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Mobile White Boards

13 Products Available

Mobile Writing Boards

Mobile whiteboards are ideal for business meetings, brainstorming sessions, training courses, presentations, schools, the NHS, education and all business environments. They are perfect for when you are short on space or don't want to fix a whiteboard to the wall - just wheel the portable whiteboard out and you are ready to go.

Our range of mobile writing boards are freestanding, portable and come with wheels for easy moving. The wheeled frames are made from steel and so are strong and sturdy and will give you many years of service.

Choose from either a magnetic or non-magnetic surface on all of our whiteboards.

The major benefit of mobile whiteboards is their versatility. When space is at a premium, mobile whiteboards are the go-to solution because of their effortless portability. Simply wheel it out as and when you need to and pack it away again when you’re done.

Our range of mobile writing boards has a variety of features including locking castors, landscape or portrait orientation options, a choice of magnetic or non-magnetic dry wipe surfaces, height adjustable boards and static, pivoting and swivel boards. We are bound to have a white board to suit your needs.

All our whiteboards include a five year manufacturer's surface guarantee.

For more information on our range of whiteboards please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile whiteboards are practical and flexible writing boards most commonly found in offices and schools, but also employed in medical facilities such as GP surgeries or hospitals. They are shiny white writing surfaces framed and positioned on metal bases with lockable castor wheels so you can move them around easily. You write on them using dry wipe marker pens. They can be plain, or marked with lines or grids for convenience. Our mobile whiteboard collections include non-magnetic whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards and also easel writing boards.

All of our mobile whiteboards are positioned on stands that are fitted with lockable castor wheels. This means you can move them around easily to wherever you need them most.

A flipchart stand is a particular type of mobile whiteboard with a mechanism for fixing large paper flipcharts. This means you can use the whiteboard surface to write on directly, or as an ‘easel’ to support a flipchart. Flipchart stands are particularly useful in offices and education where brainstorming & meetings take place and you need to maintain copies of the notes to refer back to. The flip chart pads are essentially large note pads with many blank pages that can be flipped over to reveal a fresh page. 

All of the flipchart easels in our mobile whiteboard collections are fitted with lockable castor wheels so they are mobile and easy to move around. Some of our traditional mobile whiteboards include a flip chart clamp located at the top of the writing board, please check the specification for each product for more details. 

A dry-erase board is another name for a whiteboard or dry wipe board - a shiny white or glass surface that is written on using dry-wipe markers. The dry wipe surface is easy to clean and can be rewritten on again and again. A dry cloth or whiteboard eraser can be used to wipe clean the board. We supply a whiteboard accessory pack that can be used to maintain the white dry-erase surface and keep it free from pen ghosting. Pen ghosting can occur on whiteboards that have not been properly maintained and mean you can still see faint pens marks even though you have wiped off the pen. 

Yes, our mobile swivel whiteboards have a panel locking function so you can fix the board into any position for easy writing. Our fixed landscape and portrait mobile writing boards have a fixed wipe board in an upright position that does not move. 

All mobile whiteboards on wheels include lockable castor wheels that enable you to move the board wherever it is needed and then lock the wheels to ensure it stays in position when in use. 

Yes, mobile whiteboards on wheels are study, durable products which have been designed with safety and practicality in mind. They feature a stability bar along the bottom of the whiteboard frame for support, and the castor wheels on the base frame all have a locking function, so you can fix your whiteboard in place securely where you need it. This prevents it from moving when writing on the dry wipe surface. 

To prevent ghosting on whiteboards, firstly make sure you are using the correct pens. Dry-wipe markers are the only pens suitable for use on white boards. It’s also important to ensure that you wipe down your board using a whiteboard eraser after every use, to prevent the writing from staining the board. If staining does occur, you can try colouring over the staining using a black whiteboard marker and quickly erasing it (chemicals in the dry-wipe markers can sometimes help to loosen stains). You should also keep a close eye on the kind of cleaning products you use on your white board: make sure it contains non-abrasive calcium carbonate and DO NOT use products that contain bleach, as it can corrode the board surface.

Many of our mobile whiteboards have a magnetic writing surface with the option of non-magnetic also. Please check the specification on the individual product pages for more information.

Yes, portable whiteboards are designed to be easy to move around. The whiteboard stands are fitted with lockable castor wheels, meaning you can wheel them around on almost any surface and fix them in place to where you need them most. In addition, our mobile whiteboards are lightweight and therefore easy to push around without much effort.

The majority of our mobile whiteboard on wheels are available with dispatch either within 1-2 working days, or delivery within 10 days. Please check the delivery information on each product page for accurate delivery times. 

All mobile whiteboards are delivered in two parcels; one for the frame and one for the board. Mobile whiteboards require minimal assembly before use; instructions are included with your delivery.