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Cool Exhibition Stands

Cool Exhibition Stands

XL Displays 14/10/2019

Corporate trade show displays might serve a very important and formal purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Here are a few cool exhibition stands that we’ve manufactured for some of our clients:

1. Linked Pop Up Stand for SmashTag

This linked pop up display stand is a great example of forward-thinking and creativity. We manufactured the hardware and the graphics for SmashTag, but what they did next is what really makes this exhibition stand unique.

The graphic design for this stand came through with dotted lines spanning the breadth of the map. Once delivered, the SmashTag team drilled through the dots and made small, uniform holes in the graphic panels. They then lined up fairy lights with the holes and set them to a gentle flashing sequence.

This created the illusion that the graphic panels were animated. It was a great way to add a bit of dimension to the exhibition stand, and we think it looked very cool indeed.

2. Formulate Straight Fabric Exhibition Stands for British Motor Heritage

British Motor Heritage

In addition to the suspended Mini and tons of historic memorabilia, this exhibition stand for British Motor Heritage has a number of exceedingly fitting fabric exhibition stands adorning the sides of the gazebo.

We never could have envisioned that our bestselling fabric back walls would be used to line the perimeters of a tent at an outdoor event. We typically think of fabric displays as indoor exhibition stand solutions, but this photo from BMH proved how good these displays can look when a little bit of creativity is sought after.

The purpose of this tent was to celebrate the history of the Mini, and so a lot of thought went into the artwork on the displays. The retro prints fit right in with the rest of the exhibition stand, resulting in a sublime feat of exhibition stand design.

3. Custom Printed XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent for Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Gin

The XGLOO is an exhibition stand to be marvelled at in its own right, but Silent Pool Gin took it to another level when they added a branded canopy and walls.

Being able to easily identify a brand is essential in order to build up brand awareness, and Silent Pool Gin harnessed this in its entirety when designing their canopy and walls.

The graphic design itself is stunning; it’s contrasting and demands attention without being too overpowering. Combined with the size of the tent and the matching tablecloths which showcase the range of products and services Silent Pool Gin provide, this is a fabulous example of outdoor marketing done right.

We have so many other examples of high impact exhibition stands that we’ve manufactured. To check them out and get a bit of inspiration, take a look at our exhibition stand ideas page.

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