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FRONTIER® Office Screens From XL Displays

Posted By:

XL Displays


23 November 2021

Reading Time:

11 Mins

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FRONTIER® Office Screens From XL Displays

FRONTIER® is a range of office screens exclusive to XL Displays. The collection includes fabric, acoustic, part-glazed and vinyl partitions in both freestanding and desk dividers. 

FRONTIER® office screens offer a variety of different designs all with matching frames so you can create a coordinated fit out across your office using different dividers for different purposes and areas. In addition, thanks to the matching frames, you can also link different types of FRONTIER® screens together easily.

While FRONTIER® screens can be used in a variety of different locations, including reception areas, training rooms, call centres, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and colleges, libraries, retail, public and community buildings and hospitality venues; they are a popular choice for offices thanks to their versatility. 

Read on for tips on how to use these innovative FRONTIER® screens to partition your office space. 

FRONTIER® Fabric Screens

Standard fabric office partitions are some of the most popular office screens we sell. You will find them in all sorts of locations, from schools and colleges to libraries and public buildings - and in office spaces up and down the country. Modern office layouts tend towards more open-plan designs, which are great for promoting a friendly and collaborative work environment, but which can often lack the capability to offer private, peaceful individual work spaces for employees. Usually, employees in modern offices are seated at long desk banks; these can become busy and chaotic, but fabric desk dividers create a ‘cubicle’ feel to promote privacy (more on that later). 

When it comes to freestanding fabric screens, these are incredibly versatile and practical items to have on hand in an office environment. They can be used for a variety of different purposes, and are lightweight enough to be easily moved around to where you need them most. For example, you’ll often find fabric screens set up linked together to form impromptu meeting rooms or relaxation spaces within a larger venue. The FRONTIER® screens for offices offer excellent value for money. 

FRONTIER® Acoustic Dividers

Acoustic panels are often chosen for noisy office environments as they effectively mute sound by preventing it from reverberating around a space. This is a common problem in modern offices with minimal soft furnishings such as long-pile carpets, rugs, curtains or cushions, and it’s exacerbated in situations where sound levels become raised, such as call centres, sales departments or even near office machinery such as printers.

The effectiveness of acoustic panels is measured using an NRC, or Noise Reduction Coefficient number. This is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb, scaling from 0 (where the product is ineffective at absorbing sound) to 1 (where the product absorbs all sound). An NRC is a tricky concept to calculate, as a higher level doesn’t always give the best effect; for example, most carpets only have an NRC of 0.1 but if they cover large areas of floor they can be very effective, In contrast, products with an extremely high NRC can lead to the room sounding ‘dead’; removing the necessary ambient reflections which give the room character. This can in turn deter people from interacting normally, which might affect your office environment in a negative way.

The FRONTIER® acoustic screens include a layer of 18mm-thick sound absorbing foam that offers an NRC of 0.43. This provides mid-level acoustic soundproofing which is made more effective by installing multiple screens across your office area. If your budget does not stretch to a complete acoustic panel installation across your office, then with the FRONTIER® range it is easy to mix and match acoustic dividers with the standard fabric partitions, as all the screens in the FRONTIER® range can link together easily.  We recommend using acoustic panels in specific locations in front of noise generating areas such as machinery, telephone banks or between a reception and working area to help prevent sound reverberation and create a more peaceful and productive working environment. You can then finish the installation with standard fabric screens in the same colour for a seamless look.

FRONTIER® Office Screen Desk Dividers

FRONTIER® Office Screen Desk Dividers

FRONTIER® Free Standing Part-Glazed Office Partition Screen

FRONTIER® Free Standing Part-Glazed Office Partition Screen

FRONTIER® Part-Glazed Screens

Part-glazed screens offer a modern alternative to fabric screens, as they are finished with an upper panel made from high-quality Perspex® in either a clear or frosted finish. The upper glazed panel performs two functions:

  1. It offers a smooth, non-porous, wipe-clean surface that works as a social distancing screen, trapping potentially infectious respiratory particles and helping to prevent the spread of illness within an office
  2. In both transparent or frosted finishes, it allows light to travel through the space much more effectively than with fully opaque screens in fabric or vinyl finishes, maintaining a bright and airy atmosphere.

Part glazed office screens offer the privacy that you would get from a traditional fabric screen (lower fabric panel) combined with the bright feel of an acrylic screen (upper panel) in one innovative product. They also lend a stylish, contemporary feel to your office. Use them between standalone desks to separate workspaces, to create temporary meeting rooms, or to break up large open-plan rooms into smaller work zones.

FRONTIER® Anti Microbial Vinyl Partitions

Based on the same internal construction as the FRONTIER® office screens, these screens are instead finished with a layer of Camira Vita vinyl, a heavy grade vinyl that is treated with an anti-microbial additive that works to repel microbes and prevent odors from building up. This makes them ideal for use in medical environments such as hospitals or GP surgeries - however, it can also make them a practical choice for certain locations within an office environment. 

For example, as these screens resist the build-up of bacteria and are very easy to keep cleaned and sanitised, the FRONTIER® vinyl partitions are a good choice if screens are required in a kitchen or dining environment within an office. The freestanding versions can be placed on the floor to create smaller dining spaces within a larger, open-plan room; separating tables or creating queue zones within a busy kitchen area. The desktop versions of the wipeable vinyl screen can be useful to divide up preparation areas on a surface or worktop, or to create individual dining areas on long table banks. 

Cleaning the vinyl screens is easy; simply wipe down the surfaces using antibacterial wipes, medical-grade cleansers or a diluted bleach solution. Ensure they are cleaned regularly to ensure a hygienic and safe environment.

FRONTIER® Desk Divider Screens

All of our FRONTIER® screen styles are available in desk divider shapes as well as freestanding floor screens. Desk dividers are some of the most popular office screens we sell at XL, as they are an easy and affordable way to segment up large desk banks into individual cubicles, for privacy, peace and quiet, or protection. 

  • Privacy - Traditional fabric desk dividers offer a simple and cost-effective way to give your employees a little privacy even on large desk banks. These fabric-covered partitions cover up unsightly cables and mess from neighboring desks. 
  • Peace & Quiet - For busy, noisy offices, investing in a range of acoustic desk divider screens can make a huge difference to the productivity of your workforce. These panels have a layer of acoustic foam under the fabric which helps to absorb rather than reflect noise, for a quieter working environment.
  • Protection - Desk divider screens can form an easily sanitisable barrier between employees working at large desk banks. You can choose between a glazed Perspex® or glass panel, or a vinyl partition for social distancing purposes, as these are the materials that are easiest to keep clean and hygienic.

FRONTIER® Screen Toppers

Also known as height extenders, screen toppers are Perspex or glass panels specifically designed to fit on top of pre-existing screens for additional height and protection. This is particularly relevant when it comes to social distancing, as they can be extremely helpful in offering an additional barrier between workers, particularly at desk banks.

The FRONTIER® height extenders are constructed with the same frame design as other products in the FRONTIER® range, meaning they are compatible with any of the freestanding or desk divider screens in this collection. 

For more information on our range of FRONTIER® Screens For Offices, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call us on 01733 511030.