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Top Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Posted By:

XL Displays


15 November 2016

Reading Time:

8 Mins

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Top Tips for Attracting Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand

Engaging exhibition attendees is the number one priority you should be focusing on during your event. Engaging attendees provides more leads which in turn will provide more sales and hopefully loyal customers after the event has finished, leaving you with a good return on your investment.

You may be a first time exhibitor or an industry veteran – but there is always room for improvement. We’ve come up with some top tips for attracting as many visitors to your exhibition space as possible.

Top Tip #1 – Stand Design

High quality artwork is a great start to draw in more visitors, an eye-catching design will ensure your brand stands out. Your artwork should be of a high resolution so that the finished product isn’t blurry, and can be clearly seen from a distance.

When creating artwork for your exhibition stand, it should be attractive, but also informative at the same time. An attractive stand that doesn’t tell anyone who you are or what you do can have a negative effect on drawing in visitors.

Any text included in your design should be big, bold, easy to read and concise. People aren’t likely to stand around to read the text on your stand for long. Remember that in-depth product text and other information can be displayed easily in marketing materials such as leaflets and brochures, you don’t need too much information on the display.

When thinking about colour it can be a good idea to stick to your brand colours – this can help people to recognise who you are quickly and can help to draw in people that are familiar with your brand.

At XL Displays we offer a professional, in-house graphic design service, one of our graphic designers will work with you to create artwork for your display that meets your brief perfectly.

Tip #2 – The Right Team

An experienced event team can make or break an exhibition. Some of the skills you are looking for when selecting your team include being friendly, out-going, confident and knowledgeable on your product or service.

Team members can also be broken down into “hook” and “spotter” candidates. Hook candidates are proficient at staying on the stand and attracting visitors whilst spotters approach people and encourage them to visit your stand. It is a good idea to have a mix of the two in your team.

One of the most important traits your team requires is enthusiasm. A team that knows the objectives of the event and are willing to strive to achieve them will ultimately be more beneficial to you than a team that’s just there to get paid.

Tip #3 – Look Professional

Creating a professional, and easily recognisable dress-code will encourage visitors to come to your stand. If your team are dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, it can be difficult for visitors to identify who is running the stand, which can put them off.

A professional dress-code doesn’t have to be formal. A smart polo-shirt in your brand colours with your logo clearly visible, as well as comfortable trousers and shoes can work just as well as a suit and tie, whilst still providing a professional appearance.

Tip #4 – Make Your Stand an Experience

Creating a memorable experience at your exhibition stand can be a great way to get visitors to remember you. Visitors that remember you after the event are more likely to purchase from you, and eventually become loyal customers.

Start with providing an interactive element to your exhibition stand. This can be achieved through the use of iPads or other tablets as well as iPad Stands to support them. Tablets are a great interactive marketing tool and can be locked to a range of content for visitors to engage with, from your website to games that are relevant to your product or service.

Monitor stands and integrated monitor mounts are another great choice which allow you to display vital information in an engaging way such as product demonstration videos.

If you have a physical product to show off it can also be a good idea to hold hands-on product demonstrations, either one-to-one or in groups if your stand is receiving a lot of visitors.

Alternatively, leaflet dispensers are great for holding valuable marketing materials like business cars and product catalogues.

Competitions and giveaways are also a reliable way to drum up some attention, nothing gets people talking like the chance to win free things. At XL Displays, when we attended the Peterborough B2B Exhibition, we held a competition where visitors had to guess the combined age of the staff on the stand and leave a business card with their answer. This ended up generating a lot of attention and the winner took home a new iPad Mini.

Tip #5 – Have an Online Presence

While you’re busy at an event it can be easy to forget about your online presence. Promoting the fact that you are attending an event and letting your audience know the details can help to bring in visitors. Here are 3 ways you can let your online audience know you will be attending an event:

  • Upload a banner and a blog post/article to your website that explains what the event is and why people should come to visit you.
  • Take advantage of social media by live-posting what is happening during the event. Some people may not be able to attend and being active on social media can drive traffic through to your website.
  • Send out an email to your existing customers inviting them to your stand.

When posting about the event online, make sure you include as many details as possible, such as dates, times, stand number, stand location etc.

We hope these top tips help you to draw in more visitors at your next exhibition. Share your own exhibition top tips with us on our Twitter Feed and Facebook Page.

At XL Displays we are experts in exhibition stand design and offer a wide range of display equipment, from portable displays to custom-built exhibition stands. For more information on our product range or graphic design service, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.