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Office Furniture Partitions

Office Furniture Partitions

XL Displays 20/05/2019

When you think of open plan offices, you might envision workspaces like that of tech giants such as Google: filled with millennials waltzing around in jeans and trainers, working remotely from bean bag chairs and taking full advantage of on-site gyms and dedicated collaborator pods.

For some, this sounds like an ideal place to work; but for others, open plan offices are somewhat of a nightmare.

What is an open plan office?

The aim of open plan offices has always been to encourage collaboration and natural, instinctive conversations between employees.

Whilst open offices do allow for unrestricted communication between staff, many office workers feel that the cons of open plan offices outweigh the pros: the main downside being noise.

Get the stats:

According to Oxford Economics, “the ability to focus and work without interruptions” is a main priority for the majority of the office workforce - but being herded into a large room with tens, if not hundreds, of other employees in close proximity often means that most people spend their day unfocused and distracted.

With most CEO’s and business executives unwilling to compromise on the goal of employee collaborations, it’s clear that open plan offices are here to stay – even though 94% of people believe they’d be more productive in a quieter environment.

So, if you can’t convince your boss to bring back traditional office cubes, what can you do?

Office Furniture Partitions might just be your saving grace.

What is an office furniture partition?

Office Partition Screens are contemporary and less invasive alternatives to cubed office booths that retain an open plan office layout without the lack of privacy.

We supply a comprehensive range of office furniture partitions suitable for every type of business, regardless of how innovative or traditional they might be.

Standard office screens:

If you’re looking to instil a touch of privacy in your open plan office – or if you work within a small team where noise pollution isn’t a huge problem – a Standard Office Screen or In-Stock Desk Screen is a good choice.

Our range of Speedy Office Screens are the best value office furniture partitions we supply. With prices starting at just £86 and with next-day dispatch, our in-stock office screens are suitable for any budget and need.

Available in royal blue, black, red and light grey, these straight office screens come in a choice of four heights and five widths.

We also stock a 480mm high desk screen available in five widths starting at just £55, meaning you can create the professional finish you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Acoustic office screens:

If - like many other open plan office workers - noise pollution is the main issue your workplace faces, Acoustic Office Screens are the best solution.

We supply two different types of acoustic office screens: standard acoustic and premium acoustic.

Our Standard Acoustic Screens range is more affordable and provides a good amount of sound absorption for smaller offices.

The 35mm screen comprises of a centre core which is covered on both sides with a pinnable acoustic layer. The outer acoustic layer is then upholstered with foam-backed woven fabric in a choice of 11 colours.

The screen is finished with a PVC trim in either silver/grey, white or black.

Standard acoustic floor screens are available up to 1800mm high and in 7 widths with either a straight or waved top; whereas the desk screens come in straight, waved and curved shapes.

Premium Acoustic Office Screens are popular amongst larger offices because they absorb more sound than the standard acoustic range but don’t cut off the ability to collaborate with those nearby.

The screens measure 60mm thick each, meaning they are more than equipped to absorb the noisy chatter and distracting buzz that comes part and parcel with open plan offices.

Constructed in the same way as the Standard acoustic screens, premium acoustic desk and floor screens are available in 12 professional colours and with a stylish aluminium trim.

Premium acoustic screens also come complete with a tool rail which is suited to holding pens, letter trays, desk supplies and more.

Glazed office screens:

The whole point of open plan offices was to abolish that ‘boxed in’ feeling in favour of encouraging discussion and creativity, but for some this has led to a feeling of having no privacy.

Our Glazed Premium Acoustic Office Screens offer the best of both worlds.

The frosted upper half of the screens aren’t opaque or dimming; giving you that open and fresh office feel, but the premium acoustic lower half of the screen absorbs the unwanted noise pollution that comes with large workspaces.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours – as well as straight or curved – glazed acoustic office screens are a contemporary and functional compromise to the open plan office debate.

Acoustic pods:

If separating desk spaces with screens isn’t a good fit for your office, our Premium Acoustic Office Meeting Pods are the way forward.

The circular booths are created using premium acoustic office screens and provide a private, quiet area for you to gather your thoughts and hold meetings in an open plan office.

They come in three sizes and can be adapted to suit any workplace.


Like it or not, open plan offices seem to be here for the long haul – noise pollution and all.

Despite the divisive opinion on how employees work best, it’s clear that distractions decrease productivity, but open plan layout increase creativity.

With this in mind, our range of office furniture partitions give you the best of worlds: noise absorption and collaboration.

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