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How to Choose the Right Roller Banner

How to Choose the Right Roller Banner

XL Displays 26/01/2015

Make Choosing a Pull Up Banner Stand Easy

Roller banners are a trendy choice for portable exhibition stands. They are easy to use, lightweight and look great. They are perfect for advertising your product or service at exhibitions, displays, trade shows and marketing events. 

But with a vast variety of roller banners on the market, it can be very difficult when deciding which one is best for you. So here are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect pull up banner:

Cost of Banner

There is a pull up banner for every budget so if you have tight marketing budget you are still able to purchase a banner stand. Overall, the more money you spend, generally the better quality you will receive. This could be from what the base is made from or the weight of the banner itself. Cheaper roller banners are entirely functional but aren’t as durable.

Frequency of Usage

The general rule is that if you will be using the banner frequently, then it is advised to spend a bit more on it. On premium banners, such as the Barracuda banner, the hardware is more durable, the mechanisms will last longer, and they can withstand heavy usage. For a banner which will remain in situ or will only be used a few times a year choose a lower cost option such as our grasshopper range.

Banner Size

A standard roller banner is two metres high, but some will go up to three metres high. Regarding width, the most popular are 800mm or 1000mm wide, but some models will go up to two metres wide. Consider what you want to use it for and if the large format would work best. Also consider your marketing message and how much text/image you require, this will allow you to have an idea on the banner size you need.

Replaceable Graphics

If you will be changing your marketing messages, regularly think about a banner with a replaceable cassette where you can order new graphics but keep the same hardware – an economical choice if you need new banners on a regular basis. We offer the Merlin and Imagine roller banners which all have replaceable graphic cassettes.

These are unique banners with a graphic cartridge housed independently from the main base unit. This means you can replace the graphics yourself without having to return the whole banner to have new graphics fitted. Just purchase a new cassette and replace it with the old one.


Consider how you want your banner to look. On most pull up banners the graphics pull out from the top of the base however on the Orient banner the graphics come from the front of the base giving a seamless look as most of the base is covered. Take a close look at the bases to see which one you prefer.

Orient Roller Banner


Will you be using the banner indoors or outdoors? If you require your banner to be placed outdoors then you need to ensure your banner is suitable for external use in terms of weather resistance, base stability and ability to withstand wind. Also, consider if the graphics are fade resistant. High traffic areas may require something a little more sturdy such as the barracuda roller banner. For areas where you will see footfall from all angles a double sided roller banner will be the only viable solution. 


Any banner can look great if you have the right design for your business. You can design your stand yourself and supply the artwork. Alternatively, we offer a Graphic Design Service for our pull up banners and one of our talented designers can work with you to create a banner stand ideal for your brand and needs. Alternatively, we provide a free of charge checking service where we check every single artwork before sending it to print. 

Unit Amount

Some our of banners are much more than just a roller banner. The Twist banner range and Link2 roller banner, you have the flexibility of being able to link multiple banners together to create a much larger display. For unique configurations and an emphasis on the message, the twist can be a strong exhibition supply. This will stop the dreaded image of tilting banners, making your message look uneven and cheap. Purchasing a banner stands which can effortlessly link together will provide a straight and professional display even with uneven flooring. 

If you require more than one banner, it may be worth considering ordering the same roller banner for each marketing message. This emphasises on a professional image and looks great weaving in and out of your display stand.

Link2 Banner Stand

Why Choose XL Displays?

  • No Artwork? No Problem! – We offer an in-house graphic design service where one of our designers will work closely with you to create artwork that meets all of your requirements.
  • Quality Assurance – We print our roller banners in house, allowing us to have full control over the quality. We only send out products that have been test-built and quality assured.
  • Price – We regularly review our pricing to ensure it is as competitive as possible, without compromising on the quality.
  • Free Artwork Check – If you have your own artwork one of our designers will check this to ensure it is the best quality print. We will only print a graphic when we are sure it will provide a high quality finish.

If you are still unsure on which roller banner to choose then talk to the experts at XL Displays – see our full range of pull up banner stands or call us on 01733 511030.