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Display Boards for Schools

69 Products Available

69 Products Available

School Display Boards

Display Boards for schools and free standing presentation boards give you the ability to display important information, Children's artwork, notices and bulletins within your school corridors, classrooms and hallways.

Also available for alternative school displays are Whiteboards, External Noticeboards, literature displays, Flip Charts and Display Boards on Wheels. Our display solutions give you presentation options for many purposes and allow professional-looking displays.

Made in the UK, our School Display Boards and Noticeboard ranges are built to last in a variety of sizes. Custom and bespoke size Display Boards are available on request if you can’t find the size suitable for your school display.

The range of display and presentation equipment is not just for schools or education. Many of our Freestanding Display Boards for Schools can be used in offices, meeting rooms and presentation rooms. Modern design fits into modern office spaces, public buildings and institutions.

To stimulate children’s imagination and learning retention, classroom display boards and school noticeboards are available in a variety of vibrant colours and finishes. Colourful displays can increase concentration and interactive levels in children of all ages, especially in early years. Colour can be used as an effective teaching aid and support to classroom learning. Our Mobile Teacher Boards on wheels are a versatile and cost-effective school display product as they can be moved to any classroom or hall.

Our range of School Display Boards are enhanced with a large selection of Classroom Partitions and Freestanding Partition Screens. Freestanding Screens allow a classroom to be partitioned into sections; Reading Corners, carpet time, quiet time, Home Corner, Imaginative Play, Creative Play and Physical Play areas. Divide the classroom quickly depending on the Key Stage learning curriculum and maximise space.

Partitions and display screens are available in a variety of heights - from 1m up to 2m to be used not only in the classroom but in the School Reception areas and offices. For ultimate flexibility, the Concertina Screens are mobile Display Boards on wheels that you can pin posters and Children's artwork to, as well leaving them blank for mobile partition screens. Even the large 7-panel concertina screens fold up flat for easy storage in the schools' store cupboards.

With many of our displays available with next day delivery, you can deploy display solutions quickly and effectively into your school education system. If you need help choosing or for advice on any of our Display Boards, please call 01733 511030 or contact us.

School Notice Boards For Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Display boards are important in schools as they perform a variety of different functions depending on where you use them. 

In corridors, receptions or entryways, display boards provide surfaces where you can showcase important school information such as contact details, timetables, staff lists, term dates, safety notices or Covid procedures. In addition to these more long-term types of information displays, you can also use display boards to keep parents, staff and pupils updated in real time of changing situations such as absences, changes to class schedules or other essential notices. Display boards in corridors and thoroughfares are key points where safety information such as evacuation procedures should be made clearly visible to students and staff. 

Outdoor display boards installed at school entrances and exits provide essential information for parents and visitors, such as contact information, school start and finishing times and details of school or community events and fairs.

Display boards can also be an extremely helpful tool in classrooms as learning aids. Wall-mounted display board boards can be used to display student work or artwork, which helps to give pupils a sense of pride and achievement but also offers bright, entertaining displays relevant to student learning. Freestanding or mobile display boards can be used more directly during lessons as a teaching aid, allowing teachers to showcase important learning materials while keeping their hands free to assist students.

A good school display board offers a practical, durable and affordable solution allowing teachers to either create entertaining and educational displays or showcase important school information.

Indoors, school display boards should be made from fire-rated and certified materials. They should be easy to install and offer quick and easy display solutions using pins, velcro or magnets. Wall-mounted display boards are an excellent permanent display option; fixed to the walls they allow you to adorn classrooms or corridors with engaging educational materials or essential school information. Lockable versions are available for areas where it’s preferable to keep the displays secure. As an alternative to wall-mounted designs, you could choose a freestanding panel and pole display, or a concertina screen product - both of which are possible to move around the school to where you need them most.

Outdoors, school display boards should be easily visible to display information for visitors and parents. They need to be waterproof, so your notices or displays don’t get damaged by the elements - and they should be lockable to prevent your displays being tampered with.

School displays should be

  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Creative
  • Helpfully Located

You could try basing your classroom display around a theme or following a specific design that offers continuity for students. Opt for bright colours to inspire youngsters and update the display regularly to reflect changing seasons, terms or projects. Or why not inspire your students to design their own display?

The most important thing a display board does to help children’s learning is to aid in visual learning. Visual learning/visual literacy helps students to remember their lessons for a longer period of time. By using either a wall-mounted or freestanding display board as part of lessons, teachers can offer a more in-depth learning experience for their students. Visual aids such as pictures (or words, for younger children) can help to cement the lesson in their mind as they can link the knowledge to the visual display, assisting with recall. 

Display boards in classrooms also help to assist children’s learning in more indirect ways, by rounding out a child’s mental and emotional education. Display boards in classrooms that are used to showcase student work help to give purpose and value to their schoolwork, giving pupils positive affirmation that their work is appreciated, and that every child’s work matters. In addition, where such displays are used as rewards for exceptional work, they can not only provide encouragement and goals to aim for, but also offer inspiration to other pupils, building a culture of support and learning. 

Yes, display boards can be used to showcase children’s artwork - in fact, this is one of their most popular purposes when installed in a school environment. With a variety of different styles of display board available, you can choose how you would prefer to display your artwork. 

Typically, the easiest and most cost-effective display method is to choose one of our pinboard displays. These are manufactured with a central board construction and a fabric finish, and are suitable for use with standard drawing pins. This is a simple, easy and affordable way to display children’s artwork, as you can change the displays as often as you like with minimal fuss. Pins also keep displays in place long-term in a secure manner.

Alternatively, another quick and easy way to display student work is to choose a magnetic display board. These whiteboards serve a dual purpose - their magnetic surface can be used with standard magnets to fix lesson materials or student work; or you can write on them during lessons using dry wipe markers.

Another style of display board we offer allows you to install displays using Velcro tabs. This method of display is very reliable, particularly for heavier items, but requires some time to attach the velcro tabs to each piece of work, so is a slightly less flexible option than using either pins or magnets.

Open evenings can take place in a variety of different locations, but more often than not they require portable display boards rather than wall-mounted ones. Within our collection of flexible, portable and mobile display boards you will find a wide variety of sizes and styles, including:

  • Panel & Pole Display Boards - these are the most popular choice for open evenings or parent’s evenings at schools as they are modular and can be made bigger or smaller by simply removing individual panels and poles. As the panels can be set up in a landscape or portrait orientation depending on your preference, they offer excellent flexibility as a freestanding display.
  • Folding, Jumbo & Tabletop Display Boards - these products are lightweight and easy to set up. The kits are designed to fold out into standalone displays, either floorstanding or table–mounted. They are very simple to use and offer a cost-effective option for open evenings that’s easy to store away between events.
  • Concertina Screens - these products serve a dual purpose. They are primarily used as room dividers; linking several screens in the kit together in a concertina fashion means you can fold them together for easy storage in a corner or cupboard, but unfurl them to divide up a large space such as a hall or classroom into smaller areas for meetings - perfect for parent-teacher meetings on an open evening. Thanks to their construction, these divider screens can also be used as display boards, so you can create meeting spaces that are decorated with student work - perfect for school open evenings. They also offer alternative ‘wall space’ so you can set up mobile displays of student work anywhere in the school.

Yes, we sell a wide variety of wall-mounted display boards that are ideal for use in schools.

All of our indoor display boards for schools are fire-rated to Class 0 meaning they are certified for use in educational environments where children are present.

Yes, we sell a variety of different lockable display boards suitable for use in schools, either indoors or outdoors. Various styles and sizes are available, lockable with either an Allen key or a standard lock and key. Lockable display boards are helpful for outdoor locations in schools to display key information for visitors and parents, but also for busy inner areas such as corridors or school halls where staff would prefer students didn’t have the opportunity to tamper with the displays or notices inside. You can choose the kind of display surface you would prefer to have inside your lockable display board - fabric finishes suitable for use with pins or velcro are available, as well as magnetic finishes.

Schools can use display boards in a variety of different locations. The most obvious place to use a display board in a school is in a classroom, where you can showcase student work or educational materials for lessons (such as alphabet letters, numbers or for older students project inspiration).

Display boards and noticeboards are also helpful products to install in school corridors or thoroughfares - or in communal areas such as school halls, cafeterias, staff rooms, common rooms or libraries. In these locations their primary function is to display important school information such as contact details, emergency evacuation plans or timetables.

You can also use display boards outside schools, to keep parents or visitors informed about school information, timings, upcoming events or term dates.