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5 Benefits Exhibitions Have on Your Business

Posted By:

XL Displays


11 March 2019

Reading Time:

6 Mins

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Exhibition Tips

5 Benefits Exhibitions Have on Your Business

The exhibition season is in full swing which means most businesses with either be preparing for an event or considering whether they should sign up last minute.

There’s no denying that trade shows are costly, both in time and money. In order to be successfully executed every detail needs to be planned, every eventuality needs to be accounted for and there needs to be a strict adherence to a suitable budget.

This is more often than not the reason why many brands deem events and exhibitions to be a waste of time and opt not to attend, but for every disadvantage of events there are two additional benefits.

Here’s a list of the top five benefits attending a trade show can have on your business:

Brand awareness
The biggest and potentially most well-known reason people go to exhibitions is to raise their brand awareness.

With thousands of people in attendance, there’s no reason why your branding can’t be seen by every person in the event venue.

With hundreds of other exhibitors all vying for attention from guests, it’s essential that you get your display stand nailed in order to positively spread brand awareness. Afterall, not all publicity is good publicity.

If you already know what display solution you’re going for but you need tips on graphic design, read our article on how to create an eye-catching exhibition stand.

Alternatively, if you want to grab people’s attention but aren’t sure of the best way to do so, here are a few products we recommend that will suit every budget:

  • Overhead branding: with prices from as little as £521, our range of overhead branding is a highly effective way of instantly getting people’s attention. These fabric displays offer 360ᵒ marketing exposure in a large format way. They are suspended from the ceiling, meaning your brand will be instantly recognisable – even from across the room.
  • Jumbo pop up stands: standing at an impressive 4m high, our range of jumbo pop up exhibition stands are much larger than the average portable display, meaning your branding will be placed at least a metre higher than everyone else’s. The additional graphic area also gives you more room to maximise the impact of your graphic design.
  • Interactive displays: adding audio and visual elements to your display will enhance the interactivity of your exhibition stand and make for a more engaging and fun stand. iPad stands, monitor brackets and responsive LED products like our Lumos towers will transform a regular exhibition into an experience that visitors won’t forget.

Realistic feedback
No one likes to receive criticism, especially if it’s pertaining to your work and your brand. Unfortunately, the best way to improve is with criticism.

Attending a trade show will give you the opportunity to sit down face to face with existing clients and potential customers to find out what it is that they like about your brand or service and what could be improved.

Taking this feedback on board and acting accordingly is how you grow your business.

Here at XL Displays we listen to clients at events, but we also encourage clients to leave us Trustpilot reviews and Google reviews. By reading these reviews, we can identify where we can improve and what we can do to be better. This feedback is what we base our customer service protocols on.

Whether it’s good or bad, take it in your stride and use it as an opportunity to grow.

Industry insights
Trade shows are magnets for industry leaders and influential figures to give talks at. Whilst at an event it is well worth taking the time to sit in on a talk or a seminar to better understand your area from the people who know it best.

Listening to new voices gives you a fresh perspective on things and provides an alternative way of thinking which is always beneficial.

Creating leads
If you’re attending a B2C event, the potential to generate new business leads is unlimited. People buy people and this is made 10x easier when you attend a trade show.

The very nature of these events is to encourage brands to mingle with clients, so taking full advantage of having potential leads handed to you on a plate is only ever a good thing.

Attending an exhibition isn’t just about making connections with consumers, it’s about connecting with other professionals within the industry too.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to suppliers and CEO’s who have the power of influence – it could all pay off in the long run.

Exhibitions and events aren’t for everyone, but the vast majority of brands have something to gain from attending, so it’s always worth giving it a go to see what you get back.

At XL Displays we are experts in Exhibition Stand Design and offer a wide range of display equipment, from portable display stands such as Fabric Exhibition StandsPop Up Displays StandsPrinted Tablecloths and Pull Up Banners to Exhibition Stands.

For more information on our product range or graphic design service, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.