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Why Social Distancing Screens Are Essential For Offices

Posted By:

XL Displays


25 February 2021

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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Office Partition ScreensSocial Distancing Screens

Why Social Distancing Screens Are Essential For Offices

Now that the government has announced the roadmap out of lockdown, it won’t be too long before people across the country are returning to their offices after working remotely for so long. Even though by the summer many more people will have been vaccinated and things are expected to return to ‘normal’, many of the measures adopted during the pandemic will remain in place to prevent further large outbreaks of COVID-19. These include wearing face masks indoors in shops and public spaces, and retaining social distancing screens and partitions in close-contact areas, particularly offices.

Why Will Social Distancing Measures Still Be Important?

Scientists, doctors and government experts have made it quite clear that, although the vaccine programme will dramatically reduce the number of Coronavirus cases, the virus will remain active in our society forever. They predict seasonal surges in cases, as we have each year with the flu. In addition, there will always be a percentage of the population who have not been vaccinated, either through their own choice or due to medical or other circumstances.

Therefore, ensuring that some of the least invasive social distancing measures remain in place for the long term is a simple and effective way of helping to keep COVID-19 cases under control as we move into the next phase of the pandemic - where we all learn to live with Coronavirus as a part of our lives.

Key measures such as wearing face masks, washing hands regularly or using a hand sanitiser and installing social distancing screens in busy areas are likely to still be a part of our lives for some time to come. All of these actions, however small, help to prevent the virus from spreading through unvaccinated communities, reducing the opportunities for it to mutate.

How do Social Distancing Screens Help?

Coronavirus is spread by the release of tiny droplets from the nose or mouth when someone sneezes, coughs or even breathes. These droplets can be transferred directly from one person to another if someone is standing very close; or they can land on surfaces that are then touched by someone else.

We are asked to wear face masks in public indoor spaces as this action helps to prevent the mask-wearer from spreading droplets around. A common misconception is that face masks protect the wearer – but in actual fact, we wear face masks to protect others around us, and trust that they will do the same.

Social distancing screens, which are typically smooth, Perspex®, acrylic or glass panels, act as a barrier to Coronavirus droplets in the air, allowing two people to interact more safely with a social distancing partition between them. Wiping down these panels regularly with sanitiser or bleach products is essential to provide maximum protection against all germs and viruses, not just Covid.

What Kind of Social Distancing Screens Do I Need for My Office?

There are all kinds of different social distancing screens available, which one you choose depends on the requirements of your work environment.

Desk Dividers

Best Selling Perspex Desk Screens

Best Seller: Framed Clear Desk Dividers

Designed to break up large banks of desks, installing Perspex® acrylic or glass desk divider screens is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to introduce social distancing partitions to your workplace in a non-obtrusive way. These panels clip to a desktop and form a barrier between employees, helping to prevent the transmission of illness by trapping the infectious particles rather than letting them spread around the room. The transparent finish of the acrylic also allows light to pass through your office, as well as enabling employees to continue to communicate effectively, maintaining a bright, airy and friendly atmosphere.

Reception Screens

Best Seller:  ACHOO® Crystal Clear Counter Protective Screen

Areas where interaction with members of the public occur, such as reception desks, are some of the most high-risk areas in terms of spreading illness. That’s why choosing a reception counter screen is essential to protect your employees. Whether you choose a folding screen, a stable divider or a fixed, curved glass screen; we have options to suit all different kinds of counters and reception desks. Plus, our counter reception screens are available with cut-out transaction hatches for payments, information/document exchange and easy communication.

Floor-Standing Panels

Best Seller: Freestanding Perspex® Office Partition

A key tool for minimising contact in your office is to divide up the space into smaller areas for individual teams or groups. Floor-standing screens, which can be connected together using the linking strips included, are a great way to create pop-up meeting rooms or workspaces within a larger, open-plan office. Their smooth, wipe-clean surfaces mean they can be easily sanitised on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of infectious particles and help keep your office clean, safe and hygienic.

Mobile Screens

Best Selling Mobile Perspex Screen

Best Seller: GUARDIAN Mobile Divider Acrylic Partition

For a truly flexible social distancing screen solution, investing in a series of mobile dividers on wheels offers you the maximum value for money. Thanks to the lockable castor wheels attached to their base frame, these screens can easily be rolled around your workplace and locked into place wherever you need them, offering an adaptable and functional solution. Use them to create temporary meeting spaces, divide up ‘zones’ in offices; or segment off practical areas such as printers, kettles etc. to ensure only one person can use them at once.

Hanging Partitions

Best Seller: Hanging Protection Screen

If your office is short on desk space, choosing a hanging social distancing divider is an excellent alternative. These Perspex® or lightweight plastic panels are designed to be suspended from the ceiling in place of a fixed desk divider or reception counter screen. They can also be hung over pre-existing fabric screens for a cost-effective upgrade to a more hygienic workspace.

Roller Screens

Best Seller: Roller Banner Clear Protective Screen Divider

If you don’t need social distancing measures in place all the time, and you’re looking for a product that’s easy to store away when you aren’t using it, then opting for a roller banner is a good choice. Also available in a countertop version, these clever partitions are made from lightweight 300μm-thick transparent plastic, and can be pulled up and rolled away easily, just like a traditional roller blind. They’re ideal for when you need a quick social distancing screen for occasional use.

Whichever social distancing screen products you choose for your office, by installing them correctly and keeping them in place even after most restrictions are lifted, you will be safeguarding your employees against all kinds of infectious illnesses, not just Coronavirus. A happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce, after all!

For information or advice about any of our social distancing screens, please get in touch with our team via our Contact Us page or on 01733 511030.