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5 Reasons To Refresh Your Advertising Signage Now

Posted By:

XL Displays


22 March 2021

Reading Time:

9 Mins

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5 Reasons To Refresh Your Advertising Signage Now

It’s a fact often acknowledged that people rarely notice things that have become familiar to them. To catch the attention of customers, new messaging, bright colours and a change of design is one of the best ways to make your business more visible.

Pavement boards and advertising signs have long been considered an excellent way to boost customer interaction with your business, and there are a huge range of advertising signs to help get your message across.

Here are five reasons why you should think about updating your advertising messaging on your pavement signs this spring.

1. Open for Business!

For months now, the UK has been under national lockdown regulations, meaning all non-essential shops, all hospitality venues, all gyms, salons and other public spaces have been forced to close to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and reduce case numbers across the country. The good news is, that according to the UK Government’s Covid road map, from 12th April (or thereabouts), all retail can reopen* with social distancing measures implemented.

This is great news not only for our economy but for the multitude of business owners and employees across the country who have been struggling with the mandated closures. It’s also a cause to celebrate for the rest of us who’ve missed our retail therapy over the past several months!

Bringing customers back to your business once everything reopens is of vital importance, which is why using your pavement advertising boards to remind passers-by that you’re open for business and excited to welcome them back is a great way to reconnect with old customers and attract new ones. Keep your messaging simple, bold and eye-catching for maximum effect.

2. Social Distancing Rules

While it’s great news that businesses across the country will be reopening in just a few weeks, it’s a fact of life that we will all be living under social distancing measures for some time to come. In retail outlets, salons and hospitality venues, this means keeping a 2m distance wherever possible, wearing face masks (unless seated at a table in a bar or restaurant), sanitising our hands regularly and businesses installing screens and dividers to help protect staff and customers.

The likelihood is that, particularly for smaller retail spaces, businesses will have to limit numbers in-store to preserve social distancing requirements, so queues outside shops are likely to remain common for the time being. Pavement signs can offer a great way to show your customers where to wait in an orderly fashion to keep everyone safe. They can also be used to flag sanitising stations, where people can clean their hands or trolleys, and stands where disposable face masks are available.

When people know what they’re supposed to do, they’re more likely to do it; so keeping your messaging brief and clear is best. Using your pavement signs to clarify your business’s social distancing measures makes it clear to customers that you take their safety seriously, which will encourage people back to your premises.

3. New Menus and Promotions

New Year, New You! Isn’t that how the saying goes? We might be well past the start of 2021 but with the national lockdown beginning to loosen from 12th April when non-essential retail and venues can reopen, it sort of feels like the beginning of a new year all over again. So what better time than the present to rethink your menus and promotions for spring?

You’ve invested in advertising boards or pavement signs to attract new customers to your premises, so enticing them in by showcasing new offers or promotions can be a great way to boost business. For hospitality venues, promoting a new seasonal menu, or offers such as ‘happy hour’ can be a real draw for new customers.

As always, seasonal messaging can be incredibly effective at making your customers feel seen. As we move into spring, people are beginning to look forward to warmer weather and longer days, so adapting your advertising to reflect that trend will make potential customers feel like you’re on their wavelength - which in turn makes it more likely that they will spend money with you.

4. Updated Branding

As shops and other businesses across the country reopen this spring, it’s a great time for businesses to reinvent themselves to a certain extent. It can be hard for a longstanding business to change its branding or messaging, but the long period of lockdown has offered ample opportunity for many companies to rethink their strategies.

Making changes to your branding, however subtle, offers a great way to get people to think again about your business. New branding suggests a new and exciting feel and can be a relatively easy way to breathe new life into a flagging business. Putting a coat of new paint in your home can brighten the room and make it feel like a more luxurious, cared-for space; so a spot of new branding can revamp your business in the same way.

Customers are attracted to places that are well-kept, look bright and friendly, and have eye-catching logos or storefronts. Updating your pavement signs with new branding and messaging gives your business a whole new feel for the big reopening.

5. Bigger and Better

Perhaps you’ve had your pavement signs for a long time, or maybe they’re just not getting noticed as much. If that’s the case, you should think about investing in a new sign or board. There is an extensive range of modern pavement signs available, with models to suit all needs and requirements. From ultra weather-proof and durable outdoor signs to boards that flex or swing to attract attention, we have signs with protective poster pockets (for temporary messaging that’s easy to change), boards with printed vinyl graphic panels (for bright and durable advertising), and event flags and banners if you really want to make a statement!

If your pavement signs are looking a bit tired and worn, that can affect how your customers see your brand. Investing in a new sign shows that you care about your business, suggesting to customers that you value quality in your products, too. Putting your best face forward starts with a pavement sign.

Remember, if you’re planning to set up a pavement sign or advertising board, you may need planning permission. Check out our handy blog for top tips.

For more information about any of our pavement signs or related products, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or on 01733 511030.

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