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What Makes A Good Exhibition Stand?

Posted By:

XL Displays


10 February 2022

Reading Time:

11 Mins

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What Makes A Good Exhibition Stand?

It can sometimes be hard to know what kind of stand will work best at an exhibition or event, particularly if you’re new to the world of trade shows. There is no hard-and-fast rule, unfortunately; a lot of it can be trial and error to find what works for your business and your customers.

However, there are some key things you should think about when choosing an exhibition stand; tenets you can stick to in order to achieve your business goals at whichever event you choose. Read on for 5 things you really must consider in order to design a good exhibition stand.

1. Innovative Design

Particularly when you have a small area in which to exhibit, it can be difficult to come up with an eye-catching and innovative design that will stand out from the other event displays. With so many products on offer, too, it can be hard to know which style of exhibition stand will best suit your brand.

Particularly if you’re starting out in the world of exhibitions and trade shows, it can be a good idea to seek professional help. By choosing to hire an exhibition stand rather than start from scratch on your own, you’ll not only be getting access to a full range of display stand products but also to the design skills and experience of our experts. Your dedicated account manager will work with you based on your stand area dimensions and layout to design a bespoke stand solution, considering the full range of stand products and accessories on offer. You can achieve a much more comprehensive event stand design by hiring than by purchasing; our experienced account managers will design innovative layouts in order to use your exhibition space to its full potential. Plus, you’ll have access to our expert graphic design team to turn your ideas into stunning artwork designs.

Flexibility is often key to a good exhibition stand. When purchasing your own stand, it’s important to think how you can change and adapt this for different events and exhibitions. The beauty of hiring a stand is that you can change your layout entirely event to event without being pigeonholed by having purchased one particular kind of stand; leaving you free to embrace creativity.

2. High-Quality Printing 

The print finish on your exhibition stand is essential if you want to leave your visitors with a good impression. Shoddy print quality will give your display a cheap, unprofessional look and feel. Investing in products with a high print quality will guarantee that your stand will look polished and attract more visitors.

We print all of our exhibition stand components in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Peterborough, UK. Before printing, all of your artwork submissions go through rigorous checks for things like print resolution and image placement. Our experts also look in minute detail at every inch of the logo or branding to see if there is anything that could potentially hinder the quality of the design once printed.

We have a range of different print possibilities at our manufacturing hub, including dye-sublimation print. Using 100% eco-friendly inks, a combination of 200ᵒ heat and the pressure of the rollers force the water-based ink to bond with the fibres of the display, creating ultra-bold and vivid artwork. Dye-sublimation fuses the ink directly into the weave of the material rather than sitting on top – this keeps your displays looking bright and fresh for longer.

Our polyester graphic panels go through a lamination process to add further durability to the finish. At each stage of the process, our experts check rigorously for faults or damage and any issues are immediately flagged and the item is reprinted from scratch. This way, you know you’ll be getting the highest possible print quality for your exhibition stand. 

Tension Fabric Backdrops

Tension Fabric Exhibition Stands

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Linked Pop Up Stands

3. Easy Assembly

Set-up days ahead of exhibitions and events are stressful enough without the added pressure of a complicated stand construction ahead of you. Pop up stands or fabric displays are some of the most simple designs to set-up; they require minimal installation. 

  • Pop-Up Stands - fold down into a specialised carry case. The frame is designed to simply ‘pop’ into place and are held firm using magnetic cross poles. You then attached the printed graphic panels to the frame using magnetic tape.
  • Fabric Displays - constructed with a strong yet lightweight tubular frame. Each frame section is number coded and they simply slot together. A printed fabric ‘sock’ then slides over the frame for a seamless finish.

However, if you’re looking for a stand design that’s larger or more comprehensive without the fuss of transport or construction exhibition stand hire should be considered. When you hire an exhibition stand through us, all of the transport and construction is included in the cost, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about on set-up day except getting your team ready for the event. In addition, hiring a stand also gives you the option to be flexible and change your design event-to-event rather than laying out huge set-up costs and paying for each adaptation when you buy your own stand. Our team will help you design your stand from the ground up, ensuring you an innovative, attention-grabbing result.

4. Lighting

Whichever style of exhibition stand you choose, intelligent lighting can always make a difference. The overhead lighting at events can be very powerful, but it won’t necessarily be above your stand or hit your display in the perfect places. Depending on the style of display you choose, overhead lighting can actually be masked by framing or shell scheme set-ups; trade show stands with smaller proportions, in particular, can appear dark or gloomy without additional lighting. Clever use of exhibition stand lighting can make the space look and feel bigger than it is.

Make your display stand out from the crowd by ensuring you’ve chosen bespoke lighting options. Shell schemes are some of the most commonly found types of exhibition stand. These can be lit using spotlights that are installed on the metal frames of the shell scheme and can be directed where you need them most to highlight your bespoke printed panelling.

Our other forms of exhibition stand are available with attachable lighting which sits on top of the stand and lights from above. This is an excellent option, as it lights up each panel individually for a design that really stands out.

As an alternative, we also sell exhibition stands pre-backlit with LED lighting panels. These glow from the inside out for a truly striking display. Adding backlit fabric displays is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

5. Accessories

Once you’ve completed the design and set-up of your exhibition stand, it’s time to add the finishing touches. All of the accessories you add to your stand should have been chosen during the design process; and they can all make a huge difference to the finished result. Some of the most popular accessory additions are:

  • iPad/Tablet Stands - these allow you to interact with visitors, either through displaying video content or allowing interactive activities such as games, surveys, quizzes or competition entries.
  • TV Units - these can be integrated into the design of your stand or stood separately, allowing you to display digital content such as video marketing.
  • Leaflet Dispensers - if you’re adding classic print marketing to your exhibition stand, leaflet dispensers offer a neat and easy way to display and hand out leaflets and flyers to visitors.
  • Pop-Up Counters - set up a space where your staff can interact with visitors, showcase product demonstrations or where you can simply put your product on clear display.
  • Printed Tablecloths - these give a professional touch to practical tables, printed with your branding/logo.
  • Practical Items - once you’ve thought of accessories that might boost the effect of your stand, you can assess the need for practical items for health and safety reasons, such as bins, recycling stands, and hand sanitiser dispensers.

Once you’ve installed your accessories, your exhibition stand is ready for visitors! Remember to take note of the successes or shortfalls of your stand design so you can modify it for your next event; this way you can keep improving all the time.

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