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Signus ONE Unbranded Inflatable Pavilion 4m

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Signus ONE 4m Inflatable Marketing Pavilion. For Indoor & Outdoor Experiential Marketing Events. Unique Organic Design. Official Signus UK Distributors. Read More
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Signus ONE 4m Inflatable Event Tent

The unbranded Signus 4m inflatable pavilion is suitable for both indoor and outdoor experiential marketing events. It provides a striking and eye-catching presence with its unique and organic shape.

One of a kind, the Signus ONE 4m tent boasts an 18m² canopy area which is water repellent, wind and UV resistant making it the ideal event solution.

The bright white roof cloths are manufactured using a durable, ripstop polyester material with a PU coating. These three separate sections make up the fire retardant, water repellent roof of the Signus.

The roof cloths are attached to the Signus pavilion inflatable frame using durable YKK zippers. These reversible zippers allow you to effortlessly attach each section.

The frame is manufactured from a hardwearing 180 gram Dacron material which is supplied in black.

Perfect for all types of events and exhibitions including sporting events, motor shows, car forecourts and showrooms, and festivals.

Lightweight and portable, the Signus ONE 4m inflatable pavilion weighs just 14.6kg. Once deflated, the Signus event tent packs down into a surprisingly small package that can be stored and transported in the wheeled trolley box.

Effortlessly inflated in 10 minutes using the electric pump, it can be assembled by one person. A hand pump is also supplied for remote locations where there is no access to power.

The Signus inflatable pavilion comes with an accessory pack that has everything required for immediate use.

What’s Included?

  • Signus 4m Inflatable Frame in black
  • 3 x White water-resistant roof cloths
  • 1 x Trolley box
  • 1 x Accessory bag
  • 1 x Electric pump
  • 1 x Tent peg set
  • 1 x Valve set
  • 1 x Hand pump

With a range of anchoring solutions available, the versatile Signus events tent is suitable for use on almost any surface.

When used with the anchoring pegs provided, the Signus ONE can withstand winds speed 20-29 km/h Beaufort Scale 4 on hard soil or grass. The optional anchoring screws are for use on sand or snow and can be used in Beaufort Scale 4 weather. Both types of pegs are anchored into to the ground through a stainless-steel ring on each foot of the tent.

Our most secure and heaviest anchoring solution is the water barrels. The set of 3 black PVC barrels can be filled with 80 litres of water each and are placed at the foot of each Signus leg. These water barrels enable the Signus pop up gazebo to be used outside in wind speeds 30-50 km/h Beaufort Scale 5/6. You can add optional printed covers which provide you with additional marketing space and brand exposure. Once filled to capacity they can act as convenient seating pods.

A custom printed Signus ONE 4m inflatable event tent is available. This custom printed option offers maximum brand exposure and comes with the flexibility of being used as a branded or unbranded event tent. With our FREE 3D rendering service, you can see how your artwork or branding will look on a Signus ONE. For more information call us on 01733 511030.

For larger events we also offer the Signus 5m and Signus 6m inflatable pavilion.

Why Choose the Signus ONE 4m Unbranded?

  • Ultimate inflatable event tent
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Innovative and unique design – stands out among the crowd
  • Large covered area of 18m²
  • Lightweight and portable – weighs just 14.6kg
  • Ideal for all types of experiential marketing events
  • Easily inflated using the electric pump in just 10 minutes
  • Hand pump can be used when no access to power
  • Water repellent roof means its suitable for all weathers
  • Range of anchoring solutions for hard or soft ground
  • Can withstand wind speeds between 20-50 km/h when anchored down
  • Unique and interesting design – no other event tent like it
  • Complete with accessory pack – ready for immediate use
  • Easily transported in the wheeled trolley box
  • Water resistant, fire retardant and UV resistant
  • Simple operation allows one person to install and assemble
  • Accessory bag provided for all Signus accessories
  • Simply assembly – can be completed by one person
  • Signus ONE 4m custom branded is available
  • Signus ONE 5m and Signus ONE 6m also available

For more information on our Signus ONE Inflatable Pavilion please Contact Us or call us on 01733 511030.


Manufactured to order and dispatched within 2 weeks.

Please note: delivery costs for Signus ONE products vary - please call us for a quote on 01733 511030.

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Signus ONE Inflatable Pavilion 4m Technical Specification

Dimensions: 2820mm (h) x 4200mm (w)
Tube Diameter: 220mm Diameter 
Entrance Height: 2210mm (h)
Inflatable Frame Weight: 11 kg approx.
Total Package Weight: 14.6 kg approx.

Wind Resistance (with 3x tent pegs/screws): Between 20-29 Km/h Beaufort scale 4
Wind Resistance (with 3x water barrels): Between 30-50 Km/h Beaufort scale 5/6 
Signus One Tubes: Made from a highly durable 180-gram Dacron material
Signus One White Cloth: Made from a ripstop, PU coated water-repellent polyester material
Inflation Time (hand pump): 20 minutes approx.
Inflation Time (electric pump): 10 minutes approx.

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