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Buyers Guide:

Pavement Sign

The world of Pavement Signs and Outdoor Display Signs can be very confusing. With so many different styles to choose from it can be hard to know which display is the best for your business, location, use, and budget.

To help you figure out which Pavement Board you should purchase we have created this handy, expert buyers guide, filled with information to help you make your decision.

What Is A Pavement Sign?

A Pavement Sign is one the oldest and most trusted forms of outdoor advertising. They can be used in so many locations to help alert customers to offers and promotions, to notify passers-by of new product or services. They can be used to attract attention to a new business, or simply to let visitors know you are open for business.

These extremely versatile display signs can be placed in almost any location such as, roadside, carparks, curb side, on the pavements, in halls and shopping centres, on paths and sidewalks, at entrances and exits of business premises, garage forecourts and many more. They can be used at any indoor event, or location to help direct foot traffic and control the crowd flow.

Most poster display signs enable you to change promotions and offers quickly and efficiently so that businesses can maintain an increased flow of new customers. They often feature a snap open frame with a waterproof poster cover for poster protection.

Pavement signs have adapted many different names over the years, as well as pavement signs they are sometimes called:

  • Pavement Boards
  • Poster Display Signs
  • A Frame Signs
  • A Board Signs
  • Forecourt Signs
  • Swing Signs
  • Swinger Signs
  • Water Base Signs
  • Outdoor Poster Boards
  • Outdoor Advertising Signs
  • Advertising Boards
  • A Board Pavement Signs
  • Wooden A Frames
  • Wooden Chalkboard Signs

Pavement Signs

Are Pavement Signs Waterproof?

To a degree, yes pavement poster display signs are waterproof. The material each sign is manufactured from is weather resistant. They are typically made from anodised aluminium frames with powder coated covering in a choice of colours. Most A-Frames feature a galvernised steel back panel which acts as the housing for the printed posters.

Water based signs are mostly manufactured from a high-density polyethylene also known as HDPE. This material is incredibly hard wearing and is fully weatherproof.

Almost all of our outdoor advertising signs are supplied with a PET Polyethylene terephthalate poster cover.

These waterproof and UV resistant poster covers protect your promotional posters from the elements and are held in place magnetically, or via the snap frame poster holder.

Whilst these poster covers are waterproof, damp can still enter the poster cover and damage the posters behind. We would always recommend taking your pavement sign inside in heavy rain to avoid damage.

We would recommend using our laminated printed posters with all outdoor advertising signs. Whilst they are slightly more expensive than regular printed material, we use 180-micron-thick vinyl which is then laminated. This means they are more resistant to damp and wet than traditional paper posters and will therefore last much longer.

Why Choose A Pavement Poster Display Sign?

A Frame pavement signs allow you to reach potential customers who may otherwise not notice your brand or your premises. They provide an opportunity to grab the attention of a passer by who would normally walk straight by your business without hesitation.

With clever marketing and promotional advertising, you can increase your footfall, brand awareness and revenue all at the same time by using a simple advertising sign.

They are incredibly cost effective, a small investment, one-time purchase that will last you a long time, even with everyday use.

Pavement signs are easy to use with most delivered pre-assembled and ready for immediate use. Poster can be quickly changed and swapped over to keep up with new promotions and marketing trends.

The doubled sided poster boards are great for making sure foot traffic from all angles can view your promotion or daily specials.

Wooden chalkboard signs are particularly suitable for the hospitality industry as they can be updated effortlessly with food & drink offers, daily specials and entertainment on a daily basis. Simply wipe clean your message and rewrite using traditional chalk or chalk pens.

Forecourt signs are often supplied in larges sizes such a A1 and over so these display signs are ideal if you want to make a big impact.

What Businesses Can Benefit From A Pavement Sign?

Coffee ShopsCoffee Shops
Social ClubsSocial Clubs
Body ShopsBody Shops

What Types of Pavement Signs Are There?

As mentioned previously, there are many different styles of Pavement Signs but the main ones are:

1. Water Based Pavement Signs

Water base signs are outdoor advertising signs with hollow plastic bases that can be filled with either water or sand. The water filled base provide stability for when the signs are used in outdoor locations. They are available in a range of sizes and feature a double-sided poster board for maximum impact.

Water base signs are typically the sturdiest pavement signs of all and are supplied with wheeled bases to make moving the pavement sign hassle free.

  • Heavy duty poster display signs
  • Versatile signs can be used anywhere
  • Available in large sizes such as A1 and A0
  • Quick and easy poster changes
  • Water or sand filled hollow bases
  • Available with or without posters
  • Double sided large format sign boards


Pavement Signs Water Based

2. A Frame Signs and A Board Signs

A Frame Signs are one of the most popular pavement sign solutions. The A shaped frame provides stability when in use and makes an attractive pavement display.

A Boards are available in the widest range of sizes from a smallest size 20’’ x 30’’ right up to our largest of A0 pavement sign.

Our A Frame pavement signs are available with or without printed posters with some featuring printed vinyl graphics that are applied directly to the aluminium frame and therefore can’t be changed as effortlessly as printed posters can.

  • Cost effective pavement display signs
  • Suitable for a wide range of businesses
  • Includes waterproof poster covers
  • Available in multiple sizes & colours
  • Optional printed posters
  • Double sided A Board for maximum visibility
  • Durable aluminium frames
  • Chalkboard A Frames available
  • Hassel free promotion changes


A Frame Pavement Signs

3. Wooden Chalkboards

Our wooden chalk A Boards are a more traditional pavement sign and are particularly popular with pubs, cafes, restaurants within the hospitality sector.

The traditional A frame design features a chalkboard writing surface that enables you to quickly and easily, remove and rewrite new promotions, daily specials and offers.

Chalkboard pavement signs are suitable for many uses but work well out the front of your business premises, on the pavement. They alert people to the fact your open for business and what you have to offer.

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Real wood or wood affect frame options
  • Chalkboard writing surface
  • Traditional chalk or chalk pens can be used
  • Easy to reapply promotions
  • Traditional A Frame signs
  • Double sided display
  • Designed for outdoor use


Wooden Chalk Boards

4. Swing Signs

Swing pavement signs and flexible signs are shops, convenience stores, retailers, café, pubs, bars, restaurants, and eateries.

They feature a choice of permanent vinyl graphic which is applied directly to the aluminium panel, or a magnetic poster pocket where printed posters can be used and changed hassle free.

Swing signs feature an aluminium display panel that is attached to the main pavement board frame using clips. This clever design means that the swing signs remain incredibly stable even when used in the wind. The swinging panel flexes and moves allowing the wind to pass through the display safely.

Swing signs are designed for outdoor use and is one of our most stable solutions for permanent outdoor use.

  • Choice of sizes available
  • Printed vinyl graphic or printed posters available
  • Hollow plastic base or solid rubber base
  • Our most weather resistant poster display sign
  • Swing or flex sign options
  • Double sided pavement board
  • Suitable for use in any location
  • Available with or without print
  • Effortless poster changes with magnetic poster pockets


Swing Pavement Signs

5. Forecourt Signs

Our garage forecourt signs are double sided, large format poster display signs that are available in a range of sizes.

The most popular sizes are the A1 pavement sign and A0 pavement signs, but we offer our forecourt signs in smaller sizes too such as 20’’ x 30’’ and A2.

Forecourt signs typically feature hollow plastic bases that should be filled with either water or sand. When filled, the provide strength and stability for when in use outside.

  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Available with or without printed posters
  • Choice of styles available
  • Double sided garage signs
  • Wheeled bases for easy movement
  • Sturdy and stable when in use
  • Quick and easy poster changes
  • Water filled or sand filled bases
  • Large format pavement signs


Forecourt Signs

Why Choose XL Displays For A Pavement Signs Display?

We have been in the events and exhibition industry for over 20 years and outdoor pavement signs have always been a core display product of ours.

We only ever supply outdoor advertising signs that have been manufactured using premium materials to ensure maximum product quality.

Our outstanding customer rating demonstrates the quality of our products and the 5* customer service that comes with it.

XL Displays Team