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How Much Do Office Partitions Cost?

Posted By:

XL Displays


22 December 2020

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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How Much Do Office Partitions Cost?

Open-plan workspaces are often rented with no pre-constructed office or meeting spaces. Ensuring that your business has private or semi-private spaces for employees to meet, work and relax is essential for maintaining a productive and pleasant work environment.

There are plenty of different options for segmenting up a large space to provide smaller meeting/working areas; from using a group of single partition screens around a desk to a more sophisticated and practical solution.

Whatever your budget, we have office partitions for you; manufactured in the UK and used by satisfied customers across the country.

Floor-standing Fabric Partitions:

Range: £98 to £483

Free Standing Office Partitions

For a simple and cost-effective office partition solution, choosing a floor-standing fabric partition is a great way to go. These classic chipboard panels are covered with luxury nylon fabric for a lightweight, freestanding office screen. The fabric is suitable for use with Velcro tabs for display purposes – or choose a pinnable option for safe use with pins or staples.

For larger coverage or for segmenting up bigger spaces, we sell a range of fabric concertina partitions. These groups of lightweight fabric panels are finished with a PVC frame and lockable castor wheels, meaning you can roll them out or fold them away for storage easily.

Several of our freestanding fabric partitions are also available with Next-Day Dispatch – please see our range of Speedy Office Screens for more information.

Desk Dividers:

Range: £48 to £1,030

Office Desk Partitions

For offices or call centres with large banks of desks, the easiest way to segment up these large working areas is by installing desk partitions, which give the feel and appearance of office cubicles without the fuss and cost of installing permanent fixtures.

Our standard desk dividers are excellent value for money and are made from internal chipboard panels covered on both sides with a loop nylon fabric, available in a range of classic colours. They can be used with Velcro tabs (or pins if you choose a pinnable option) to display work materials or personal items, making them a handy and low-cost desk divider solution. 

Our acoustic desk dividers are helpful in noisy, distracting work environments such as call centres, training rooms or offices where telephone calls or internal chatter is common. Made with a thicker internal construction and covered with a pinnable acoustic layer and finished with foam-backed fabric, these acoustic desk screens are available in a variety of rich, bright fabric colours and help to reduce noise pollution in offices, absorbing sound for a quieter and more productive environment.

Our Perspex® acrylic and glass desk dividers have been designed primarily to ensure a light and bright work environment and maintain effective employee communication while helping to stop the spread of illnesses (such as Coronavirus, Norovirus or seasonal flu) between employees. These materials are easy to clean by wiping regularly with an antibacterial or diluted bleach solution, and, like wearing a mask, stop the transmission of infectious particles from person-to-person. As such, they are essential tools in setting up a socially distanced office workspace.

With the exception of our freestanding counter screens, all of our desk divider partitions are sold with a pair of desk clamps included. These are designed to fit standard size desks – if you require clamps with alternative dimensions, please speak to our team who will be happy to assist.

Perspex® Social Distancing Screens:

Range: £28.50 to £1,030

Perspex Desk Partitions

In the past year, our working environments, like much in the rest of our lives, have been forced to adapt due to the sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic across the UK and the rest of the world. In response, the UK Government and the WHO mandated a set of social distancing measures which are required to be implemented in all working environments and public spaces where people come together.

In line with this, we developed a broad range of social distancing screens made from Perspex® acrylic and glass, usually finished with an aluminium frame (although frameless counter-top versions are available). These materials have been chosen as they are easy to keep clean by sanitising regularly. When installed in an office environment, they help employees to maintain a safe social distance and assist in slowing the spread of the disease in workplaces.

Our range of social distancing screens has been designed with all kinds of workplaces in mind; from traditional offices to retail spaces, hospitality venues, medical facilities, schools and even care homes. The collection includes desk divider screens, freestanding floor partitions, retail counter screens with transaction hatches, bar table panels, medical vaccine screens and many more.

Acoustic Screens:

Range: £62 to £278

Our collection of acoustic office partitions includes screens in a wide range of shapes and sizes; from desk divider partitions to curved or straight freestanding floor dividers. Acoustic office screens are ideal for helping your staff to keep their concentration. The majority of distractions derive from noise, so by investing in an acoustic office screen, you can reduce noise and increase productivity within your team.

The clever design of the partition panels, with a thicker internal core covered by an acoustic layer and foam-backed luxury fabric, means that these panels absorb more noise than either our standard fabric or Perspex® screens, helping to create a more peaceful and productive working environment. Our Premium acoustic screens even have a recess void in between the internal panels for a real sound cushioning effect, perfect for busy offices or call centres.

Acoustic panels are worth investing in if your workplace is generally quite a noisy environment, whether through telephone calls, at-desk meetings or general chatter. We have a wide variety of acoustic screens to suit all budgets.

 Meeting Pods:

Range: £799 to £10,157

For a high-end, full-service office divider option, our Meeting Pods are typically made up of kits that comprise a number of curved or straight partitions. Our curved kits can be used to construct s-shaped walls (a room divider with two in-built semi-circular meeting spaces) or meeting pods (curved booths that have room for a table and up to 5 chairs, depending on the size of the kit purchased). Our pods are also available with your own personalised branding.

For a high-quality look and finish without the hassle of constructing a permanent room, our Glass & Fabric Partition Meeting Boots are self-contained meeting rooms or offices which can be constructed by our expert team in around 4 hours, and taken down for transportation to new premises when required. They are composed of a kit including a number of glass panels, fabric or acoustic panels, a ceiling kit (including lighting) and a sliding glass door. Accessories including power & data banks, as well as ventilation, can be added later.

Whatever you choose, we hope that within our wide range of different office partitions you will find the perfect screen for your business. However, if none of our products quite suit your needs, our manufacturing capabilities mean we can design and make bespoke office partition solutions.

For more information on personalised divider panels or any other questions about our product ranges, please get in touch via our Contact Us page, or call our team on 01733 511030.