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How to Assemble Pull Up Banners

How to Assemble Pull Up Banners

XL Displays 01/08/2018

Pull up banners are one of the oldest yet most effective exhibition display tools.

In an industry that is constantly evolving and growing, a lot of products come onto the market but don’t ever really take off – let alone become a go-to solution year on year.

Pull up banners have managed to not only withstand the test of time, but they are continually proven to be one of the most popular marketing tools time and again.

There are a few things that go into making an exhibition solution a success: such as a stylish, professional design, a functional, high impact presence, the ability to transport your display easily and an investment that will last you years.

An exhibition tool can have all of these elements, but if it is hard to assemble, people simply won’t buy it.

The beauty of pull up banners is that they are all of those things mentioned above, as well as being effortless to put up.

What You Get

Each pull up banner comes with a base, a printed graphic, a supporting pole and a padded carry bag as standard.

Pull up banners with a slimline base – such as the Grasshopper pull up banner – also come with stabilising feet to keep the banner steady.

How To Assemble

Pull up banners take just a matter of minutes to assemble without the need for any tools, everything you need is included in the display.

  1. Unzip the padded carry bag and take out each element of the pull up banner 
  2. If your banner has feet, either secure them on or twist them out – and if you have an outdoor banner, use ground pegs to keep the feet in the ground
  3. Slot the upright pole together and push it into the hole that is in the base
  4. Pull the graphic up from the base and slide it onto the top of upright pole until it secures into place
  5. If you have a double sided banner, repeat step four on the other side

It really is as easy as that. There are no tools and no contractors required, and best of all, hardly any time is needed either.

The entire process takes roughly two minutes, meaning you can spend more time on the things that matter most and not on the complicated assembly of your stand.

Watch the video below to see how to assemble a pull up banner and pack it back down again:

Types of Pull Up Banners

As we’ve mentioned, there are many types of pull up banners, each one with their own features and benefits.

The Grasshopper banner is our bestselling entry-level banner. It comes in a wide range of widths, making it perfect for any brand or any event.

Grasshopper Pull Up Banner

We recommend this banner to businesses who exhibit once or twice a year. The slim-line base is assisted by twist out feet to ensure the display is stable and steady.

The feet simply pull out and twist into place – so even though it may seem like there are more elements to this pull up banner, the assembly remains effortless. It is supplied with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. 

If you need a pull up banner that is suitable for several uses throughout the year, then we recommend our Excaliber 2 double sided banner. It comes with a slightly wider base than the Grasshopper banner, meaning there is no need for twist out feet as it is stable on its own. In addition, it is double sided, meaning you can get 360-degree brand promotion without any extra assembly effort. We recommend double sided pull up banners for high traffic areas as the wide base provides extra stability when in use. 

The Merlin or Imagine are apart of our replaceable cassette pull up banners range. Perfect for businesses that change their marketing message frequently and need to refresh their display often. The cassette simply drops into the base and the graphic pulls out. The replacement cassette with printed graphic costs less than our entry level roller banner making it a more cost effective solution long term. 

The Link2 banner is our most unique pull up banner solution. It is the only pull up banner in the world that can be linked. This means that with the use of a linking panel, you can add as many banners as you want in any shape you want – allowing you to create a bespoke display without the hassle. Just like every other pull up banner, the Link2 is simple to assemble and highly effective. The grahpics are easily changeable without the need for sending the complete unit back. Simply order a replacement graphic and attach it yourself. 

Link2 Triple Roller Banner

If you’re looking for an outdoor solution, then the Thunder double sided banner is the perfect choice. Complete with ground pegs to keep the banner secure in adverse weather conditions, the Thunder pull up banner is a go-to solution for brands looking to market themselves outside.

At XL Displays, we manufacture one of the UK’s largest ranges of pull up banners, including replaceable cassette banners for when your marketing campaign changes frequently and you need a cost-effective solution that is easy to use.

If you need any help or advice, call our sales team on 01733 511030.