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Signus Inflatables 5m

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Signus ONE Inflatable Brand Pavilion 5m

The Signus ONE 5m inflatable pavilion features a 25m² covered canopy area which provides maximum brand and marketing opportunity when fully customised with your brand.

Completely unique, the organic shape of the Signus ONE event tent guarantees a 'wow' factor and provides a truly eye-catching experience.

Designed to stand out and impress, the Signus ONE is perfect for any experiential marketing events, indoor and outdoor.

Available branded or unbranded, and delivered with a complete accessory kit so you can begin using the Signus ONE marketing pavilion immediately.

The 5m Signus inflatable pavilion weighs just 25kg making it lightweight and easy to transport. The simple assembly means it can be inflated in just 10 minutes using the electric pump. Also supplied, the hand pump is ideal for locations with no access to power.

Signus ONE’s clever design makes it look like it is a one-piece structure but it is actually made up from three layers. It comprises an inflatable frame and two layers of roof cloths.

The first layer of roof cloths is a water repellent, plain white fabric which is needed when the Signus is used outdoors.

The second layer of the roof is a custom printed fabric cover for maximising brand exposure. Each fabric layer consists of three kite-shaped roof cloths which are zipped on to the inflatable frame with YKK zippers, to create the Signus ONE roof.

Both layers of the Signus roof are fire retardant, but only the white cloths offer the water repellent layer required for outdoor use.

The printed roof cloth is supplied in three sections. You can choose to display the same artwork across all sections, or you can design each section with a unique message.

Truly versatile, you can tailor your Signus ONE for any event. Choose whether you use both layers or just one for a branded or unbranded look.

We offer a range of anchoring systems to ensure the Signus is stable when in use. Included with each Signus ONE kit is a set of three tent pegs – these are for use on hard soil or grass. If you want to use the Signus on snow or sand, the anchoring screw set is for this purpose. Both anchoring pegs and screws will keep the Signus stable in winds up to 20-29 km/h Beaufort Scale 4.

Our heaviest and most secure anchoring option is water barrels. These durable, black PVC barrels are supplied in a set of three – one to attach to each Signus leg. Each barrel can hold up to 80 litres of water and when full and attached, the Signus can withstand wind speeds of 30-50 km/h Beaufort Scale 5/6. For extra marketing space, the barrels can have a custom printed cover and when full can also act as seating on your stand.

The Signus ONE 4m and 6m is also available.

Signus ONE – Dutch design inspired by kite surfing technology, available exclusively in the UK from XL Displays. For more information on the Signus ONE contact us or call us on 01733 511030.