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Skipper™ Barrier Systems

21 Products Available

Skipper™ Retractable Barriers

The collection of Skipper™ Barrier Systems products are some of the most robust, durable and practical safety barrier solutions available anywhere. They are recommended by health and safety professionals and are market leaders in the safety barrier category.

Ideal for use in factories, warehouses, retail outlets, construction sites, airports, transportation hubs and even at roadsides, Skipper™ Barriers are crafted from high-quality materials that are waterproof and weatherproof, making them a great solution for use outdoors or in exposed locations. 

The Skipper™ Barrier System collection includes a range of different products, from the Skipper™ and Skipper™ XS retractable barrier cassette units (which can be wall-mounted or sit on top of the range’s traffic cones or posts with weighted bases) to the full-spec safety units which boast a range of different accessories, including recycling/waste bins, safety equipment dispensers and hand sanitiser brackets in one location to fulfil location PPE or social distancing requirements.

One of the most exciting innovations of the Skipper™ Barrier System is the inclusion of its magnetic clips and brackets. Although the collection includes traditional wall-mounting products (which screw into the wall for a permanent fixture) it also offers the option of magnetic products which temporarily adhere to metallic surfaces such as doors, shelving or cars for a flexible and practical alternative where you need to set up a retractable barrier quickly, in a difficult location. The magnetic items are designed to be non-marking, so they won’t leave behind any scratches when you remove them.

With a range of colour options to choose from, the Skipper™ Barrier System can be adapted to meet your business’ requirements. This modular system offers a wide variety of different options so you can mix and match products to create your desired safety barrier/security station.

For more information on our Skipper™ Barrier Systems please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030. View our full range of Crowd Barrier Systems.

Why Choose Skipper™ Barrier Systems:

  • Quick And Easy to Deploy
  • Freestanding & Wall-Mounted Options
  • Magnetic Brackets Available
  • Retractable Barriers with High Visibility Tape
  • Safety Stations with PPE Dispensers
  • Multiple Accessories Available
  • Suitable For Social Distancing
  • Durable & Weatherproof
  • Multiple Colours Available

Skipper™ Safety Barriers Are Ideal For:

  • Factories And Warehouses
  • Retail And Shopping Centers
  • Social Distancing And Safety
  • Airports And Transport Services
  • Events And Industry Shows
  • Construction Sites & Roadsides
  • POS And Promotional Events
  • Queue & Safety Management
  • Health And Safety Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Skipper™ Barriers comprise multifunctional products which are designed for use both outdoors and indoors in a variety of different environments. The range offers modular, interchangeable product applications across the entire range of products, so you can create a cohesive safety system. The patented range of safety products includes retractable barrier kits, traffic cones and accessories such as recycling stations, poster frames and even sanitising stations perfect for maintaining safe work environments

Skipper™ Barriers are durable and weatherproof, making them ideal solutions for outdoor or industrial locations such as airports, construction sites, transport hubs, shopping centres, roadsides, schools and colleges, petrol stations, sports clubs, emergency locations, ports, mines, supermarkets, warehouses, car parks, factories and builders’ yards. They are suitable for cleaning and janitorial staff, events management, traffic management, facilities management, hospitals and care homes, local authorities, logistics and crowd control. Wherever you need them, there is a Skipper™ Barrier product that’s perfect for the job.

Skipper™ Barriers are highly recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, the quality of materials used in their manufacture are of the best quality, meaning you get a durable and long-wearing product that offers excellent value for money. Continual investment occurs to keep the designs and materials at the forefront of the market, creating a dependable range of innovative products which are versatile and can be adapted for use in a wide variety of different situations. They are available in a range of high visibility colours that make them perfect for high-risk areas where safety is paramount. Industry professionals choose Skipper™ Safety Barriers to help organise, protect and inform employees, customers and visitors. 

The Skipper recycling bin is designed to bear up to 15kg in weight, making it ideal for use in a wide range of sectors. You can use any standard-sized bin bag or liner, though for heavier recycling items such as glass bottles, we recommend a sturdy sack. Transparent bags help you to determine what has been disposed of. To fit the bag, simply lift the outer and inner lid and tuck the bag into the groove.

The safety dispenser is designed to offer easy access to safety equipment, for example, face masks, earplugs, protective eyewear and hairnets. It can also act as a safe container for battery disposal. It can be used across a range of sectors including cleaning & hygiene, utilities, facilities management and construction.

The post and base collar allows you to connect certain accessories to the SKipper post and base system. It will accommodate 2 recycle bins (up to 15kg contents each), 2 safety dispensers and sanitiser brackets. It has a very slim profile, allowing you to use multiple accessories with a small footprint. Please note, the recycling bin and safety dispenser can not connect to the post and base system without a collar. The sanitiser bottle can connect to the Skipper retractable safety barrier case directly if required. 

The tape is made from high-impact, Polypropylene, woven fabric tape with a UVA rating of 6+. The Skipper retractable tape is 9m (30ft) in length and 45mm thick. 



Yes, the tape is available in six different colour options:

  • Red and white chevron
  • Black and yellow chevron
  • Green and white chevron
  • Blue and white chevron
  • CAUTION Black and yellow chevron
  • CAUTION DO NOT ENTER Black and yellow chevron

If you require a different retractable belt colour, please contact us, we may be able to offer you something a little more bespoke. 


The Skipper™ XS Unit is a smaller version of the Skipper™ Retractable Belt Unit while still using the full 9m (30ft) of high-specification fabric tape. It is compatible with the entire range of Skipper™ accessories apart from the wall and magnetic support brackets.

The dummy is for when you just want to connect a tape end clip to a Skipper unit but do not need to extend the barrier beyond that point. Dummy units are typically used at the end of a barrier and are available in the standard Skipper colours - orange, red, silver, green, blue and yellow. The case looks identical to the Skipper retractable barrier except it does not house the retractable tape. The dummy unit is still compatible with all of the accessories just as the Skipper unit is. 

Yes, for our Skipper™ safety barriers we have a required minimum order quantity of 5 units. This does not apply to our predetermined kits. Please check the individual product pages for more information, or speak to a member of our team on 01733 511030.

The hollow bases for the Skipper™ barrier system can be filled using water or sand. The base weighs approximately 12.3kg (27.1lbs) when filled to the max with water. 

Attaching an A4 sign holder to the top of the Skipper™ post cap is very easy to do. Simply unplug the rubber bung at the top of the cap and use the screw and washer (supplied with the Skipper A4 sign holder) to attach the sign. 

Each sign holder is fitted with a specific top cap. This replaces the standard cap fitted to the Skipper™ barrier system. Twist the standard Skipper™ cap anti-clockwise to remove it then attach the sign holder to the top cap using the supplied screw and washer. Finally, twist it onto the Skipper™ unit. You’ll find complete instructions included with your delivery.

While you can screw the magnetic support bracket to a wall, we recommend purchasing a standard wall support bracket instead. The magnet is incredibly strong, and the magnetic receiver clip has soft pads inserted into the back of the screw holes so it won’t scratch metal surfaces. If you intend to screw the clip into position on the wall, you should purchase the wall receiver clip instead.

Yes, you can attach the Skipper barrier to the wall using a standard wall receiver clip. To attached the retracting safety barrier to any metal surface, you should opt for the magnetic receiver clip. The magnetic clip can be moved locations quickly and easily just by disconnecting the strong magnets from the metallic surface. We also offer a magnetic clip with a wrap-around cord that can be used to connect to pillars, posts, poles or industrial racking in warehouses. This allows you to restrict access temporarily in a multitude of locations that don't require a permanent safety barrier. 

To attach the Skipper™ barrier and accessories to the wall, we recommend choosing an appropriate screw and roll plug for the surface you wish to attach it to.  The screw head should be at least 10mm in diameter. Fasten tightly with a screwdriver until the bracket is secure. We also recommend using a washer to protect the bracket.

The length of use depends on the quality and type of batteries you use. The average output for the light is 25 hours on the permanent setting, and 57 hours on the flash setting, but this will be greatly affected by weather, as temperature has a significant effect on battery life. In average outdoor conditions, the charge will last much longer than this. We recommend choosing lithium-based batteries.