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What is a Pop Up Stand

Posted By:

XL Displays


18 February 2022

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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What is a Pop Up Stand

As you walk through your next trade show or exhibition, take a look at the different showcases. Chances are, the majority of these are created from pop up display stands. Pop up stands are, in essence, a printed backwall display. They are designed to help your business make an impact at trade shows, events and exhibitions by boosting your presence. They are portable, easy to assemble and they showcase your custom printed graphics or branding in sizes up to 5m wide.

Why Are Pop Up Stands So Popular? 

Pop Up Stands are the best selling event display solution of the last 20+ years, and there are many reasons why they are the most popular display solution available:

Cost-Effective - pop up stands offer excellent value for money. You receive a high-quality, practical display that includes everything you need for an impactful exhibition stand for a fraction of the cost of many display systems on the market. Pop Up Displays are modular and allow you to add or subtract sections based on your exhibition space dimensions and requirements. You can build huge, modular displays by linking multiple pop up stands together or use each display as an individual backdrop.

Easy to Update - rather than replacing your entire stand each time to need to refresh your branding, you can simply order new graphics when you’re ready to change your messaging. The new graphics connect to your existing frame in the same way allowing you to update your branding each time you exhibit. 

Seamless Finish - pop up stands are designed to create a seamless backdrop for your exhibition stand, whether freestanding or within a shell scheme setup. The graphic panels are cut with precision in-house and line up perfectly along the magnetic bars that hold them in position. 

Quick & Easy Assembly - they can be constructed or disassembled by one person in just minutes, without the need for tools or specialist contractors. Assembly instructions are always included inside the wheeled case with every single pop-up stand. We also have a how to assemble a pop up stand assembly video. 

Everything Included - our pop up exhibition stands come as a kit that includes printed graphics, the frame, a set of LED lights and a transport/storage case, and a beech top and graphic wrap that converts your hard case into a marketing podium with additional branding space. The converted case can be used as an exhibition counter or welcome area to welcome visitors to your exhibition stand. 

Portable - all of our pop up stands are supplied with a hard, wheeled case included. The entire pop up kit will fold down into the case for transport and storage - and the case itself will fit into the boot of a car, so no van hire is required. If requires no heavy lifting, simply tilt the case and wheel it off. 

Different Styles Available - pop ups are a truly versatile product as they are available in a range of styles and sizes. Choose from straight or curved pop up stands in single or double-sided options - and you can link multiple pop up stands together to create larger displays. We have a wide range of predetermined Linked Pop Up Exhibition Stand kits available to purchase off the shelf. 

How Are Pop Up Stands Assembled? 

The base of a pop up stand is a scissor-action, lattice aluminium frame. It is designed with hinges so it can be folded open and closed quickly and easily. The lightweight frame folds down into a small, compact size for storage or transportation. It is the frame design that gives pop up stands their name - the lightweight metal framework simply ‘pops up’ into position.

Linked Pop Up Exhibition Stands With TV Stand

Pop Up Exhibition Stands With TV Stand

Linked Pop Up Stands

Linked Pop Up Stands

Once the aluminium framework is in place, mag bars are attached as a support for the printed graphic panels. These bespoke graphic panels are hung from the frame using a combination of nodes at the top of the frame, and the supportive mag bars. All of our pop up stand exhibitor kits are also supplied with LED lighting as standard,hse hok over the frame at the top ad can be installed with no tools. LED lights are better for the environment (they consume 70% less power and last 100x longer than traditional incandescent bulbs) and for your bottom line (as we supply two lights running on one cable, and organisers typically charge per socket and wattage output).

The beauty of pop up stands is that they can be easily installed by one person in just a few minutes, without the need for tools. This makes them a popular choice for smaller businesses as they require no additional installation costs. 

How Do Pop Up Stand Sizes Work?

Pop up exhibition stands are sold in reference to the size that they are, for example, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 or 3x5. Pop up stands are split into box sections, for example, 3x2 refers to 3 boxes up and 2 boxes across; 4x4 is 4 boxes up and 4 across. These codes DO NOT refer to dimensions in meters, as you might assume. For example, the dimensions for a best selling 3x3 pop up stand (that’s 3 boxes up and 3 boxes across) are in fact 2225mm high (2.5m) x 2700mm wide (2.7m).

The footprint is typically quite small for a pop up stand which is important when planning an exhibition space. The floor space alone is incredibly expensive so you don't want to take up too much valuable floor space with your display. The curved and straight pop up displays do vary in footprint for essentially the same size. 

How Are Pop Up Stands Made? 

All of our pop up stands are made in the UK at our manufacturing facility in Peterborough. The graphic panels for our pop-up stands are made from 100% polyester, PVC-free stoplight media and they are printed in-house to your exact specifications by our expert printing team. We source the high-quality, genuine Quick Plus aluminium frames from UK suppliers, and we print the graphic panels and finish them in-house before dispatching the order. We rigorously monitor hardware and print quality to ensure our customers receive the best quality pop-up exhibition displays possible. 

For more information on our pop up display stands, or any of our exhibition displays, please Contact Us or call our team on 01733 511030.