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5 Reasons to Buy an iPad Stand

5 Reasons to Buy an iPad Stand

XL Displays 12/08/2019

Are you taking an iPad to your next trade show but don’t know how to display it? Maybe you want to use an iPad as a point of sale solution but don’t know how to mount it?

If this sounds like you, then worry no more. Our iPad stands are the simple solution you’ve been searching for, and here’s five reasons why you need one in your life:

1. Interactive Engagement
It’s no secret that people prefer to ‘do’ than just ‘listen’. Whether this is because the best way to learn or understand is through experiencing something directly, or if it has something to do with shrinking attention spans; we don’t know. However what we do know is that encouraging engagement and getting exhibition stand visitors or potential clients to interact with you is a fail-proof way of increasing your brand awareness.

Interactivity doesn’t have to be a costly element to add to your business – mounting an iPad on an iPad stand can be just as effective as something double the price.

You can use the iPad stand to host competitions, allow visitors to read customer testimonials or even leave a review. No matter how simple the activity, it will work 10x better than not having it at all.

2. Multifunctional
The great thing about iPad stands is that they can be used in almost any setting. Whether you’re a GP surgery and want a digital sign in area for patients, or if you run a restaurant and want to let your customers give you a star rating – an iPad stand is fit for the job.

3. Product Showcase
We know that most consumers like to try before they buy. People prefer to hold a physical product in their hands before parting with their money (which is completely understandable) but from a business owner’s perspective, this can be somewhat of a logistical nightmare when you sell lots of products.

The great thing about iPad stands is that they allow you to have your company website permanently on show. With most websites acting as a catalogue, this means you can showcase all of your products without needing a football field of space.

In addition, lots of our iPad stands come with the option of concealed entry to the home button which means visitors won’t be able to leave your website or look through your files on your iPad.

4. Portable
Whilst wall mounted touch screens have their perks, they can’t be moved around. GP surgeries and restaurants often change their layout, but having a wall mounted monitor screen can vastly limit the potential for a spring clean.

The nice about iPad stands is that although they can be secured down to the ground, they can just as easily be unattached and moved.

5. Affordable
The foremost benefit of iPad stands is their affordability. Most of our iPad stands are below £100 and so are an accessible solution to going digital for all sorts of businesses – big or small.

Whether you’re headed to an industry conference or if you own an eatery and want to upgrade your facilities, an iPad stand is the way forward. Get in touch with us to find out more, or, take a look at our iPad Stand Buyers Guide.