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Transform Your Workspace with Office Furniture Partitions

Posted By:

XL Displays


09 December 2020

Reading Time:

10 Mins

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Transform Your Workspace with Office Furniture Partitions

For many of us, the days of cubicle working are over. Most modern office layouts lean towards an open-plan approach, allowing individual businesses to set up their work environment as they see fit.

Open-plan working, with large banks of desks seating multiple employees in a sociable fashion might be great for promoting collaborative working and improving colleague relationships, but it can make for a noisy and distracting environment. According to Oxford Economics; “the ability to focus and work without interruptions” is a key aspect to office productivity, but in reality, open-plan office spaces cannot always deliver the calm, quiet environment needed for optimal productivity, and instead many employees spend their working days unfocused and distracted.

Research undertaken by a large US company found that of the 10,000 employees interviewed, 95% said that working privately mattered to them the most – though only 41% of those were able to do so in their current office set up. In addition, other medically-funded studies indicate that employees working in open-plan offices are 62% more likely to take sick leave versus those in private offices or cubicles, suggesting that open-plan working can not only be detrimental to the productivity of your workforce but their health also.

As the onslaught of the global Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has proved, getting a workforce back to work in a safe, socially distanced manner that doesn’t dramatically inflate the rate of virus transmission has been made more complicated by the prevalence of open-plan offices.

So, what can you do to transform your open-plan work environment into a respectful and safe space which promotes concentration, employee health and productivity? Office Furniture Partitions might just be the answer you’re looking for.

What are office furniture partitions?

Office partition screens are contemporary and less invasive alternatives to installing the kind of cubed office booths we remember from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with different benefits and uses, we supply a comprehensive range of office furniture partitions to suit every kind of business – regardless of how innovative or traditional they might be.

From desk dividers to mobile partitions on wheels, concertina screens to curved meeting pods – there are hundreds of office furniture partition options to browse through to create a bespoke solution for your office requirements.

Desk Divider Screens

Standard Office Desk Screens

Setting up desk divider screens on banks of desks offers a modicum of privacy to individual workers while maintaining the general open-plan feel of the office space – particularly when transparent glazed or Perspex® desk dividers are chosen.

From wave-shaped desk dividers, pinnable fabric panels or those with tool accessory rails, acoustic dividers to reduce noise pollution, partitions made from clear acrylic or coloured glass – all of our desk dividers come in a range of heights, widths and colours. We also offer bespoke options, too, if you can’t find quite what you need in our standard options.

With many different designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the right desk divider option for your business from our range of products. With prices starting from just £55 and dividers available in a range of shapes and sizes, all UK-made and many available with fast delivery; you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Standard Office Screens

Free Standing Office Screens

Office Screens are useful for dividing your open plan office into departments or smaller groups of workers. These more private areas allow staff to concentrate better and can increase workplace productivity.

Create flexible work areas cheaply and design efficient and productive work environments for your office. Dividing an office allows your organisation to adapt, grow and respond to the changing economic challenges as the screens are demountable - they can be moved and re-configured at any time.

Available in curved, straight or waved shapes, our range of standard office screens are made from 25mm or 35mm-thick partitions covered on both sides with a luxury loop nylon fabric that’s available in a variety of vibrant colours to blend with your office décor.

Printed partitions are also available if you would your office screens branded or printed with patterns or designs – our expert Graphic Design Team will work on a personalised design with you.

Our office screens are available in both freestanding and movable options – choose a frame with lockable castor wheels if you need a partition solution that can be easily rolled into place around the office.

Always made in the UK, our office screens come in a range of heights and widths, but we can create bespoke sizing options on request if our standard sizes aren’t suitable for your needs.

Glazed Perspex Screens

Perspex Screens For Desks

In the era of COVID-19, installing office social distancing measures that can be easily and regularly sanitised to maintain a hygienic work environment is just as important as introducing office partitions to increase productivity.

We sell a variety of office divider screens made from Perspex®, acrylic or thermally toughened safety glass which are all materials that are easy to wipe clean and sanitise regularly to help prevent transmission of the virus between employees.

These transparent office dividers are also great for maintaining a light and airy workplace, allowing light to travel through the office space creating a bright and welcoming work environment.

From desk dividers to movable office screens on wheels, hanging dividers to retractable counter screens – and even floor-to-ceiling glazed cubicles; if you’re looking for a more contemporary alternative to the classic fabric panel look, then our range of glazed or acrylic office partition screens is right for you.

Acoustic Office Dividers

If reducing noise pollution in your open-plan office is your main goal when considering installing office furniture partitions, then browsing our range of specially designed acoustic office dividers is a must. Freestanding acoustic office screens are available for as little as £91. Use them as office partitions, room dividers or privacy screens in your workplace.

We have two ranges of acoustic office screens which are built to reduce noise pollution. These 35mm-thick screens are covered on both sides with a layer of foam-backed luxury loop nylon fabric which helps to absorb sound and create a peaceful office environment.

Our Standard Acoustic range is available in straight or wave-shaped office screens in a wide choice of sizes and colours; it also includes desk screens. Use on their own or combine straight, wave and radius desktop dividers to design a desktop formation to suit your workplace.

Our Premium Acoustic range is our best-quality office screen designed wholly with noise reduction in mind. Excellent acoustic qualities result from the design, construction and materials used.

 Meeting Pods

Often, rather than installing dividers across your entire office, setting up smaller meeting areas by using meeting pods can be a great way to give your employees quiet, semi-private spaces in which to meet or work away from the main bustling office floor.

We supply a range of solutions to create semi-private work spaces, from fully or partially glazed meeting rooms with lighting and ventilation (ideal for creating meeting rooms or private offices in a fully open-plan office space) to s-shaped partition walls which divide up a workplace while providing two small meeting pods. We also sell a range of curved standard or acoustic screens which can be linked together to form circular meeting pods which create handy meeting spaces in the middle of a large office or retail showroom.

Many of our meeting pod options can be customised with your own branding – please speak to a member of our team to set up a consultation with our Graphic Design Team.


While open-plan offices aren’t always ideal for every business, if you choose to look at them as a blank canvas, there’s no limit to the creative workspace layouts you can design with our extensive range of office furniture partitions.

For more information about setting up your office with office partition furniture, our expert team is always on hand to offer advice and help you to select the right products for your business. Give us a call on 01733 511030 or visit our Contact Us page for more information on how to get in touch.