy and wind-resistant pavement signs in our collection are the sand and water-filled signs as well as the flexible signs with a solid rubber base. However, if gale-force winds are forecasted, we recommend storing every poster display sign inside. 

Our water base signs have built-in wheels in the base so you can move them around easily even when they are weighed down with sand or water. Yes, they are much heavier once the hollow bases are filled to capacity, however, this is required to maintain a stable display when used outdoors. The wheeled base and handle will allow you to tip and transport the base without causing injury or damage to the base. 

Most of our water base pavement signs are available with dispatch within 3-5 days. For faster service, choose our in-stock Tempest Water Base Sign which is available with 48h dispatch (with poster prints) and just 24h (without posters). 

If you are looking at another sign and you want delivery faster, please contact us. We may be able to express ship your order to you.