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How to Build Brand Awareness with Illuminated Signs

Posted By:

XL Displays


24 September 2021

Reading Time:

12 Mins

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How to Build Brand Awareness with Illuminated Signs

OAAA’s latest Nielsen studies suggest that, when it comes to LED illuminated or digital street advertising, 65% of people who noticed the display immediately visited the business after viewing the ad, and that 92% of those visiting the business made a purchase. These stats prove that, if you want to boost the power of your advertising, illuminated displays are the way to go.

Whether as a freestanding display at an event or exhibition, highlighting new promotions on a counter or checkout, or advertising new menus or upcoming events outside a hospitality venue, illuminated signage can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. Using illuminated signs to build brand awareness is an excellent idea; by their very nature, illuminated signs are eye-catching and visually appealing, making people more likely to notice your advertising displays.  

What are illuminated displays?

By definition, illuminated displays are boards, stands and frames that have been fitted with inbuilt lighting; including fluorescent lighting, neon lighting and LED lighting. They can be used in a variety of different situations to spread brand awareness, showcase promotions and highlight advertising displays. 

Places that benefit from illuminated displays include hospitality venues such as pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and bars; entertainment venues such as cinemas, theatres, museums and music arenas; event locations such as conferences, exhibitions and trade shows as well as public advertising in transport hubs such as airports, train stations, bus shelters and on the London underground network.

How do illuminated displays work?

Broadly speaking, illuminated displays all work in the same way: they use light strips or LEDs to shine a light on advertising display materials in a variety of forms. However, within this loose definition, there are several different styles of illuminated display which use their lighting in unique ways, and offer different advertising possibilities for your business. Our collection of illuminated displays fall into six main categories:

  • Freestanding Illuminated Signs - these single or double-sided displays are available as a framed finish or with a lightbox effect. They are lightweight display panels with stable feet at the base which stand alone or as part of a wider event display. Strips of LED lights surround the frame to spread light evenly.
    Product Example: Freestanding LED Exhibition Light Box

  • Counter-Top Lightboxes - smaller in size, these free-standing backlit displays are perfect for countertops, desks, receptions, tills or for displaying on shelving. Highly portable, they have a slim profile internal frame with feet for stability, with a double-sided display. Pre-installed LED lights in the base provide illumination.Product Example: IllumiGo LED Counter Lightbox

  • Wall-Mounted Backlit Displays - covering wall displays, poster frames and lockable lightboxes, our collection of wall-mounted illuminated displays includes some of our most popular and versatile products. Using LED lights to illuminate your branding, you can choose between permanent graphic displays or products which allow you to regularly change display posters. Product Example: Outdoor LED Lightbox

  • Fabric LED Banners - using flexible fabric sleeves rather than firm graphics, our fabric LED banners are some of the most practical, space-saving designs available as the elements can be dismantled and folded down into a small carry case. The fabric sleeve is evenly illuminated by LED strip lights at the top and bottom of the tubular frame. Product Example: Formulate Fabric LED Banner

  • Illuminated Exhibition Podiums - these freestanding illuminated tower lightboxes have printed graphic panels and are ideal for exhibitions, retail displays or as meet and greet counters. The LED lighting strips are attached to the aluminium posts on both sides and focus the light through your bespoke graphic panels to evenly illuminate your branding. Product Example: Standard Light Box Display Podium

  • Backlit Booth Stands - including both lightboxes and tension fabric designs, our collection of backlit booth stands includes products ideal for building an illuminated stand for an event of exhibition. Perfect for large-scale advertising displays. Product Example: ILLUMiGO Tension Fabric Lightbox

TOTEM Illuminated Signs

TOTEM Illuminated Signs

IllumiGO ONE Backlit LED Lightbox

IllumiGO ONE Backlit LED Lightbox

What's the most energy efficient display screen?

When choosing an illuminated display, we recommend selecting a product that uses LED lighting. LED stands for light-emitting diode, a highly energy-efficient lighting technology which in some cases uses up to 75% less energy, and lasts up to 25 times longer than your standard light bulb. 

LEDs are tiny in size and they emit very little heat in comparison to standard  bulbs, which release almost 90% of their energy as heat (making them incredibly inefficient). As a result, LEDs can last nearly 30 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs - making them far better value for money in the long run. LEDs also emit light in a specific direction, rather than diffusing it in a widespread manner. This makes them an ideal choice for illuminated signage as you don’t need additional reflector panels to direct the light.

Many of our illuminated signage products use LED lighting because it’s more energy efficient, offers better longevity and value for money, and is better for the environment. You can see LED used across our full range of backlit advertising, in products like our ILLUMINATE LED Poster Case or our ILLUMiGO Backlit Exhibition U-Shape Booth. If you want to discuss in detail which of our LED illuminated products is the best fit for your business, our team has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and will be happy to take you through the available options.

Why invest in illuminated signage?
  1. Increased Footfall - the purpose of advertising is to attract the attention of potential customers, spreading your brand message and bringing in new business. Having displays that are eye-catching and highly visible can give a huge boost to your brand awareness, and, in turn, your sales. Illuminated signage is a great way to do this. The addition of LED lights in the frames or backs of your displays makes them - and your business - stand out from the crowd. Research by Nielsen found that consumers who notice directions from a digital or illuminated outdoor advertising display are highly likely to visit a business - and that more than 80% will make a purchase.
  2. Visual Appeal - the fact is, illuminated signs just look cool. They give your advertising a professional look, and your customers know that you’ve invested in highlighting your brand. Offering visual appeal is one of the most important aspects that brand advertising should have; if people are spotting your branding, you’re spreading awareness about your business. And illuminated signs are nothing if not eye-catching. In fact, the quality of your advertising is so important that The FedEx Office “What’s Your Sign?” survey found that 76% of the American consumers surveyed enter a business they have never visited before based purely on its signs, and 68% have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.
  3. Practicality - an often overlooked aspect of choosing illuminated signage is its practicality! If you’re displaying your advertising in a dimly-lit corridor, in a narrow alley outside your premises, outdoors where there are no street lights or even at an exhibition or event where the lighting is low, then an illuminated display really helps you to stand out. With minimal cost outlay (as you don’t need to install any additional lighting to illuminate the area) our lightboxes and backlit displays shine bright wherever you use them.
  4. Value For Money - there are many different kinds of advertising displays available, from the best value pavement signs to high end digital billboards (for which you would expect to pay around £1400-£2000 for a 2 week slot). Illuminated signs offer a lower cost alternative to expensive digital billboards by providing backlit advertising displays that are visible, eye-catching and which encourage footfall to your business at a relatively low initial outlay. The stationary graphics or posters that you’ll use as marketing materials in your illuminated signs are also much cheaper to replace than remaking graphic video or animated content for fully digital billboards. So you experience a similar increase in exposure without the additional cost.

Considering investing in outdoor advertising for your business? Our blog How Can Outdoor Advertising Boost Your Sales? has all the answers.

For more information on our range of illuminated signs, or any of our other advertising boards, our expert team is here to help. You can reach them via the form on our Contact Us page, or by calling 01733 511030.